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Google adds Elastifile to cloud arsenal

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Yes, politics has become absurd theater

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So what these yahoos are saying is that people who want to use a certain software or certain service, don't have to agree to the software or service's Terms and Conditions or Terms of Service in order to use it.

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Rep. McCarthy demands answers from Google over alleged political bias


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Rep. McCarthy demands answers from Google over alleged political bias
#Google Has Serious Questions to Answer on #China Censored Search
https://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2018/12/google-ceo-has-serious-questions-to-answer-on-project-dragonfly/ they already help another evil entity, the #cia with #assassination missions
Scammers Use #Facebook and #Google to Spread Malicious ‘Pirate’ Files https://torrentfreak.com/scammers-use-facebook-and-google-to-spread-fake-pirate-downloads-181209/ #gafam can also be a serious #security threat
Scammers Use Facebook and Google to Spread Malicious ‘Pirate’ Files
Neues API-Leck: Google+ schließt früher #Google #GoogleDatenschutz #Internet #SozialeNetzwerke
#Kubeflow - #google use of #freesw for #surveillance #dataMining etc.
#Kubeflow - #google use of #freesw for #surveilance #dataMining etc.
"For the first time, users will be asked to grant camera permission for the app and agree to other terms and services."
Helping #google mass #surveillance at expense of your CPU, battery
Google Lens Image Search Arrives On iPhone Google App
Et pendant ce temps...

Les gouvernements européens s’accordent pour confier la censure du Web à ...

#Google et #Facebook !

52 Millionen Konten betroffen: Noch eine Datenpanne bei Google Plus - SPIEGEL ONLINE - Netzwelt
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"Normally I’d post this at Google+ but as that’s going away I’ll put it on this blog. I prefer writing it down so later on I still can read the details."
Stop posting in #facebook #google etc. They will ALL vanish one day.
Das Online-Netzwerk Google Plus wird für Verbraucher deutlich früher als geplant dichtgemacht, nachdem der Internet-Konzern eine neue Datenpanne entdeckt hat. Der Verlust dürfte zu verschmerzen sein. #Google #GooglePlus #Datenschutz #Datenpanne #Überwachung
Another way for #google to constantly track people in #india https://fossbytes.com/google-acquires-most-popular-train-tracking-indian-app/ #gafam #surveillance #nsa #prism
Google Has Bigger Plans For India; Acquires Hugely Popular Train Tracking Indian App
#google tried copying #facebook and it ended up like #fb

Difference is, Google shuts it down, Facebook continues to operate quite likely illegally (in violation of laws)
Google to Shut Down Google+ 4 Months Earlier After Second Data Hack
How #Google Is Improving #Kubernetes #Container #Security
Human Rights Groups to Sundar Pichai: Listen to Your Employees and Halt #ProjectDragonfly https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2018/12/human-rights-groups-sundar-pichai-listen-your-employees-and-halt-project-dragonfly #china #censorship #google
Not so cool again from Google

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Google Employees Demand the End of Forced Arbitration Across the Tech Industry

On the heels of an employee-led protest against Google, a group of 35 Google employees is banding together to take it a step further and end the practice of forced arbitration across the entire tech…
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Article content:


On the heels of an employee-led [1]protest against Google, a group of 35 Google employees is banding together to take it a step further and end the practice of forced arbitration across the entire tech industry.

Forced arbitration ensures workplace disputes are settled behind closed doors and without any right to an appeal. These types of agreements effectively prevent employees from suing companies. Following the walkout last month, [2]Google got rid of forced arbitration for sexual harassment and sexual assault claims, offering more transparency around those investigations and more. [3]Airbnb, eBay and [4]Facebook quickly followed suit.

However, optional arbitration at [5]Google is only granted for full-time employees, which does not include the [6]thousands of contract workers at the company. Now, a group of Google employees is demanding an end to forced arbitration, as it relates to any case of discrimination, across the entire industry.

As the employees note on Medium, arbitration is still forced for discrimination cases pertaining to race, sexual orientation, sex, gender identity, age and ability. Additionally, employee contracts in the U.S. still have an arbitration waiver, the employees wrote.

“We have not heard of any plan to render these waivers null and void,” employees wrote on Medium. “Google operates in 52 countries where arbitration laws vary, and leadership has not addressed these variances. What should we expect?”

Moving forward, they’re asking other tech workers to join them in their fight to end forced arbitration for all forms of harassment and discrimination. They’re also calling on elected officials to support the Arbitration Fairness Act, as well as Restoring Justice for Workers Act.

“We are already engaging with multiple organizations and can help connect the dots through educational materials and organizing resources,” they wrote. “2019 must be the year to end a system of privatized justice that impacts over [7]60 million workers in the US alone.”

Google declined to comment, saying, “nothing more to share at this time” and linking to Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s [8]note to employees last month.
[9]Google contract workers demand better pay and benefits


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Google employees demand the end of forced arbitration across the tech industry

Can we trust Google?

"They still have not really taken responsibility for their important place in the world."

Lauren hits the nail right on its primary-colored, G -shaped head, as usual…
Can I depend on these services still being available a year from now? Or in five years? How do I know that Google won’t treat business users the same ways as they’ve treated their consumer users?
The increasingly shabby way that Google treats consumer users in the respects that I’ve been discussing here has real world impacts on how potential business users view Google.
In some ways, Google management still behaves as if Google was still a bunch of PCs stacked up in a garage. They still have not really taken responsibility for their important place in the world.
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Can We Trust Google?

Google will shut down Google+ four months early after second data leak

The underloved social network will now close in April
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Article content:

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Google+ has suffered another data leak, and Google has decided to shut down the consumer version of the social network [1]four months earlier than it originally planned. Google+ will now close to consumers in April, rather than August. Additionally, API access to the network will shut down within the next 90 days.

[2]According to Google, the new vulnerability impacted 52.5 million users, who could have had profile information like their name, email address, occupation, and age exposed to developers, even if their account was set to private. Apps could also access profile data that had been shared with a specific user, but was not shared publicly.

"“With the discovery of this new bug, we have decided to expedite the shut-down of all Google+ APIs.”"

[3]In October, a similar Google+ vulnerability was revealed to have exposed private user data to developers for as long as three years. The bug was first discovered in March, but not publicly disclosed until October, resulting in [4]significant transparency concerns. In response, Google announced plans to shut down the consumer version of Google+, which had long struggled to attract users. This time around, Google says it discovered the leak on its own and it was live for just six days — between November 7th and November 13th.

“With the discovery of this new bug, we have decided to expedite the shut-down of all Google+ APIs; this will occur within the next 90 days,” reads the blog post, penned by David Thacker, Google’s vice president of project management. “In addition, we have also decided to accelerate the sunsetting of consumer Google+ from August 2019 to April 2019. While we recognize there are implications for developers, we want to ensure the protection of our users.”

Google discovered the bug as part of its standard testing procedure and says there is “no evidence that the app developers that inadvertently had this access for six days were aware of it or misused.” Google says it’s begun notifying users and enterprise customers who were impacted by the bug.

“We understand that our ability to build reliable products that protect your data drives user trust,” Thacker wrote. “We have always taken this seriously, and we continue to invest in our privacy programs.” Google still plans to continue operating Google+ as an enterprise product for companies that subscribe to its G Suite service.


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4. https://www.theverge.com/2018/10/9/17957312/google-plus-vulnerability-privacy-breach-law

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Neue API-Lücke: Google+ macht noch schneller zu - Golem.dehttps://www.golem.de/news/neue-api-luecke-google-macht-noch-schneller-zu-1812-138169.html\#Google #Alphabet #SozialesNetz #API #Google #Applikationen
Neue API-Lücke: Google+ macht noch schneller zu #Google #Alphabet #SozialesNetz #API #Google #Applikationen
Tick, tack, tick, tack ... #Google #GoogleDatenschutz #Internet #SozialeNetzwerke
Google+ dies faster as Google :google: admits 2nd big data breach within three months:


– bug impacted approximately 52.5 million users
– Google decided to expedite the shut-down of all Google+ APIs
– Google+ EOL is in April 2019 instead of August 2019

#google #googleplus #databreach #leak #socialnetwork #infosec #cybersecurity #security
Nachdem ein neuer Bug in einer Schnittstelle aufgetaucht ist, wird Google die APIs und das soziale Netzwerk schneller einmotten als bisher geplant. #Google #GoogleDatenschutz #Internet #SozialeNetzwerke
Google+ Einstellung wird beschleunigt: Neues Datenleck mit 52 Millionen betroffenen Nutzern entdeckt
Eigentlich sollte Google+ im August 2019 eingestellt werden. Jetzt wird der Tag der Schließung um einige Monate vorgezogen.
Google+ Einstellung wird beschleunigt: Neues Datenleck mit 52 Millionen betroffenen Nutzern entdeckt
#googleplus #google #schliessung #socialnetwork #google
Remember that when you reply to someone with a #gmail account you also 'CC' #google
For #hotmail and #outlook it's #microsoft
But for all unencrypted mail you also 'CC' your local spy agencies and master relays, i.e. #fiveeyes unless in #russia or #china
A lot of people still don't know that the G in #gmail stands for government

#podesta used GMail for political purposes and look what happened

Not only did #google spy on everything but #podestaemails spilled all over the place, harming the #privacy of thousands
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