Peertube.social blocked falsively my account roland77 because of "homophobic"

About 2 weeks ago I uploaded a video about my free opinion about the #LGBTQ community. I said it there clearly, in reference to a question on #girlsaskguys that I only support them as far as human rights goes. Surely I also mean local rights for everybody has.

So why should I support any further rights than already given (in Germany at least, where I live). I don't live in an other country where rights are restricted to only straight couples and I found that NOT right but again: Why should I support their rights while I'm straight?

Sure my video came out of a mood caused by the GaG community (there are a lot a hating people heating up discussions and I blocked there many of those, insulting me and my girlfriend (accusation of "old-man-fetish" to her and that I cannot satisfy my girlfriend sexually when I'm getting older or that I'm feminine when I show emotions to her).

I sent them (peertube.social team) a video message (they never downloaded it) and now I got this back:

Your ban is final, you can apologize, beg or call us snowflakes as much as you want, we will not change our decision. I will not read any more of your messages.


My email to them follows:
Dear PeerTube.social team,

I like to know which clip (of my last 2) have been found homophobic because I'm not hating any kind of genders. And I would like to address you to a series of videos where I'm stating it very clearly. If LGBTQ people cannot (especially LGT) cannot handle the truth, that their DNA will die with them, it says they are insecure about themselves and need to first familiarize with being a LGT. Sure, simply most don't care but I have a right to say my opinion about it, what it really means to be LGT (no own descendants together).

Or did you find it homophobic when I just add some fun (didn't notice me laughing?) in it by repeating what Al Bundy said his entrance door when a gay ringed the bell? Am I really not allowed to add some fun to it by quoting comedians? Did they feel butt-hurted when they watched it? This is generally a problem today, I guess, that "Political Correctness" is at least trying to establish itself as a norm. Sure we had PC before and fat/gender-shaming was also not right there but in comedy it is okay.

Sure, I'm not a comedian but still I am allowed to make some funny quotes such as those from the character Al Bundy.

If that is really a problem here, then sorry you are snowflakes and I have to move on and publish them somewhere else.

Best regards,
Roland Haeder

Sure, I respect it that they have storage limits and that it is their instance but at least hear me out! I'm not homophobic when I just don't support special rights for about 4.5-5% of whole population. It is their thing what they do in the bedroom and I said it there very clearly.

I guess people cannot accept other's opinions when it doesn't fit their agenda.
Matthias/E friendica (via ActivityPub)
Give power to the weak and how will they use it. There are other entities that can handle responsibility.
Of course, most homosexuals know these facts, that they don't reproduce because of same-sex cannot work with humans. And I guess most same-sex couples adopt a child rather than asking a woman (with gays) to "breed" it for them. Sure, she would feel abused as breeder then.

I just say my opinion about it, that's it. I said this also to my girlfriend, that I tolerate #LGBTQ+ as long as they can tolerate me and my girlfriend back.
Mankind divided by sexuality? I found that wrong. We should have #SLGBTQ+ for S is straight.
Yes, true. Still we have different sexualities and some people take it to serious. Of course, I would not dare think of falling in love with a gay or bisexual. I'm only out for straight women only, who have been straight from the very first body cell.