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I'm not so sure on preference. But I started out with #Apple II, then #Atari 800, #Amiga 500, then to the PC world. DOS, Windows 3, 3.1, 95, #Novell #Netware, Linux, Suns (servers). Doom, brand new, was a lot of fun on my new (college, I was admin) network.

OpenIT CentOS box runs for 1174 days

Not close to the 3.12 #NetWare server has made, 16.5 years of up-time. But today I found here #atwork a server that runs #CentOS on it and has an up-time of almost 1175 days. See this screenshot for details:
Sad to know that this server is being cancel (contract), I see no real reason why? Also the new server ( #Mittwald ) has down-times ...
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