Burn everything. Nothing we built deserves to stand. Universities, Prisons, Churches, Statues, Monuments. Everything.
Well, that's quite harsh. Is this a response to something, or are you just feeling destructive today? ;-)
Yeah, and burn + forbid all shoes that have lemon smell!!!
Andy H3 Friendica
Amen to that!

Nothing is permanent and certainly not the pompous "professings" of a self-absorbed agitator on twatter.
I worked for him before I had a university education (well, I had some linear algebra and differential equations from the junior college under my belt) and he was obviously a fraud and a jerk who abused his employees and forbade anyone from going on vacation or really having families. He would stroll into work at 11:30 having spent the night cavorting with celebrities (this was 2009). [Don't judge -- I was young and impressionable, and anyway, avionics beat the other jobs in the area I'd tried, like maintaining a spreadsheet of a grocery store's inventory and stocking shelves of heirloom tomatoes and $35/lb cheeses.]

I don't think I'm smarter for having gotten a university education* but I still think he's a fraud.

*MIT was full of rich kids talking about all the stuff they could grab -- money and internships or publications and academic awards -- rather than the secrets of the universe in the gym or whatever it is the public thinks "MIT kids" think about (and MIT is better than, say, Harvard or maybe even the University of Michigan at attracting kids with Pell grants or heck just non-1%ers)
Elon sat at the intern table at lunch once (his secretary brought him a box from a place called LA Food Show) and was so fucking clueless when we (as we made our peanut butter sandwiches) explained to him what we were working on.