German "Pfand" on bottles in English?

I'm currently looking for a proper translation for the German word Pfand. Here in Germany we have 25 EUR cents on some plastic bottles (not all) like soft drinks or even caned drinks (not all cans).

When we bring that empty bottle/can back to the supermarket and put it there in a machine for one-way-bottles/cans, then we can that 25 EUR cents back for each bottle (that has a proper symbol on it's cover printed).

dict.cc gives me a lot words for this: pawn, collateral, mortgage, pledge, deposit, forfeit, earnest, security, gage. I can rule out 2,3 and 5, 6 sounds strange. Any ideas which might be the right one?
It is also known as #Flaschenpfand which seems to be translatable to "deposit on a bottle".
@roland@f.haeder.net In the US, we use "deposit" for that purpose. [The exception is California (where we call it "California Redemption Value"), because the deposit is less than the amount paid for returning the bottle.]
@roland in PL we have this on beer bottles, it's called 'kaucja', meaning 'deposit'. Works badly though, shops don't want the bottles back
Pfand: The Importance of Bottles
#TIL Thank you to all repliers. So deposit is the best choice then. :-)
I'm looking for this because I write my #FLOSS program ( #Affero #GPLv3 ) where you can later control your personal financial with. And surely you want to include deposit on bottles and cans in it.