Main thing is GO REALLY FAST and possible be stoned!

1 min video

36 sec video of first part in video above
Second part of top video: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5275075/Dashcam-Driver-LSD-car-flies-second-floor-office.html

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With respect, that strikes me as being a bloody silly road layout. I mean, pedestrian crossings right next to a roundabout without traffic lights? AFAIAA Americans generally don't like/don't get roundabouts so just clumsily shoehorning one into a standard four way junction (which is what this looks like to me) is just silly.
MK: "Turbo Boost!"
#KITT: "But we would go into the wall!"
MK: "Just do it, KITT."
KITT: Initiates Turbo Boost

Edit: With all respect to the driver, of course. I hope he survived?
How surprised the reader was that it was a she in this car 😒
Dude, seriously we can get drunk/ high and crash cars just as well as men can, hell, as you can see here EVEN BETTER! 😂 Or at least more spectacular damn son look at that Boulder go!
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when you're late for your dental appointment... and instead of a tooth, you finally have to redo your whole set of teeth :D