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tired of #trump #thewall and #shutdowns?

why not dedicate your energy into fighting back against the enemies of software freedom! join the #fsf today!
tired of #trump #thewall and #shutdowns?

why not dedicate your energy into fighting back against the enemies of software freedom! join the #fsf today!
What the #FSF Says Today about #ILoveFS
Public Money Public Code
Nous voulons une législation qui requiert que le logiciel financé par le contribuable pour le secteur public soit disponible publiquement sous une licence de Logiciel Libre et Open Source. S’il s’agit d’argent public, le code devrait être également public. Le code payé par le peuple devrait être disponible pour le peuple!
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#unitoodailynews, #freesw, #softwarelibero, #software, #gnu, #gpl, #fsf FSF Fiscal Year 2017 Annual Report now available — Free Software Foundation — working together for free software
The #internet has become #hollyweb just as #fsf warned amid #mpaa bribes to #w3c followed by DRM (EME)
"Free software movement activist Richard Stallman meeting with #Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan in his office" http://www.uniindia.com/photoes/252769.html# #fsf #india #rms
I really need to make a habit of not responding to people with a #gmail address and other #gafam addresses. As Mako-Hill (IIRC) put it, or maybe it was another #fsf person, #google has all your mail (so #nsa also) because of people you merely speak to
#google increasingly smells like #gnu #gpl basher and #fsf will soon have a talk about this FUD against #agpl in particular (banned in Google) https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Google-More-LLVM-Developers
#fsf flourishing? #freesw
"According to a blog post published by the founder of the Free Software Foundation, the organization saw a #Bitcoin donation lose 14 percent." https://www.cryptolinenews.com/2019/01/bitcoin-donation/ #fsf #freesw


Похоже, что идея "копилефта" сегодня уже окончательно дискредитирована.
Почему мы не можем регулировать Google и подобные организации:
Потому как некоторые легитимизируют их через акты спонсирования.
Я: Судя по наблюдениям, Google - это капиталист, который зарабатывает на ваших слежке и профилировании. Это представляет угрозу правам человека и демократии. Мы должны регулировать их.
Политик: ты, должно быть, ошибаешься, они хорошие парни. Посмотрите, они спонсируют CopyLeft Conf с логотипом FSF, гордо показывая "доказательство".

Image/photoAral Balkan wrote the following post Thu, 10 Jan 2019 12:16:56 +0300

Why we can’t regulate Google, etc:

Because of useful idiots like @conservancy legitimising them by being sponsored by them.

Me: Google is a surveillance capitalist that makes billions tracking and profiling you. They are a threat to our human rights and democracy. We just regulate them.

Policymaker: you must be mistaken, they’re the good guys. Look, here they are allowed to sponsor CopyLeft Conf with the FSF logo displayed proudly next to theirs.

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John Sullivan - " #JavaScript : If you love it, set it free" (FOSDEM, Brussels, Belgium) http://www.fsf.org/events/john-sullivan-20190203-brussels-fosdem #fsf at #fosdem
" #FSF campaigns manager Molly de Blanc will be delivering the keynote speech at #CopyleftConf (2019-02-04)." http://www.fsf.org/events/molly-deblanc-20190204-brussels-copyleftconf not just #fosdem at #belgium
#Trisquel Friendly Manual Part 5: Getting More Software http://www.ubuntubuzz.com/2019/01/trisquel-friendly-manual-part-5-getting-more-software.html #ubuntu #gnu #linux #fsf
The Free Software Foundation (FSF) is hiring. It received plenty of money last year. http://www.fsf.org/news/fsf-job-opportunity-web-developer-1 #fsf #gnu #freesw
Is so sad starting the #2019 with such arguable article:

7 Things Desktop Linux Needs in 2019

Before to analyze the seven points let me do some free and random considerations, if they were just 7 missing things for the #Desktop #Linux I could surely scream that we finally are in the year of the #LinuxDesktop but then I remembered that #Linux is the kernel while the Desktop belongs to #GNU, hence I already smelled stinky stuff in there. And let me add something more, Corporations dislike the #freedom, even the one who apparently work with #floss, #foss or simply #opensource software. All the Corporations want the control over their business in order to guarantee their stream of revenue, and the IT companies want control their users, and the ones who work with the open source model have developed several techniques to achieve that: Gugl deliveries closed services on top a opensource system but specifically for the Desktop Linux we have two main methods: Red Hat, because its bigger resource, simply employs all the people who work on relevant opensource projects, this is the way how it control the open source desktop, even if this doesn't make me really happy at least it gives work and sustainability to many people and families; Ubuntu tried to create control through division, strength because its large users base Canonical has always tried to lead the Linux Desktop follows its own path instead of collaborate on existent projects, this has been harmful in many way and eventually has been a failure approach on many of those project.s The open source model is about collaboration not about autarky.

One Distro to Rule them All

Diversity has always been the strength and weakness of the opensource, aiming for any kind of standardization is impossible because it is against the nature of opensource model. What he is speaking is called homogenization and this is never good, we had better to learn about the messed up generated by systemd, homogenization means in most of the cases lesser quality.

Now the author suggests # Debia with #Gnome as standard #distro for everyone and I couldn't be more agreed however is lying. He is thinking to something else and we can imply it from the other points that is thinking about #Ubuntu (check out the clues). But he is lying twice because #Snaps and #Flatpak are already addressed the problem for the third parties to deliver software for any distro. As a matter of fact now we have two options (a third if we consider appimage) one in salsa Canonical and the other one in salsa Red Hat. And this is the point: the author is aiming for a distro ruled by a Corporation in order to have control over the users choices. No one must be free in this world and #RMS is the enemy number one, you can understand it because he is aiming to have Photoshop, Premier, MS Office instead of wishing more support for Gimp, Kdnlive or LibreOffice.

A Viable X.org Replacement

We already have a viable #Xorg replacement the fact that is not ready yet is because Canonical decided to force its dominant position to lead the Linux Desktop through #Unity, convergence and #Mir but it failed and we are all paying for that. Only an Ubuntu fan boy can ignore this macroscopic fact (first clue).

Culling the App Herd

There is one only distro where you can find buggy packages and this is Ubuntu (second clue). In fact Ubuntu is a snapshot of Debian Sid and Canonical takes care only about the Main repo, all the others repos are in the hands of the community or simply are careless. Only in Ubuntu you can find software buggy or abandoned. Debian debugs all the known issues and removes all the deprecated, unused and unmaintained packages. Even if Ubuntu is a derivative of Debian when it picks its snapshot no one can say if some package will be removed in the next Debian Stable release, as Canonical doesn't clean up those package you simply find them under the carpet (Universe repo).

Real-Time Antivirus and Anti-Malware

In the hypothetical world with the Mono_Snaps_Buntu_Distro_Based that the author is imagining the antivirus and anti-malware are important but in the current ugly GNU & Linux world where pure and free community of volunteers still exist the distros have maintainers that keep all this crap far away, I refer to this link: http://kmkeen.com/maintainers-matter/.

Prosumer-Grade Apps

I understand that the freedom for one who writes for the Linux journal is not important, nowadays Linux is about business not anymore about freedom, then I am not surprised if is begging for always the same stuff: Photoshop, Final Cut etc... What I really have difficult to understand is: it already exists a *nix operative system with all those tools available, Isn't it better begging for a version of MacOS that you can install whatever you want instead of just Apple computers?

Better Font Rendering

Maybe we can agree but I work all the day on iMac27'' 5K and on my Debian laptop the fonts are quite crispy and readable, but perhaps there is a plenty of room for improvements.

More Companies Shipping Quality Products

I am a System76 laptop owner and I can say the this company is not really about freedom, it is developing its business model trying to bond their stuff to their hardware; I refer to this article: https://blogs.gnome.org/hughsie/2018/05/09/system76-and-the-lvfs/ but even if S76 reply to him: https://blog.system76.com/post/173801677358/system76-and-lvfs-what-really-happened they are lying. As I said in the preamble all the IT corporation aims to control their users. This company is very stick with Ubuntu so I can say this is the last clue.

A Place to Start (but just for you)

I had really difficult to understand how fill-up GNU of closed apps will help the Linux Desktop. I understand the maybe he has a different idea of Linux desktop, maybe he aims a Linux distro controlled my M$, IBM or Google, where on top of a Linux kernel you have only closed software or most probably payed cloud services. In his opinion he maybe considers that a distro lead by a corporation is better than one created from volunteers in their spare time, eventually the former is doing that seriously the latter are just having fun.

GNU hasn't been mentioned not even once so I can say that 2019 started with GNU as taboo because freedom and communities are not important anymore if we can have finally Adobe, Autodesk, Antivirus and better fonts rendering on the #Mono Snaps Buntu Distro Based Desktop Linux.

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#FreeSoftware Foundation $1 Million #Bitcoin Donation Reduced by $140,000 Before Conversion
https://www.ccn.com/free-software-foundation-bitcoin-donationed-reduced-before-conversion/ still a lot of money for #gnu #fsf and #freesw in general
Free Software Foundation $1 Million Bitcoin Donation Reduced by $140,000 Before Conversion
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