My friendica directory

Gettings these warnings a lot:

Warning: mysqli::close(): Couldn't fetch mysqli in /var/www/../htdocs/include/dba.php on line 100

Call Stack:
0.0005 346776 1. {main}() /var/www/../htdocs/include/cron_sync.php:0
0.0149 486640 2. run_pulling_job() /var/www/../htdocs/include/cron_sync.php:93
0.0899 567136 3. pull_worker() /var/www/../htdocs/include/sync.php:406
0.0927 578144 4. dba->__destruct() /var/www/../htdocs/include/sync.php:350
0.0927 578144 5. mysqli->close() /var/www/../htdocs/include/dba.php:100

Anyone knows what is wrong? And I had to fix .htaccess file for Apache 2.4 (Require all denied is the correct one).
directory friendica sync
And the #federation is targeted by escort services ... :-( I have now blocked 4 accounts.
Completed a PR for .htaccess file thing: https://github.com/friendica/dir/pull/46
Thanks for the PR! Not sure what it is about in the mysqli error.
Accounts that have censored=1 activated (blocked?) should not be touched by cron_sync.php as this would unlock them again.
Also I noticed that these accounts flooded the tags table with their "SEO keywords".

New directory online, but ...

I have just finished setting up a new directory for #Friendica: https://dir.haeder.net/

It pulls from http://dir.friendica.com/ and http://dir.friendi.ca/ and it is secured with #LetsEncrypt :-)
#Friendica #LetsEncrypt directory forum friendica user
... but I think it needs some overworking, at least fixing that E_NOTICE in initial page and then those nasty CHMOD rights. I have already forked it and will fix it now.
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