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Dino 0.4 is released! 🎊️

Dino now supports message reactions and replies. Furthermore, we switched to GTK4 and libadwaita. #dino #xmpp

Release blog post: https://dino.im/blog/2023/02/dino-0.4-release/
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Nels mastodon (AP)
Amazing ! Waiting for Conversations to support it too so I can finally remove Signal from my family phones and computers 😈
we need Dino for mobile <img class=" title=":teal_sparkling_heart:">
@Dino Before the package for GTK3 developer files (headers and so) was known as libgtk-3-dev. Does anyone know the new package file's name? It seem not to be libgtk-4-dev? I have #Devuan which is a systemd-free #Debian fork.
Profile13115 mastodon (AP)
will there be finaly an official flatpak release?
ghose mastodon (AP)
great! 😃

are "reactions" a XEP? how other clients manage dino's reactions?

thank you.
@Debacle @Dino So that's a clear no, no other package name. Then I just continue with my current version of Dino. It at least runs and starts and I can initiate chats and voice calls.
Elena ``of Valhalla'' friendica (via ActivityPub)
@Debacle @Dino woooooo, great news!
Wandering Thinker friendica (via ActivityPub)
I don't like Dino at all. Psi is our everything... )