Any listening group/forum out there?

I wonder if there is any !listening group/forum out there? Because the old one seems to be closed down. Please re-share if you don't know!

Ja, #DeleteFacebook ist eine gute Entscheidung. Aber immer daran denken, dass #Instagram und #WhatsApp zum gleichen Konzern gehören.
Es bringt rein datentechnisch und auch konzern-technisch nichts, #Facebook zu "verlassen", wenn man noch von deren Servern diese "Plugins" und Like-Buttons im Browser zulaesst. #Disconnect #uBlockOrigin

"Die versperren doch die schoenen Sonnenstrahlen! (TM)." Darf man sich auch gerne mal anhoeren, und dann sich beschweren, dass es so unertraeglich war ist. Die Geister, die ich rief ...
Oh, geloescht im Original. :-(


Freitag, nach Feierabend habe ich angefangen, in #Viersen Gebaeude, Parkplaetze usw. mit #StreetComplete zu taggen. Gestern nachmittag ging es dann weiter. Fuer heute nachmittag plane ich auch erneut dort zu sein.

Dabei habe ich auch Fotos gemacht, damit es nachvollziehbar ist. :-)

Das Ergebnis: 700 Sterne bei StreetComplete, 2 Underhosen, 2 Unterhemden, 2 T-Shirts komplett durchgeschwitzt und eine Hose zum Teil. :-)

Achso, meine Aenderungen gibt es hier:
Die Marke von 3000 Punkten (?) Ist bei #StreetComplete heute Abend durchbrochen. :-)
Schon laenger her, dass ich hier etwas geschrieben habe. Es ging bereits fuer mich weiter in #Krefeld mit #OpenStreetMap und ich habe einiges an "Punkten" gesammelt, also viel erledigt.

Getting E_NOTICE on develop branch

I'm getting this error message when I click on the lock icon:

Notice: Undefined index: contact-id in /var/www/../addon/remote_permissions/remote_permissions.php on line 77
friendica (x) bug (x) PHP (x)
Okay, thank you. :-) But is there any (mostly "protocol-technical") reason?
Ah, okay.

It's been about a week since I installed Blokada. The result? 6557 blocked requests for my data. #unfreakingbelievable


#AdBlocker #Android #F-Droid #OpenSource

Liebes-Betrueger auf quoka und co. unterwegs, Mist!

Bin heute selbst solch einem zum Opfer gefallen. 250,- sind ade ... :-( War ein kleinerer Mann mit Sonnenbrille, tat so also ob er mit ihr telefonieren wuerde, die junge Dame selbst ist nie erschienen. Ganze 2 Stunden habe ich vergebens gewartet.

So, und nun kein Mitleid mit mir, sondern lernt draus!

Einfach #asozial , einem Erwerbslosen um 250,- zu erleichtern.

Finnally done and newer regreted! Bare food shoes bought

Yesterday I bought myself #Leguano bare-food shoes, finally! I was inspired here on the #Fediverse by someone, I forgot the name for (sorry!). Now I sit with no socks on here on my computer, tomorrow I will again wear them as walking with them is such a great experience.

I already walked with it for several hours (for participating in #OpenStreetMap ) and I don't want to miss them.

"Your account has been hacked" scam, already saw 5000 BTC being transfered

I guess you already received such mails, claiming being sent from your own email address (which are mostly not, check mail headers, then you will see it) and that the #attacker (scamming is a form of #social-engineering attack) has some "hot stuff". Most claim to have nude pictures from you being published if you don't pay, so it is also a #ransom mail.

As you already may know (or not yet), don't reply and don't buy coins and send them to it. I have traced addresses such #19rtEghbzbyBqmgJLBtUGd9VvVC1s2bKzR and #1NUFhwLSmJPnjBNyjtuFPje54UG9AH1Ruc to accounts where Bitcoins in value of 4000 to 5000 BTCs have been transferred to and from. They seem to push the (illegally obtained coins around over several accounts (I guess thousands of addresses since you can create "limitless" accounts).

Well, interesting to see how many people already falsely belief in such mails (I don't do) and that some other scare sites try to explain that these Bitcoin addresses are viruses (which they are not). If you think that sounds to weird, check your favorite search engine and enter the addresses there.

What nobody tells you about documentation

Daneiele Procida has given a speech about why good #documentation matters in your software. Watch the video at #peertube :


I think this just not applies on #Python exclusively but on all programming languages: document as much as you can.

Müsli ist alle. Das heißt, ich muß einkaufen. Meh.
Andererseits kann avidemux in der Zeit mal sein Encoding erledigen.

Blick in die Zukunft, Kinderzeichentrickfilm von 1982

Habe gerade die Id #XphpN fOJa4 auf Youtube gesehen, einfach angucken! #kapitalismus

Back with updated instance but wrong UTF?

I have successfully updated my instance to latest code and migrated to new config file. But as you can see, the UTF-8 is broken. What can I set here to fix it? The database says "utf8mb4_general_ci".
Can you check in src\Database\DBA.php what charset is actually used for the connection?
Tomorrow more, already 04:33 a.m. here. :-/
Sorry, busy and hot day today. Will attempt it this evening. :)
As configured $charset has value utf8mb4.
Do I have to run queries like this to fix it: UPDATE `item-content` SET `body`= REPLACE(`body`,'ö','?');?
Found a better one:

    `body` =

Source: stackoverflow
Careful with already converted data, like I had with contact table where all converted uni-code characters had been converted to question marks. I then had to re-fetch all these contacts over the "Advanced" tab, still there are some pending. GNUSocial allows me to refresh contacts through scripts. Maybe a good idea for Friendica as well?
While clicking on "re-fetch contact data" in the "Advanced" tab, I get these E_NOTICE with OStatus contacts:

Notice: Undefined index: body in /var/www/../src/Protocol/OStatus.php on line 1163
Notice: Undefined index: title in /var/www/../src/Protocol/OStatus.php on line 1916
Notice: Undefined index: guid in /var/www/../src/Protocol/OStatus.php on line 1925
Notice: Undefined index: tag in /var/www/../src/Model/Item.php on line 2787
Notice: Undefined index: tag in /var/www/../src/Model/Item.php on line 2796
Notice: Undefined index: attach in /var/www/../src/Protocol/OStatus.php on line 1372

Will prepare a PR for them.
Found a parser error in addons:
PHP Parse error:  syntax error, unexpected '}', expecting end of file in ./addons/pumpio/pumpio.php on line 228

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '}', expecting end of file in ./addons/pumpio/pumpio.php on line 228

Errors parsing ./addons/pumpio/pumpio.php
Branch pumpio/import-curly-braces created, PR is on it's way.
More errors while deleting an item:
Notice: Undefined index: remote in /var/www/../include/items.php on line 357
Notice: Undefined index: confirm in /var/www/../include/items.php on line 368
Notice: Undefined index: canceled in /var/www/../include/items.php on line 391

Yes, some of you may say that I can switch off E_NOTICE but that is causing more trouble than solving it. The best practice in my oppinion is, to get to the root of the cause and not supress errors and warnings.

Only a #fixed #bug is a good bug. :-)
Again, some "downtime" (errors) due to updating my develop branch to latest upstream (= main repository) changes.

Noodles smelling yeast after 5 days in refrigerator

My wife has cooked #noodles about 5 days ago and they had been in #refrigerator the whole time. Now I took them out and they #smell like #yeast and a #slime liquid is coming out. I have thrown that liquid away but still I'm not sure if the rest is okay.

I think I better dump them? Or can I just put them in microwave? Please help dear #fedizens ...
Wait, this is cute and all, but what's the link with the noodles?

Latest develop fails to run SQL update

@Friendica Developers I have an error while the db update was running, Friendica was sending me an email about it.
The friendica developers released update 1274 recently,
but when I tried to install it, something went terribly wrong.
This needs to be fixed soon and I can't do it alone. Please contact a
friendica developer if you can not help me on your own. My database might be invalid.
The error message is
Errors encountered performing database changes: ALTER IGNORE TABLE `item` DROP INDEX `contactid_allowcid_allowpid_denycid_denygid`, DROP INDEX `uid_authorlink`, ...

On console I get this error:
Error 1296 occurred during database update:
Got error 64 'Temp file write failure' from InnoDB

I'm now back at my old commit so the instance can work again.
Editing a photo causes E_NOTICEs:

Notice: Undefined index: group_allow in /var/www/../mod/photos.php on line 356
Notice: Undefined index: contact_allow in /var/www/../mod/photos.php on line 357
Notice: Undefined index: group_deny in /var/www/../mod/photos.php on line 358
Notice: Undefined index: contact_deny in /var/www/../mod/photos.php on line 359
Another one when I view notifications:
Notice: Undefined index: verb in /var/www/../src/Core/NotificationsManager.php on line 276
Here, $it misses that element.

Cannot find i386 libxml2 ?

I currently try to trick Wine being build with libxml2 support (32 bit version) but no avail.

I use latest stable from git and I found this in config.log
configure:11399: ccache gcc -m32 -o conftest -g -O3 -fPIC -I/usr/include/libxml2 conftest.c -lxml2 -lxml2 >&5
/usr/bin/ld: skipping incompatible //usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libxml2.so when searching for -lxml2
/usr/bin/ld: skipping incompatible //usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libxml2.a when searching for -lxml2
/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lxml2
/usr/bin/ld: skipping incompatible //usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libxml2.so when searching for -lxml2
/usr/bin/ld: skipping incompatible //usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libxml2.a when searching for -lxml2
/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lxml2
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
configure:11399: $? = 1
Sure you can understand that I cannot remove the 64 bit version. The 32 bit version is installed and can be found by ldconfig:
$ ls -l /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/libxml2.so.2*
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root      16 Jan  2 08:59 /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/libxml2.so.2 -> libxml2.so.2.9.4
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 2011260 Jan  2 08:59 /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/libxml2.so.2.9.4

Anyone with good C++ knowledge around?

Bot-agedon in the fediverse

Since #gnusocial.de went down a lot bots died with it. For example #fefelonger is down or #truppenursel (satire), #taz and many more just vanished.

I just wonder if we have some resurrections of them? And yes, my @theintercept bot is not working.I may switch to an other #rss denter.
Danke erstmal. :-)
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