The movie “Soylent Green” took place in 2022. Makes you wonder what’s in an Impossible Burger

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I certainly felt that way myself. The years are flashing by…
Those impetuous years should keep their trench coats buttoned and belted and refrain from flashing.
Don’t we all wish that @Brian Fitzgerald. Time seems to be going so fast that we’re going to spin off the planet.
The only way I'll ever live to be a hundred is to start living dog years.
Lol. Yeah, well…
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From Metafilter.com
Harry Harrison wrote the novel 'Make Room, Make Room' that Soylent Green was based on
My favorite Harry Harrison anecdote is almost certainly apocryphal (a fancy word for a lie) but I like it anyway, so here goes.

When Soylent Green was being made, Harrison was completely out of the loop. He was not consulted about or shown the script, did not visit the set, got no reports of any kind. But he did get invited to the premier. Now, I should mention at this point that in the novel Make Room! Make Room!, soylent is simply the combination of soy beans and lentil, two crops that are very efficient to grow in terms of land use. He arrived at the premier uneasy, and the film itself did nothing to soothe his worries about what had been made from his story.

When the film revealed that soylent green is people, the silence that followed in the movie was punctuated at the premier by Harrison's loud: "What the fuck?!"
Harrison wrote this novel because at this time people was certain world will end in enormous overpopulation. From scientific reports and various ONZ predictions it follows humans will be threat by hunger, the lack of resources and global winter. Yes. Winter. At 70ties they even had common conference with Russia to discus strategy of global colding mitigation ( and it was not related to so called nuclear post war winter). Science production was Earth is going to start another glacier period and Russia seemed to be the worst hit by this process. But you know what? In fact only a few progressives taken any care about the kind of apocalyptic hysteria. Of course they java a plan. A big, planetaty one. If we have listening to them, Earth will me much warmer place today...
I imagine he was thoroughly shocked and disgusted @Amanda Gordon. Writers often get dumped on.
They still aren’t listening @Kazimierz Kurz.
Now they are in powe because they are useful idiots of the rich.. It will be fancy times approaching
“Fancy times” = Chaos
Isn't anyone noticing face masks they are wearing? In #2022 ? ... Okay, must be coincidence ...
@Roland Häder In this scenario it might be because of pollution. There were probably plenty of waves of diseases but they didin't mention that IIRC,