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Okay. :-) I have found something programmatic (with annotations) for this, but it looks a bit like an overhead when you have +20 entities. What I would prefer is a 3rd fetch type ALL to the existing EAGER and LAZY. That would have to go into JPA specification, of course which made all persistence providers, like #eclipselink , #hibernate, #datanucleus and so on unified as before every provider did it on their way.

This is why I like the JPA, because it is dbms-independent and provider-independent at the same time. No need to worry if your data is stored in a SQLite, MsSQL, Oracle DB or good-old MySQL or even "exotic" database systems like MongoDB.

The class does not have a descriptor, or a descriptor that does not use inheritance or uses a ClassExtractor for inheritance

The mentioned message still comes when you have @Inheritance (strategy = InheritanceType.TABLE_PER_CLASS) in your abstract (not-persisted) with latest version of #Payara / #Glassfish which both contains #EclipseLink by default.

Strange that they did not yet fix it. And unfortunally migrating to e.g. #WilfFly (which uses other #JPA) seems not so easy as you may think.

Currently I have no idea how to fix it and sadly I need the strategy as this #JavaEE application is written for an existing database layout.

Someone may have to raise a support ticket mentioning that the #bug is still there.

Reposted with #public visibility. Sorry for double message.
@netmackan well, since #Payara is based on #Glassfish, I guess I will face the same problems when I try to use #Hibernate (as it does an UPDATE and not as #EclipseLink does an INSERT on updating referenced entities).
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