Remember the mystery car? (https://instagram.com/p/BOfOYtNDbLq/). Turns out it was a white Toyota Supra Turbo. Slight disappointment.

#street #car #surveillance

Thanatos diaspora
That's deliberate. Thanks to the movies, intelligence agencies don't drive big black cars anymore.
Ha ha, if you look the previous Instagram picture I took of the covered car, you can see that it was the car that was being watched.
Thanatos diaspora
the car that was being watched

That's part of the tactic. xD
I mean the car model itself.
Exactly. :-) It always keeps me reminding of #KnightRider (obviously, as #KITT was housed in a Trans-Am in the classic series).
Nope, it's a Toyota Supra Turbo, probably '91-92.