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@TUXEDO Computers is ser olso a schörman iksplänäschön äväläppl ?
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jesch it is ^^
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@TUXEDO Computers gret .. änd wuld ju vielleicht auch tell wer ? Or is sätt a sigrid ?
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klick on se link and luuk up on se reigt seid - ser ar som fähnchen. :D wit a schörman fähnchen...^^ for egschample
(oder einfach auf die deutschsprachige TUXEDO Webseite gehen unter News&Blog) :D
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@TUXEDO Computers Oh suppagret! Sänk ju so matsch. Wos not sätt obwios tu mi :)
@TUXEDO Computers All what you need for any TFT screen as they are sensible, is a microfiber cloth and water:

1) make microfiber cloth full of water
2) squeeze it until there is only breath of wetness in it
3) Put the cloth over your fully extended hand (don't use single fingers)
4) now move a lot in circles over the sensitive surface, don't push to much as you may cause damage (mechanical work over pressure work)
5) let it dry by itself

No chemicals and no papers. The once you show are a bit "sharp" to such sensitive surface and may scratch it. Cleaning chemicals always, especially soap, leave marks behind. The above technique is proofed by practice. All my screens still work here.