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Falls hier jemand Probleme mit dem #Firefox und seinen #Addons hat.


xpinstall.signatures.required = false

Nicht vergessen, den Wert nach beheben des Problems von #Mozilla wieder auf true zu setzen!

Strange, my instance here is not updating so much. Only one post 3 months ago. #bug Anyone know a better !gnusocial fork?

Apple prepares fix for crippling App Store bug

#app #apple #bug #crippling #fix #prepares #store
Wegen AGB-Änderung: iOS App Store in Endlosschleife #AGB #AppStore #Apple #Bug #Download #Fehler #Loop #Schleife #iOS #iPad #iPhone
Hello everyone, I’m #newhere. I left most major social media services awhile ago, and reduced to mainly just Mastodon. I’m just trying out #Diaspora as a possible replacement for Facebook, which used to function in that intermediary format space between Twitter and Blog. I like the interface, and I like the idea, so I’m willing to give it a concerted try.

However right off the bat I’m running into some trouble with connecting other services. When I click on the WordPress link, I get:
Invalid request, please go back and try again.
Error Code: invalid_client
Error Message: Unknown client_id.
and clicking on the Twitter link gives me:
Internal server error. Our bad! Sorry about that. :(
Hey @diaspora* HQ, I am wondering if this is a temporary issue and I just have poor timing, or is this an ongoing “to be added” feature for sometime in the future? Is this an issue just with this specific Pod, or is it a broader issue throughout the Diaspora fediverse? Thanks for your help.

#question #bug
Fehler in macOS Mojave sorgt für leere Fenster #Apple #Bug #CoreAnimation #Grafikfehler #Mojave #macOS #macOS10144 #macOSMojave


Wer oft über obige Links stolpert: Da betreibt niemand eine blöde Art von Spam, sondern das scheint ein Bug zu sein (Statt Inhalt der Nachricht, wird dieser quarkige Link angezeigt)

#bug #friendica
siehe: https://loma.ml/display/373ebf56-145c-b2e7-5d6a-7a1709061834

To those whose comments to me, in a post of mine, or anyhow else:

I today was bothered by a bug that automatically created a #newhere - post including all the tags I follow, and didn't mark the recognised notifications as read, as supposed. This went on for the entire day, until a few minutes ago, up to an hour at most. I shortly switched over to my Pluspora-account (you find it in my biography, it's my backup account in case I should permanently leave this account here), to share some of the news I read in the meantime. Now, I'm back here again, but as it seems, some of my comments have disappeared, putting me back to a status quo ante. I don't know in which form it also affected my posts, but I am sorry to anyone who will inadvertently be ignored by me regarding the comments or whatever. It's not my intention, nor my fault, but since it would endure too much time which I am not ready to reinvest just because of technical difficulties, but I hope that henceforth, it will all work properly as before.

Thanks for your understanding.

~ Oliver

PS: If you are looking for the posts you may have missed, check out my Telegram channels or my Pluspora backup account. I will not share them here again, since I am too lazy, tired, and annoyed by things I don't understand due to a lack of understanding of IT-affiliated concerns. :D
#newhere #neuhier #GPlusRefugee #Technicaldifficulties #Diaspora #bug #Pluspora #PirateParty
small background-change on #thepirateparty - i use now postgres instead of mariadb, hopefully it helps with the performance. out of this
  • the service was offline for about 30 minutes
  • changes you made in this whole hour (service was partially visible) are propably gone
a small #bug i reconised: it prefilled me the posting-field with a automated newhere-post. seems it's gone meanwhile, propably kind of caching. if you have any other issues, tell me.
Anyone know why the latest version of dandelion* crashed on my phone and now will not re-install?

I keep getting an error saying download failed because file ...35.apk not found but I was able to download and use a previous version that i also get the same error for when I try to update it.

#bug #dev #dandelion
Question about Twitter Connector: I replied on this post:
Friendica post got mirrored to Twitter here:
Following the link in the Tweet back to Friendica throws a 404 when opening link and not being logged into friendica. This is reproducible.

To me this feels like a bug, as the friendica post is public and to my knowledge unrestricted. Does anybody have an idea, why this is not working? Is it a known problem?
#friendica #bug

Buffer overflow flaw in British Airways in-flight #entertainment systems will affect other airlines, but why try it in the air?

source: https://www.theregister.co.uk/2019/03/08/thales_topseries_vuln/
The US NIST entry for CVE-2019-9109 refers to the #vulnerability only as affecting "The British Airways Entertainment System, as installed on #Boeing 777-36N(ER) and possibly other aircraft". The Register can reveal that the affected #software is in fact made and maintained by Thales Group under the trade name #Thales TopSeries i5000. BA is a Thales customer.
#usb #security #flight #bug #plane #technology #news #check #cyberwar

Teen Becomes First Hacker to Earn $1M Through Bug Bounties

Teen hacker Santiago Lopez has made hacker history by becomming the first white-hat hacker to earn $1 million in bug bounties via website HackerOne.
Article word count: 511

HN Discussion: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=19291558
Posted by ohjeez (karma: 15476)
Post stats: Points: 137 - Comments: 50 - 2019-03-02T22:34:49Z

#HackerNews #becomes #bounties #bug #earn #first #hacker #teen #through
Article content:

Teen hacker Santiago Lopez from Argentina has become the world’s first white-hat hacker to earn a million dollars from bug bounties.

Lopez a.k.a @try_to_hack (his online moniker) started flagging up security weaknesses to companies via vulnerability coordination and bug bounty platform, HackerOne.

Since embarking on his legal hacking career in 2015, he has reported more than 1,600 security flaws to organisations, including social media platform Twitter and Verizon Media Company, as well as private corporate and government entities.

Inspired by the movie Hackers, Lopez taught himself how to hack watching free online tutorials and reading popular blogs.

At the age of 16 he earned his first bounty of $50 and was motivated to continued hacking after school. He now hacks full-time earning nearly 40 times the average software engineer salary in Buenos Aires.

Recommend: [1]White-Hat Hackers Earnings Sky-Rocket as Cyber Vulnerabilities on the Rise

White-hat hackers like Lopez can earn funds through bug bounties, which is a cash reward given to a hacker who reports a valid security weakness to a company. Offering bug bounties is rapidly becoming a popular way for organisations to identify vulnerabilities that expose them to cyber attacks.

Numerous global companies including the US Department of Defense, General Motors, Google, Twitter, GitHub, Nintendo, Lufthansa, Panasonic Avionics, Qualcomm, Starbucks, Dropbox, and Intel have partnered with HackerOne to discover more than 100,000 vulnerabilities and award more than $45m (£34m) in bug bounties.

Luta Security CEO and cybersecurity expert, Katie Moussouris, said that bug bounties although useful weren’t a “silver bullet”. Moussouris, who created the bug bounty at Microsoft, warned that if badly implemented such programmes could see talent leaving organisations in favour of pursuing bug bounties, and thus damage the talent pipeline.

Commenting on his success, Lopez said, “to me, this achievement represents that companies and the people that trust them are becoming more secure than they were before, and that is incredible. This is what motivates me to continue to push myself and inspires me to get my hacking to the next level.”

[2]Scot Secure 2019

HackerOne CEO Marten Mickos, said of Lopez, “the entire HackerOne community stands in awe of Santiago’s work. Curious, self-taught and creative, Santiago is a role model for hundreds of thousands of aspiring hackers around the world.

“The hacker community is the most powerful defence we have against cybercrime. This is a fantastic milestone for Santiago, but much greater are the improvements in security that companies have achieved and keep achieving thanks to Santiago’s relentless work.”

HackerOne’s latest report revealed that it has now paid out more than $42m (£31.7m) to hackers for 93,000 bug bounties, and that white-hat hacker earnings in 2018 totalled $19m (£14.3), up from $9.3m (£7m) in 2017.

Luke Tucker, senior director of community and content at HackerOne, said of this growth: “With the frequency of cyber attacks swelling to new highs, companies and government organisations are realising that to protect themselves online, they need an army of highly skilled and creative individuals on their side – hackers. As more organisations embrace the hacker community, the safer customers and citizens become.”



Visible links
1. https://digit.fyi/hacker-powered-security-report/
2. https://www.scot-secure.com/

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Teen Becomes First Hacker to Earn $1M Through Bug Bounties

For CockroachDB, transactions first, then analytics is a feature -- not a bug

#analytics #bug #cockroachdb #feature #first #then #transactions
@Friendica Developers

Since a week the autocomplete function for hashtags is terrible slow, it slows down the whole input, it feels like the PC is frozen. Is that a bug? Any idea what I can do to fix it?

#help #bug #Friendica
Well, this cannot work when the edit of the post doesn't reach the forum at all. The forum should distribute everything. But it cannot work when it doesn't arrive in the first place.

#Bug #RC
#Bug #RC

Friendica Forum Accounts

Hello !Friendica Support

if i visit a connected forum via the forum icon (is this called the magic link?) it is not possible to interact. I can not start a post or comment something. The buttons are missing.

Friendica 2018.12-rc, PHP 7.2.13
#friendica #2018.12-rc #bug #forum
Ich habe jetzt gerade mal bei mir einen neuen Test-Account angelegt und kann es bestätigen. Wenn noch keine Gruppen vorhanden sind, erscheint dieses Widget wohl noch nicht.

Gleiches Verhalten mit dem Thema Vier.

Friendica 2018.12-rc - 1291, PHP 7.2.13, MySQL / MariaDB

#bug #2018.12-rc
Hello !Friendica Support again,

maybe this is a new issue. If i visit a forum via the small icon on the left side

i can see the Verbinden/connect button. I thinkt, the button should not appear, because i always conncted with the forum.

#friendica #2018.12-rc #bug #ui


Hello !Friendica Support,

i use the personal notes (/notes) funktion in friendica and now i miss a lot of older notes. Can someone confirm this problem?

Friendica 2018.12-rc - 1291, PHP 7.2.13, MySQL / MariaDB

#friendica #2018.12-rc #bug #notes

Didn't know that #Google+ has 500k users ...

source: https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/google-shutting-down-after-bug-leaks-info-of-500k-accounts/

#security #bug #fail #SocialNetwork #software #news #privacy


Hallo !Friendica Support

hat von Euch sonst noch jemand Probleme mit dem Worker? Seit ein bis zwei Wochen steht alle ein bis zwei Tage im Admin-Panel die Meldung, daß der Worker seit mehr als einer Stunde nicht mehr gestartet wurde. Dabei wird er eigentlich alle 10 Minuten via cron gestartet. Wenn ich dann den Worker manuell starte arbeitet er ein paar Minuten vor sich hin und dann läuft es wieder normal für ein bis zwei Tage.

#friendica #worker #crontab #bug
2nd #bug is also fixed and addressed with #5522 .

Create a Post with Pictures

Hello !Friendica Support

if i try to insert pictures in a post with the frio picture browser, this message appears. I am on the latest develop branch.
Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class 'DBA' not found in /var/www/virtual/paddler/html/mod/fbrowser.php:42 Stack trace: #0 /var/www/virtual/paddler/html/index.php(385): fbrowser_content(Object(Friendica\App)) #1 {main} thrown in /var/www/virtual/paddler/html/mod/fbrowser.php on line 42

#friendica #frio #bug
More errors while deleting an item:
Notice: Undefined index: remote in /var/www/../include/items.php on line 357
Notice: Undefined index: confirm in /var/www/../include/items.php on line 368
Notice: Undefined index: canceled in /var/www/../include/items.php on line 391

Yes, some of you may say that I can switch off E_NOTICE but that is causing more trouble than solving it. The best practice in my oppinion is, to get to the root of the cause and not supress errors and warnings.

Only a #fixed #bug is a good bug. :-)

Gajim + gir1.2-farstream = segfault :-(

Since I updated to Ubuntu 18.04 Gajim 1.0.1 didn't start anymore. It was just segfaulting no matter what I tried.
Today I finally found out what is causing this. It's a stupid audio/video library for voice and video chats. :-/


Debian issue:

Gajim issue:

After apt removing the troublemaker Gajim is working again.
sudo apt remove gir1.2-farstream-0.2

#gajim #xmpp #jabber #ubuntu #debian #bug #linux
Halle (Saale) 
Have done it here. I have also updated my instance again because of the #bug with user accounts.
Oh, nach dem Editieren sind die Hash-Tags #domain-hai und #sedo nicht verlinkt! #bug

Stuck together glass in porcelain

I currently have a glass stuck in a porcelain. I have already setup cold water in top glass and hot (boiling, I'm careful) around lower but still they remain stuck. Plus I added salt in upper (cold) glass. I got this (last) idea from a #youtube video with ID #HOglOnne3As which seems quite straight-forward but still no success here.

Any ideas? I cannot currently upload images, size limit of 780k exceeded but I set $a->config['system']['maximagesize'] = 2*1024*1024; which should be enough, right?

Strange #bug in #Friendica ... So you have to live with a link to my #nextcloud instance: https://cloud.mxchange.org/s/rnFtrpbQqAXx8O1
Na, #quantum should be the correct hashtag. #bug
@Azruulei Oh, ok, scratch that, I guess. I did not get a notification about either of those toots with screenshots from @asonix, and the second one I did not even see in the thread until I clicked on the first one. Some serious #bug right there… :/ @gargron
Ah, das hat geklappt. Ich dachte, deine Instanz hat einen #Bug. :-)

Why I don't like payed support #2

I currently face a #bug in #Payara that doesn't allow TABLE_PER_CLASS and I cannot change the database layout (as then the main program needs to be changed which involves a lot risky work).

I have filled out a bug report ...

... But they don't want to handle it. I guess I'm not alone with this bug. I don't like such "payment model" where paying customers are priotized. I for my projects provide unpriotized support for any one, unpayed and in my free time: My View - Mailer-Project Bug-Tracker
What do you think about such payment models? Good or bad?

2nd submit: better preview before test.

The class does not have a descriptor, or a descriptor that does not use inheritance or uses a ClassExtractor for inheritance

The mentioned message still comes when you have @Inheritance (strategy = InheritanceType.TABLE_PER_CLASS) in your abstract (not-persisted) with latest version of #Payara / #Glassfish which both contains #EclipseLink by default.

Strange that they did not yet fix it. And unfortunally migrating to e.g. #WilfFly (which uses other #JPA) seems not so easy as you may think.

Currently I have no idea how to fix it and sadly I need the strategy as this #JavaEE application is written for an existing database layout.

Someone may have to raise a support ticket mentioning that the #bug is still there.

Reposted with #public visibility. Sorry for double message.

Local "connect" not working

I think I found a #bug in #friendica, latest develop code. I have rebased my branch to latest changes and revert all of my is_filled_array() changes to dba::is_result().

So what I did was I created an account for my wife and tried to connect to but all I got was a redirect and no entry in table 'intro'. There is also no entry of her account in 'fcontact'.

So what is wrong?
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