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Cunnilingus and Fellatio, a dying "specicies"?

According to a statistics done by German # only 51% of all German males are into giving oral sex (# for straight and # for gay/bisexual accumulated) while 56% are into receiving (# ) it. While for females it is even a little lesser, 48% are into receiving it while 45% are into giving it. As it seems, also lesbians are counted in here, but are a minor compared to straight females.

The actual graphs and tables can be found here: So far I can tell that there is no "disgusting" or "unhealthy" thing on giving Cunnilingus (in English, licking # ) simply because I have done it a lot on many different women and so far no tongue or throat # has happened to me. :-p And yes, beside that, there is no "fish shop" down there for me. :-)

I like to ask the whole # about this matter. Is that true with you? Disclaimer: Do not come up with some religious-nonsense or other hatred/disapproving/other nonsense here. I'm asking for a Yes or a No and if so, please more details (being passive/active).

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Any listening group/forum out there?

I wonder if there is any !listening group/forum out there? Because the old one seems to be closed down. Please re-share if you don't know!

Lesbian shaming straight males of not knowing how to handle a woman but is envy of our penis?

I just found this 4:28 long video clip on # (I use a proxy here) where a lesbian was giving "great romantic advice" to heterosexual/straight men. When I finished watched it my first impression was being shamed by that lesbian. As she continues, she dated a "straight" woman (maybe bisexual?) who was easily impressible by some "common sense", like looking into a woman's eyes, asking her about her passions and "going down" (means giving correct # )to her.

As I can only talk about myself, I was blocked with my emotions towards my now-ex-wife as she constantly blames me for expressing emotions by smiling at her or showing her a sad face. She was was always asking: "Why do you smile/look sad?" Well, isn't the answer obvious?

And about flowers, she was very picky about it: Blue roses only! Not red, as red could express love to her but no: blue! Blue is a cold and technical color, it doesn't express love at all. Okay, her "taste" (or blame on me?) I guess.

Then next #. She said we don't know or go down on our women to less. I can easily say "No" to both! I know how to lick a woman, not on first try but after some attempts # # come (not guaranteed, of course!). So if you want to know the "secret" 5 Top rules, here they are:

But first: A good minimum 40 minutes long foreplay, but don't let it become boring! When she wants you to lick her, go over there immediately. It can go like this: For the next 30 minutes kiss her from top to bottom, but avoid and only come dangerously close to the vulva. Then repeat it within 15 seconds. Breath hot air on her clitoris. Only slightly touch it with your tongue.

1) Gentleness and slowness. Start it slow and adapt to her personal desires/preferences.
2) Do as SHE likes, that includes positions, patterns, speed and intensity (pressure of tongue on licked area). There is NO universal licking pattern!
2.1) Positions: clitoris, outer/inner labia, vaginal entrance (is stimulative), vagina/pussy (requires pushing again the vaginal wall), dam (and Anilingus, if she likes it)
2.2) Patterns: Vertical (bottom to top), horizontal, cycle and
3) Non-verbal communication. Talks interrupt the Cunnilingus, non-verbal is easy: stroke his head (as a being licked woman) when you like it, release the head when not.
4) Variation in 2) during regular licks: find out what she else likes, only 35% can ONLY be stimulated at their clitoris.
5) When it comes to orgasm, keep all 4 in 2) constant (no variation is wanted here then)

This is basically it. So no blame here (even in a "stand-up comedy" show), but straight out neutral and general instructions on how to do it.

So when a lesbian thinks she licks better than straight men, then sorry sweetie, but you are selfish! You are a woman, too, not a man. Sure most men go down immediately to the clitoris and remain there (rule 4 is broken then). And that, of course, needs being corrected.

And oh, here is the said video clip:
Opposite video: A straight couple talks about the same (single issue) thing: https://invidio.us/watch?v=QSZXU3Bd_hQ
Or is she bisexual?
6) Smile during you lick and do it authentic. Don't fake the smile, just love what you do down there. :-)
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