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Jimmy Carr On Agony Aunt Jimmy

# gives a great # about issues in relationships, sex and love.

Go watch it:
Woman from audience: Why wieners look so ugly?
Jimm Carr: Because you are a lesbian. That's why!

Need to follow Twitter accounts but your instance doesn't provide a bridge?

Do you need to follow # accounts but your instance doesn't provide a "bridge" to it? A bridge in # terms is an addon (for the instance, not your browser) to allow communication to non-federating social networks such as Twitter is. So in case your instance admin has not enabled it or it is simply not available (for the admin to enable it), there is a way around it called #:

GitHub - NicolasConstant/BirdsiteLive: An ethical bridge from Twitter

The instance hosted (by himself I guess?) at https://beta.birdsite.live seem to work. But remember it is always better to setup an on instance (decentralization!).

Women Against Feminism Suzanne Venker Exposing Feminist Lies

As you know #FOXNews is being alt-right, this one was clearly so much true about today's modern "feminism". I really felt touched by her words and I'm not right (and maybe not so very left) at all.


I found the video at "Feminism Debunked" and I know it is about today's modern "feminisn". And oh, she wrotes on her website 7 reasons why she is not a feminist and the first is, that she loves men.

I know this comes controversal as most people blindly believe that feminists are loving men and are the "good women" and "all should be feminists".

So to say it from my point of view as a heterosexual man, I'm NOT a feminist because I don't hate myself. And I don't hate women.
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More clear words of her:
- Of course leggings are sexually arousing. Duh.
- Smart Men Don’t Marry Feminists

And I'm not against the original feminists, only against those #!

Hear this, political-correct softies!

#GeorgeCarlin was a living legend, what he had to say is so much true, until now. Today most of our languages (I know 2, German and Engliish) has become softer, people don't want to hear those direct words anymore, like "shell shock". You don't see a docotor in a hospital anymore, you visit the medical advisors in a wellness center (maybe a bit wrong, but you got the idea).

Or how about names: Do you name your child #Kyle when the sex is clear and is a boy? Why no #Eddie anymore? Or why no shithouse, why "comfort room" (he didn't talk about it, never that word "mention"!)? You are going to piss or shit there, right? Or take a shower or bath?

And speaking of child names, can we dump these #unisex names likes #Alex ? If the child is a boy, give him Alexander, if a girl it's Alexandra but never Alex. There is no unisex in genitals, unless you want to be an eunuch (sex-less human) or in chromosomes, XY or XX.

But I don't want to speak about dicks and ... er,no. Not cunt as by definition that's degrading. So how about pussy? No, that has a double meaning, same with vagina (sword's vagina).

So let's not get into there as you might know, I block those who call me insecure in "my" heterosexuality.

So let's get into watching what he has to say on the National Press Club conference:
@otto And the 2nd link from 8 hours ago? It is really good, some I already knew and watched elsewhere, the part of gays in military is funny from him. :D
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Guess what, the video is now age-restricted ... Because he said the word # there? What kind of snowflakes do exist today?

Today People get easily offended about everything

What I have come to realization is the simple fact that in today's age (I call it The Age Of Snow-Flakes) people get easily offended about everything. And only if you 0.01% divide from their world-views (e.g. like trying to make every "offensive" or "exclusionary" word sterile, that # / # people are not interested in # , you name it) they already start a shirt-storm and bullying-campaign against you.

For me, when people call me out personally (directly or implied as "that friendica-guy") or over some kind of group I belong to (e.g. I belong to the heterosexual group as I am born as a straight white man). I will try to reason with them and tell them what I think and if they start bullying or trolling, I block them (like I already did + the non-public block list of individual contacts) because it has no practical use anymore to communicate with them. They don't add any value to the conversation and only try to flame it (which an Internet troll does).

For me, these people are the hypocrites here and they need to relax and understand, that e.g. not all people are "pansexual" (some sort of "genital-blindness") or are interested in religion, sex, sports, politics (no matter if left/right-winged or any other form). And not all people are comfortable with e.g. polygamy (often used as an excuse to cheat "in bed" on the partner) but it doesn't mean that those people (including myself, as I want a monogamous relationship with my romantic partner) are not hateful or have some irrational fear towards these other groups.

We are simply not interested in it.

Megabanks @jpmorgan and @GoldmanSachs are exploiting a loophole to evade our sanctions and profit off the war in Ukraine—in turn helping Russia fund its human rights abuses.

@SenWarren and I are demanding answers from the CEOs directly.


JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Goldman Sachs Group Inc. are being pressed to hand over extensive information on clients trading Russian debt, as US Senator Elizabeth Warren and Representative Katie Porter expand efforts to pry into whether Wall Street is profiting on the invasion of Ukraine.

The Democrats sent JPMorgan Chief Executive Officer Jamie Dimon and Goldman CEO David Solomon letters Tuesday demanding lists of clients betting on Russian government and corporate debt since the war broke out in February, as well as the types and sizes of wagers and any gains. The lawmakers also want information on the banks themselves, including tallies of any trades they’ve handled and revenue generated.


# # # # #

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Die EU-Kommission ist offensichtlich bereit, die Vertraulichkeit von Milliarden Chats zu opfern: # https://www.spiegel.de/netzwelt/netzpolitik/eu-plaene-zur-chat-ueberwachung-ein-gesetz-aus-dem-ueberwachungs-phantasialand-a-eaeb1fa2-449d-4590-97c1-89b976b6a8d8


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