What the Hell?
Are there better hells in some religions? I thought we were in hell all last year.
I want to go to the hell where marijuana and shrooms are mandatory.
Find #consistency in #religion : #God has a special place for you, where you will suffer, have pain, will burn until the end of time but he loves you.
All the fun folks are in Hell... and you don't have to go outside to smoke. :)
@Roland Häder Hell is a mental concept to control a populous. Some people, like politicians and corporatists, get off on making people feel frighted, exactly for the same goal of control and extortion.
For me, #religion is just another form of #brainwashing once free people. Remember what religion has convinced people to actually believe, that there is an invisible man in the sky. He has created the whole universe but is only interested in us and especially when we are naked. And why "God bless America"? Has God become selective? Doesn't he love everybody?

I know this might sound strange, but just give it a thought. And how much spooky language they use ...
Michael diaspora
Only insane Christian believe in an eternal hell, nearly all others including Catholic, Judaism and Islam see a temporary 'place' for those who fight off the love of creation. There is one Faith openingly says outright, there is no hell and everyone will continue to learn and advance closer to the love of creation. All we need is love.
Pufcorn diaspora
We can make a hell of ourselves in our lifetime but without the flames and the devil...

Don't forget that having an imaginary friend can open the doors... No, not from heaven but from the asylum...
Well I guess anybody that says creation implying that humans were created. So I guess you.
What about all the other solar systems and galaxies in the universe? Do they have their own Gods? Or is there only one God and Earth is the only planet in the universe with intelligent life forms?
Earth isn't special, all the right things happened that made it a breeding ground for life. Go forward or backwards 1 billion years and Earth is not hospitable for humans at all. We are very lucky to have a planet we can thrive on. No magical sky daddy created us, there is no proof and never has been.
Michael diaspora
@ꂵꄲ꒤ꋊ꓄ꋬ꒐ꋊ ꃳ꒐ꀘꏂ 𝔸𝕕𝕕𝕚𝕔𝕥≈⁴²⁰≈ Ok, I'll bite, Creation. My views lean heavily on quantum physics and Duality. It seems that this so called hard and material universe, isn't. Everything here is impossible without the underlying energy or waves which, without a better explanation, coalesce into clouds of what we call particles. So, Creation is some obscure type of observation or measurement.