The creator of the Noble prize invented dynamite. It's not so noble.
ahimsa diaspora
It's all the great ethics test...how little will we endure?
peer of eyes diaspora
What about you? Do you dare criticize human rights in countries other than the EU?
anonymiss diaspora
Yes and I criticise the EU, too.
Dr. Sam PhD diaspora
I criticise israel for its daily human rights violations of Palestinians. Why no sanctions against israel for its genocide of Palestinians?
peer of eyes diaspora
The argument of the meme sounds perilously close to calling for countries that fail at human rights to show solidarity with each other by refraining from accusing each other for it.
anonymiss diaspora
I criticise israel for its daily human rights violations of Palestinians. Why no sanctions against israel for its genocide of Palestinians?
I think this is the wrong way to universal ethics. Pointing at others who are doing worse to distract from your own problems is very easy.

Why not practice human rights so effectively that you are a great example for everyone else?
@anonymiss - Yes, if you are going to point your finger, at least do it from higher moral/ethical ground.

That's exactly what I've been saying about nuclear weapons. The US cannot legitimately tell/ask other countries not to have or pursue nuclear weapons while having enough nukes to blow up the world ten times over. The US must first dismantle its own nuclear arsenal.
anonymiss diaspora
On this point, Germany is the perfect embodiment of double standards. Germany welcomes a world without nuclear weapons but insists that the US keeps nuclear weapons in Germany.
Bosshammer diaspora
Do you criticise the human tights record of Russia?
anonymiss diaspora
The list of violations is so long in Russia that I wouldn't know where to start....

enter image description here
Roland Häder doesn't like this.
@anonymiss Don't forget violence against demonstrators in Western countries. Look at his face, whatever he has done. If you are in his position, would you say the same?
anonymiss diaspora
When three strong cops beat down a weak woman, something goes wrong, but at least they didn't suffocate her like it happens in the US.
peer of eyes diaspora
Beware the turbulent interactions of the Accuser and the Sloth, and don't underestimate the Sloth.

Is the immorality of the Mediterranean drownings no less than that of the decidedly criminal treatment of Uyghurs?

You have privilege to defend it. Not enough Europeans surged to Help the African Boat People.

Yet Brussels didn't invent the drownings in the same way Beijing invented fate for the Uyghurs.

(Now I can't believe I am defending "this")
@peer of eyes - Speaking of Uyghurs, I remember recently reading something indicating that the Uyghur woman who came to the US lied about their treatment by China. Sadly, I cannot find the article. I'm fairly certain it was a legit, non-far-Right source.
peer of eyes diaspora
"the" Uyghur woman?
@peer of eyes - I wish I could be more specific. As I recall, she went to Europe first. Then, came to the US. I wish I could find the article.
peer of eyes diaspora
Main reason for my reaction was the preposterous implication that the US posture on the matter was backed by the testimony of a single witness (and incidentally, that only a single Uyghur woman 'came to the US').
peer of eyes diaspora
I mean, by itself this datum (on the article you read) raises suspicion it was constructed to persuade a fractional public ready to assume generalized their own tendency to accept testimonies in the absence of corroboration.
Farhad, who did not publish the post I had read, has told me that Western sources are not publishing what's really happening with regard to the Uyghurs. In essence, he indicated that the whistleblower who came to the US was telling the truth.
@Dr. Sam PhD - I'm not sure that laughing is the appropriate reaction in this case. Perhaps, .
peer of eyes diaspora
@DavïÐ Låzårµ§ BTW, since you relay Farhad, he belongs among people who "ignored" me without any reason I could discern. It's unfair this can be done irrevocably without explanation nor provision of means to ask for an explanation...

unless perhaps the culture is to change skin regularly

like a snake who'd deal with ticks in the skin, by changing skin

_...now this would fare best where hashtag discipline is good ...good enough to excode a fair slice of the social graph ...so that loss of strict platform user identity ...gets less damaging.

The other way is to have a common friend play Switzerland. No change of skin.
@peer of eyes - It could have been accidental. I can ask. It definitely seems weird to me.
@peer of eyes - Farhad says that it must have been accidental because he doesn't remember doing it. See if you can now comment on his posts. He didn't explicitly say that he unblocked you, but I assume he did.