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Is it native as in using the D* API or a web-client?

I was trying to make an #easy-share-option for Android/D* a while back but discovered that at the time, the only part of the #API which was implemented was the #OAuth2 / #OpenID login.

I did start to implement parts of the API to achieve my goal (sloppily, and in PHP ;) ) but got sidetracked into trying to find out what the state of the D* API was at the time (ie nonexistent) so let it slide.

Maybe I'll chuck the code up on my #github at some point. #diaspora #client #native
@taz Habt ihr #OpenID aktiv? Dann können Nutzer*innen sich mit deren verteilten Id einloggen und vom Provider aus (z.B. GNUSocial-Account) den Zugriff auch verwalten.

Stackoverflow deprecates OpenID support, a drawback for federated logins

I just received (as you may, too) an email that the famous #StackOverflow Q&A community is dropping #OpenID support, making it impossible for me to use #GNUSocial as login provider. Now they ask for an email address and password to enter.

What sad development, dropping features of a website.
Und kann man sich auch mit #OpenID einloggen?
Sorry, but I fully not understand what you have tried. So you have tried to login with your loadaverage user on an other instance? I think that is not possible without using #openid .
@HerraBRE I honestly don't understand this "gotta have 'em all" regarding features. Instead of trying to copy Facebook and Google+, I believe we should build something that works on its own terms. What's next "private photo albums"?

Please, let's enlighten users and encourage + support tools that do their jobs properly.

Instead of having your private communication _on_ the platform, how about using federation as an authentication method to _access_ it somewhere else? #OpenID works great for logins on third party servers to access more private data. Automating and consolidating everything under a single roof (heard about centralisation?) is not an answer.

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