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#TIL that SUSE was an acronym at some point.
Emission nebulae (such as M8 - shown) are clouds of mostly hydrogen gas that glow by their own light. The light is created when light from stars embedded in the nebula excite the electrons in the gas. When the electrons return to a rest state they emit the light we see. #astrophoto
please be aware that bats are called fluttermice in sweden thanks
#TIL #Emacs markdown-mode + gfm-mode can fold and unfold headline (almost) as nicely as #org-mode. Use on a # tile for markdown-cycle and + to collapse and expand all # titles.
#WTF #TIL In diesem Jahr widersprechen sich astronomische und kalendarische Daten, weshalb Ostern nicht direkt auf den ersten Frühlingsvollmond folgt. Denn "normalerweise" wäre heute Ostersonntag
#TIL: workaround disable #DRM pop-ups in #Firefox:
[...] disable the following in about:config:
#TIL how to remove part of a commit with #Magit - the #Emacs's #Git porcelain:

Lets assume that you have a commit C with hunk H that you want to remove from that C and instead you want H to be part of your uncommitted changes.

For that we will commit a fixup! to C a reversed patch R of H.
  • Get into the magit-status screen
    C-x g (magit-status)
  • Put your working changes aside
    z (stash) z (both) and type "restore me soon" and hit Ret
  • Drill down to find the H inside C:
    • l (log) l (current)
    • select the commit C to edit and hit Ret
    • select the file or hunk to remove and --
  • Create R - an unstaged reverse of H
    • v (reverse) and y (yes)
  • Stage R
    • select R and hit s (stage)
  • Create unstaged H
    • select R and ht v (reverse)
  • fixup! C with R
    • Yw== (commit) f (fixup) the staged change
    • select commit C
    • C-c C-c (magit-select-pick) to commit the reverse patch
  • Rebase the fixup!
    • r (rebase) f (fixup)
    • select commit C
    • C-c C-c (magit-select-pick)
  • Bring back the changes you set aside in (1)
    • z (stash) p (pop) select "restore me soon" and hit y (yes)
All done!
#TIL: #GNU #Emacs has a
#TIL that #SpaceX publishes #photos under #CC0. This is extremely important as there are VERY few world-wide #publicdomain images from #space, even though these are very important for #education and research. Images by #NASA, as a government organization, are public domain by the #USA law, but this generally only applies to the USA, plus NASA explicitly states something like "conditions of use" of the images, even though it probably couldn't enforce them legally. SpaceX simply and clearly makes the images reusable world-wide and shows the encouragement of doing so by using CC0.

As much as I usually dislike #Elon #Musk and corporations in general, this is a very good move.

Now excuse me, I have to reupload these photos to Wikimedia Commons :)


Interesting, the #Farsi word for orange (the fruit) is پرتقال which is spoken porteghâl. And Portugal is the country where oranges were first grown when the plant was introduced to Europe.

#TIL, if you are used to Alt-Tab between windows, a virtual machine window can be annoying in that case as Alt-Tab will cycle within the VMs windows.

One workaround using #KDE #Plasma's #KWin is:
  • Right click the VM's window title bar -> More Actions -> Special Application Settings...
  • Under the Appearance & Fixes tab, check the Accept Focus checkbox, and Force it to No.
  • Since you just excluded that window from the Alt-Tab cycle, you can assign that window a special shortcut
    • Right click the VM's window title bar -> More Actions -> Window Shortcut...
    • Assign a new shortcut key e.g. Super-W, and click OK.
Now you can get to your VM windows with Super-W and to all other windows with Alt-Tab.
I've decided to go study a bit of #history because it's never been my subject and I think I am missing out on a lot of #interesting things. #TIL #Stonehenge took about 1500 years to complete.
#TIL (Today i learned) and did not find within the documentation: You can use #hotkeys here:
  • j - jump to next post
  • k - jump to previous post
  • m - expand the current post
  • c - comment on the current post
  • l - like the current post
  • r - reshare the current post
  • o - open the first link in the current post
  • ctrl+enter - send the message you are writing.
Found it in a comment from @Waithamai Dragonqueen.
Yesterday, my day off to hike in the mountains got delayed by an unexpectedly big snow storm here in Denver. Instead, my friend and I headed to the nature and science museum, where retired scientists love to have conversations with interested adults. A geologist volunteering in the Paleozoic section turned us on to videos by Christopher Scotese. This one shows how today's geographic boundaries overlay onto yesterday's geologic movements. Super cool.

The little plot of land on which I'm sitting now was south of the equator and under water about 320 million years ago (MYA). Ten million years after joining the Northern Hemisphere, it bubbled up on an island with most of Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, and Wyoming. The island got connected with the larger land mass and then turned back into an island again. And then all of today's major land masses emerged from the ocean about 240 MYA, just as the dinosaurs started stomping around. Today's continents had about about 50 millions years of togetherness (as Pangaea) until Central Asia and Scandanavia went their own way. Ten million years after that, today's Gambia separated from South Carolina as Gondwana Land floated off. And, at about 110 MYA, Brazil pulled its nose out of Nigeria as its respective continents parted ways. All of this cracking apart created a void in the Earth's crust into which new magma rushed in, spreading the sea floor and displacing ocean waters, forcing sea water inland and breaking up most of the continents with brand new internal sea ways running through the middle of them. Denver was coastal property for about 25 million years.

About 80 MYA, while the modern day Rocky Mountains were rising, India (which had broken off from Antarctica), set a course for Central Asia at ramming speed. The collision, 40 MYA, gave us the Tibetan Plateau and the Himalayas. They are still gaining altitude today.

If you watch the video, keep a look out for the last 10 seconds. That's when homo sapiens first appear, walk across the newly formed ice bridge created by the most recent ice age, and the then glaciers recede. We are but a flash on the radar.

Not a bad way to spend a day off. #Denver #TIL #geology
"because once you have enough money, money doesn't matter"

#TIL about #Bitcoin #pineapple fund:


(thanks to this article)
#TIL: rustlup doc --std - a fast way to browse the local #rust-lang documentation.
#TIL: Krampus https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Krampus

Though it seems that 2018-Dec-05 is probably when the event should have taken place.
#TIL #til
#TIL a #study shows that smokers have been found to be more successful at quitting #smoking when they go "cold turkey" (sudden abstinence), as opposed to gradually cutting back. -
#TIL a #study shows that smokers have been found to be more successful at quitting #smoking when they go "cold turkey" (sudden abstinence), as opposed to gradually cutting back. -
!TIL maybehttps://github.com/p-e-w/maybe !cli
45.4210328 -75.6900219 
#til not even gnome-terminal supports #gnome's smooth touchpad scrolling
#TIL Hawaiian pizza was invented in Canada by a Greek immigrant, who was inspired by Chinese food to put a South American ingredient on an Italian dish, that went on to be most popular in Australia -
#TIL #til

"Tracking Token Stripper" just found

I just found the "Tracking Token Stripper 2.1" also works with Firefox 62.0 (I don't know older, maybe it does) which removes #UTM #click-tracking tokens from the to-be requested URLs. I tried it with Firefox' own about: page and it worked, even from within the one you can reach over Help->About.

And #TIL athat UTM is #Google-Analytics ... So, if you request such URLs where that tracking pixel is installed, #Google (and so the #NSA )knows that you clicked it e.g. from an email or #RSS feed (aggregator).

It seem to be written for Chrome, so also these users can protect themselves.
!TIL : When Queen Elizabeth visited the set of "Game of Thrones" she refused to sit on the Iron Throne because there is a law disallowing her from sitting on a foreign throne. - https://www.esquire.com/entertainment/tv/news/a33918/queen-elizabeth-iron-throne-snub-explained/ #gameofthrones #got
#TIL If you restart apache first, it won't work as ejabberd must be listening already when apache builds the proxy chain (which makes sense again). And yeah, having TLS on makes no sense. ;-)

Well, #shit-happens
#TIL : Credule comes from credulity.
#TIL Thank you to all repliers. So deposit is the best choice then. :-)
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