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This article, published in April 2021, tears the cover off the lies told about Julian #Assange, but few can shake off the disinformation they've absorbed from major media sources.
What made a Special Rapporteur on Torture work on the Assange case and write a book on it?

“When Julian Assange was still at the embassy in December 2018, his legal team actually reached out to my office. I remember it was just before Christmas, I saw this message pop up on my screen and I swiped it away immediately. I had this intuitive reaction: what does that guy want? He’s a rapist, a narcissist, a hacker, this isn’t serious, so I just discarded it. I have around 15 requests per day, and I can do one, it’s very routine for me to decide quickly, but I remember those negative emotions I had, that I usually don’t have.

Three months later his lawyers came back to me in March 2019, and they also sent me Dr. Sondra Crosby’s medical assessment. And I knew Dr. Crosby was a big name as an independent medical expert, who was not associated with Assange activists. I read these objective assessments by Dr. Crosby, by the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention, I also read an article by James Goodale the Pentagon Papers man. I realised that I had strong prejudices against Assange, even though it’s my profession as a Human Rights expert to be objective. I started investigating further, scratching the surface of this case. The deeper I got into the case, the more dirt and contradictions came to the light. I also knew that I could not rely on information in the media and in the press, because that’s precisely the source that had deceived me in the first place. To be objective, I had to go visit him in prison, and, to be sure, I took not one medical doctor, but even two medical doctors with me, who are independent from each other and are not employed by the UN; they work as external experts for the International Criminal Court, the International Committee of the Red Cross and so on.

We spent 4 hours with Julian Assange, I spoke to him for one hour, and the forensic expert had one hour for a physical examination, and the psychiatrist did a two-hour psychiatric examination. Each medical examination was done separately from the other, so they wouldn’t influence each other. All three of us at the end compared our conclusions and agreed that he showed all the signs that are typical of victims of psychological torture. I must admit that I didn’t expect such a clear result.
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Rest of the answer to the first question:
I reported back to the involved governments by the end of May. I was convinced Julian Assange had been deliberately persecuted and kept in a legal limbo in Sweden, in the US, in the UK and everywhere to put him under pressure and to make him crack. It was done very publicly, in order to make an example of him, to scare other investigative journalists. The message was: ‘If you expose our dirty secrets, this is what is going to happen to you, and no one can protect you. We can violate your rights every day the way we want and no one can do anything about it.’

Apart from Julian Assange being mistreated himself, his case is also relevant for my mandate in two other ways. First of all, Julian Assange exposed evidence of systematic torture. Of course these acts of torture are serious crimes, but none of them have been prosecuted, and that in itself is sufficient for me to intervene and say: you, states, are violating your obligations. The second thing, he has been threatened with extradition to the United States where he will undoubtedly be exposed to psychological torture, just because of the notoriously cruel detention conditions which national security detainees are subjected to in the US. So I had three reasons to intervene for my mandate”.
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Thanks, Alfred ..
I've read his book, The Trial of Julian Assange (which I highly recommend). I bought it when it was translated into English, about a year ago. And as he (Nils) says about himself, that he too has become a whistleblower!

Thanks for posting this article, Ted. 👍