The most beautiful way to get pregnant

I cannot put that feeling down so I have to write it down here.

I have met some #vegan people some months ago and started befriending with them, including females. I also met one female who was some attractive to me. She later told us that she likes to go to the gym to work-off on a 2-day scheme which is for me quite a lot.

Then on this Wednesday I met them again and we went to a vegan restaurant called #Unterwegs here in #Krefeld. So far all went nicely. I had a talk to her again as I took her outside the restaurant and told her that we are both not fitting because (she told it us, too) I'm no #sporty guy and I don't do #hiking or #camping but surely in a healthy (non-hurting way) which she agreed with. So we remain light friends with no relationship. She also told me that she had one for 3 years and doesn't want a new one for the next year(s) which I told her is not what I look after (I'm on full scale of looking/"flirting"). I also have an account at #okcupid , please try to find me there. :-)

Later we all had some discussion about not just vegan but also about others, like having on children. I think I brought that topic up because I have a little daughter on my own (biological daddy) and I showed some pictures to them (both girls). They later told me that they don't want own children but prefer to take adopted children instead which I cannot truly believe. They called it egoistic (?!) to have own children when you can adopt one. They asked me if I don't like children which I told them that I do but more I love my own.

We had a really (good) argue then later and she (other woman) asked me to name 5 reasons to have an own child over an adopted ...

I later explained to her the stages of being pregnant and what it means (in my view) to a pregnant woman to feel, like having a living body inside your own, feeling its heartbeat (later stage), movements (kicks against stomach must be awesome feelings!) and giving birth, feel the labor (contractions of #uterus , a very powerful muscle) , feel the turn around with head downwards and feel the body pass through the #vagina and seeing the first hairs (birth hairs) coming out and later let her boyfriend/husband cut the umbilical cord. Then (most best of it) the first initial screams (which are really required) of the newborn and late carry him/her in her arms and let him/her drink from breasts.

They still disagreed with me to have own children, even after this! Maybe they cannot image it? Well, maybe Mr. #Chaplin can explain it: "We think to much, we feel to little." Or don't you thin ... eh, feel? :-)

So that previously long explained was in real a bit shorter, but still truthful as I experienced it (first birth ever). So why do I have written "The most beautiful way to get pregnant" in title? The simple reason is that I want to have a change of heart in people and I want to explain here my way of #seduction when it comes to #impregnation of my love partner (still none, keep all your thumbs pressed!). So as I'm a #Libra my dominant planet is #Venus which is also known to be very hot and as #ThePlanetOfLove .

So how would I do it? Sure there are a lot different approaches, starting (worst) from unwanted over unexpected (to early but wanted) to fully wanted (best) and places to get #pregnant by your boyfriend/husband (in view of the woman), like #romantic #sunset at the #beach (hide very well!), #holiday house with a romantic #fireplace but if it happens in the #kitchen while she is washing the dishes, then well ... it happened. ;-)

Well, my way is much more different here. In advance (of her very last day of #menstruation ) I would inform her best friend about my plans (she is then fully adept/privy!) as she plays a supporter role (no main role, of course ... ;-)). On her (girlfriend) pre-last day of menstruation I would kindly ask her to visit her friend or something other creative to have her left the apartment for some time.

Then I would go to two stores: #florist and #grocery .

At the grocery I would buy tea candles, the florist would be requested to collect as many as possible red rose leafs (you can guess it by now!) and at home I would hide both somewhere. I know, women are good in finding things when they shouldn't but my goal is always worth the risk. :-) Then comes the "magic" day when it should happen, that she becomes pregnant. At that day her best friend will "suddenly" ask her to go with her to grocery/shopping/walking or whatever is nice but has nothing to do with #pregnancy .

Meanwhile, I'm doing the "magic" at home: throw the rose leafs all over the ground (and some over furniture) so it looks really lovely. Then distribute (with good care) the tea candles and also lighten up some smell candles (just to have a nicer/romantic smell in our rooms). Then I would quickly make the already existing baby bed (I still have it!), means make it look nicely and put some leafs in as well and a small and short love-letter to her (prewritten). Next I will get undressed quickly and go to bed and wait there for her on my side (also some leafs on bed).

When she returns back, her girlfriend will tell her (before entering the apartment alone) that she should open the door carefully and slowly (so the leafs will not move). When she comes in and sees the lightened candles and leafs, I guess her heart is already melting a lot so maybe she asks "Darling, where are you?" and I would reply "In bedroom, my darling." The next then she will see is maybe the baby bed or me naked first. If not the bed, I would kindly ask her to look over there ... Having no feelings here is impossible, unless she is #lesbian or #emotionless . And I guess she would already "know" (better sense) what is going to happen next.

Next might be one of the following things, but always a really good (30 minutes minimum) #foreplay . Then maybe a really excellent #Cunnilingus or #sex or #Fellatio as the main act. But when it comes where to impregnate her then there is only one position left: she bends over the baby bed, sees it being empty and knows the baby that will sleep there in 9 months is currently being "made". So she moves maybe the right leg up (so her pussy widens and lips open). I then have to hold it so I can really good #fuck her.

Yes, you read right: fuck not "make love"! Sexual therapists keep saying it: After a good foreplay, don't make love, fuck! Simply because "making love" means "school-girl sex" and that means no/very less stimulation. How boring, huh? Yeah, go and fuck her! ;-) And that is never without #love !

Okay, I may print this and bring it next time to the vegan activism meetup ... Wish me luck in convincing them (not impregnated by me, of course!!!) to change their hearts.
Oh, I missed to write that there is #cowgirl and many other really god positions around! :-)
Hypolite Petovan friendica (via ActivityPub)
That was quite some read. Do you care about how I feel about it?
Yes, of course. :-) And your dots and question marks are ending up as visible HTML entities here. #bug
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Yeah, I had to emergency revert some changes yesterday. See https://github.com/friendica/friendica/commit/2c2beb5c0abba87c1507a0c8432674d4025a5dc0

Back to the topic. I'm not sure the description of your personal perfect impregnation night would move anyone else but yourself. Because for me this plan omits the input from its most important part: your partner. You are assuming a lot of things from her that may or may not prove true.

In particular, the part about having sex over an empty crib is particularly disturbing to me personally, and if it is so to me, then it probably is so also for some women out there.

Furthermore, impregnation isn't guaranteed even if you are targeting the fertile window of her menstruation cycle, which I don't believe starts on the last day of periods. Which means the "perfect night" may not produce the intended result that will only be available several weeks later anyway, which kind of ruins the concept of a "perfect night".

To sum up, as with all fantasies, it is yours and yours only and is unlikely to match with reality, and this one should probably stay in your head, unless you desperately want to sound overly romantic at best, like a creep at worst.
Yeah, maybe it was a wild #fantasy after all. :-) Just to give you some background information, my then girlfriend, no separated wife got pregnant at the first day she arrived here in Germany and that was before (!) we got married (a few days later). So the "perfect window" for impregnation was 100% matched. That thing with 12-14 days after first menstruation day or at her very last menstruation came from different sources. First was from a woman I met occasionally. the second from my memories, I guess I read it somewhere. The lay down roses and candles was an idea "stolen" from a Youtuber "Sascha LKW Fahrnuenftig" who is a long-distance truck driver and his girlfriend prepared in such way their home before he came home one day.

So I put everything up here in one big idea. You can call this #fantasy which I already tagged this post with. Thank you for clarifying it to me that I made a nice fantasy.

OT: Today I was at my first #silent #disco, nice! I listened to #Downtempo a lot.
Hypolite Petovan friendica (via ActivityPub)
It certainly is a nice fantasy for you, but it probably won’t convince anyone to change their beliefs.