# # # I have a question about a broken # instance,maybe someone can help.The admin of https://embassy.social told me that he deleted many rows from the users table of his database because there were many users without toots or followers.Now the instance is broken in a way that no new user rows can be created,affecting federation in a way that no posts from users the instance hasn't seen before can arrive and following/getting followed by unknown users doesn't work,too.We were investigating this problem just now but we didn't find a solution to repair the instance.Here is the part of a log file,we get dozens of errors of this type per minute: https://paste.bka.li/view/c68f6cfd Maybe someone can help here?
Don't delete manually! You mess around with the inner workings of the application. That is what I always tell all people. Write a proper "view" for it which does the work for you correctly.
I know.I didn't delete it and I didn't tell him to do it.He had few storage free and tried that to get some more disk space free.Now we need to make this undone which isn't that easy I guess.