Old graphics adapters kept and sold to collector

Today I started inventorying my hardware box and I put some on "Ebay-Kleinanzeigen" (classified ads) and have sold to a German collector 3 graphics cards and to an other a CPU:

- 3dfx Voodo3 2000, AGP
- Matrox MGI G4+, AGP
- ATI Rage Pro Turbo, AGP
- AMD K6 III (400 MHz as I remember correctly)

All are in good shape (not overheated or over-clocked). I didn't know that they are now collector items, if I would have listen to my parents (no blame, for sure!) and had thrown them away, they would be lost in hardware-hell forever ...

If you like to take a look, I have published all pictures of them on my Nextcloud instance: .

I also have an old "treasure piece" (but not for sale currently): TEAC FD-55GFR, 720k 5.25” FDD which comes with a servo motor (big block) and solderable (!) electronics.
3dfx (x) agp (x) ati (x) good-old-hardware (x) matrox (x) mgi (x) rage (x) voodoo3 (x)
Also I have a legacy from my grandpa: A "Eight Deluxe BCH 220M Battery Charger" which is still (!) working. With the FDD, am I mixing something with a much older drive? I had it thrown, I guess ... :-/ Pictures are uploaded.
I think that drive is the HD (720k floppies) while the low-density (360k) with a black front blend broke down and was thrown away (now years later very sadly!).