@Steffen K9 birthday greetings
Hier auch. Haufenweise Mails, die mir am gratulieren sind.
Nachträglich, bitte. :-) 26.09. ist meine nächste Runde soweit. Dieses Jahr wurde ich 40 ...

Roland Häder changed Romantic Partner to “dianalace@f.haeder.net”

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Spender zur Rettung der zentralen GNUsocial-Domain gesucht.


In case of you downloaded #payara 173 full and you get an ezception and payara doesn't start, you have delete 3 jars starting with microprofile*.

.@SOITsk is now a signing organisation. Welcome! Support our campaign for more #PublicCode here: https://publiccode.eu/#action http://l.fsfe.org/Bn2wPO #fsfe

Public Money, Public Code

Public Money, Public Code - A campaign for releasing publicly financed software as Free Software

Playing daughter!

Today my daughter #Hannika has started playing with a colored form-set, putting forms out of the (by me opened) box and then putting them on top of the box. Still wrong slots, like putting a cube in a star slot but hey!

She is playing for the first time with it. :-) I helped her a bit putting some forms into the right slots and she was laughing about it. Really cute moment when she is laughing ...
#Hannika daughter playing
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