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We are now in the Year of the Pig as part of the Chinese Zodiac. Chinese New Year was last week. These are some super cute pig bread snacks I took pictures of in a Breadtalk Bakery in Shenzhen, China recently. #yearofthepig #pigs #cute #foodies #bread #chinesesnack
This is one of my favorite photos of two of my dairy cows when they were young. On the left is Minnie, who had pneumonia at the time, and on the right is her pal Billie Jean. Minnie and Billie were bottle-fed together, and Billie was the only calf that wouldn't bully Minnie.
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ER MAH GERD SO #CUTE, Baby #Dragon
I cam across this after read http://www.openculture.com/2019/01/bertrand-russells-10-commandments-for-living-in-a-healthy-democracy.html which lists Russell's actual rules. Considering that one of those rules is Have no respect for the authority of others, for there are always contrary authorities to be found and that memes that attach a person's name to them as an appeal to authority then this is a *deliberate * trashing of Russell.


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When Too Cute Is Too Much, the Brain Can Get Aggressive

Adorable babies and cute puppies can make us happy. But researchers say their cuteness can be so overwhelming that it unleashes some ugly thoughts.
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Researchers say human brains can become overwhelmed by cute traits, such as large eyes and small noses, embodied by movie characters like Bambi.

Disney Junior/Disney Channel via Getty Images

The holiday season is all about cute. Youʼve got those [1]ads with adorable children and those [2]movies about baby animals with big eyes.

But when people encounter too much cuteness, the result can be something scientists call "cute aggression."

People "just have this flash of thinking: ʼI want to crush itʼ or ʼI want to squeeze it until popsʼ or ʼI want to punch it,ʼ " says [3]Katherine Stavropoulos, a psychologist in the Graduate School of Education at the University of California, Riverside.

About half of all adults have those thoughts sometimes, says Stavropoulos, who [4]published a study about the phenomenon in early December in Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience. But those people wouldnʼt really take a swipe at Bambi or Thumper, she says.

"When people feel this way, itʼs with no desire to cause harm," Stavropoulos says. The thoughts appear to be an involuntary response to being overwhelmed by a positive emotion.

Cute aggression is often baffling and embarrassing to the people who experience it. Stavropoulos says they think, "This is weird; Iʼm probably the only one who feels this way. I donʼt want to hurt it. I just want to eat it."

Cute aggression was first described by [5]researchers at Yale University several years ago.

But Stavropoulos, a cute aggressor herself, wanted to know what it looked like in the brain.

So she and a colleague recorded the electrical activity in the brains of 54 young adults as they looked at images of animals and people.

The images included both grown-ups and babies. Some had been manipulated to look less appealing. Others were made extra adorable, meaning "big cheeks, big eyes, small noses — all these features we associate with cuteness," Stavropoulos says.

The study found that for the entire group of participants, cuter creatures were associated with greater activity in brain areas involved in emotion. But the more cute aggression a person felt, the more activity the scientists saw in the brainʼs reward system.

That suggests people who think about squishing puppies appear to be driven by two powerful forces in the brain. "Itʼs not just reward and itʼs not just emotion," Stavropoulos says. "Both systems in the brain are involved in this experience of cute aggression."

The combination can be overwhelming. And scientists suspect thatʼs why the brain starts producing aggressive thoughts. The idea is that the appearance of these negative emotions helps people get control of the positive ones running amok.

"It could possibly be that somehow these expressions help us to just sort of get it out and come down off that baby high a little faster," says [6]Oriana Aragón, an assistant professor at Clemson University who was part of the Yale team that gave cute aggression its name.

Aggressive thoughts in response to adorable creatures are just one example of "dimorphous expressions of positive emotion," Aragón says.

"So people who, you know, want to pinch the babies cheeks and growl at the baby are also people who are more likely to cry at the wedding or cry when the babyʼs born or have nervous laughter," she says.

Aragon says sheʼs one of these people: "For me, puppies are just amazing and adorable and cute and I cannot resist them."


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React Kawaii – Cute React SVG Components

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New Calf!

Calving is over for now! This is the last calf born, his mother is Spotty. Born yesterday.
He's so cute! And I am so tired of cattle-sitting!
The cow I mentioned in an earlier post, Minnie, had a rough time. She was in labor too long and her calf did not survive. It was very hard on her but she is OK and has recovered nicely.
Aside from that the herd is doing great.
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Here Are 5 #Cute #Robots You Should #Ask #Santa For This #Christmas

A robot could be the perfect gift for 2018. Here are some of the most adorable robots on the market.

Trigger warning: Cuteness, heartwarming

This is the cutest.
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The gift (talent) of the magi
Sells husband’s gun for NRA TV subscription
Husband strangles you instead of shooting you this time
Violent misogynists love guns 💕
Violent misogynists love to strangle
Look up the statistics
Then check out how many cops are violent misogynists
The grift of the magi (R-MO Talent)

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Sometimes you need a cute little companion in your lonely studio apartment. That's why I've been leaving my trash can open. Hope I'll get some flies at least. #awww #animals #cute #stanleythoughts
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