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Political federated aggregator: a project

A few beginning points.
Much of the consensus building and of the political communication
takes place on social networks, according to rules which are
incorporated in the structure of proprietary social networks:
sponsorship, bubbles, building of identity, hate, narcissism, and
The (albeit often only shown) activists’ protagonism on social network
has become a practice of dissemination of political messages and an
important element of contents in the form of identification, which
often feeds identity-imposing narratives and hate speech. The analysis
of social network interactions [big data] provides feedbacks to
communicators which have the access to. With the means of these
feedbacks, communicators can build a custom argumentative narrative,
which is marred by an oversimplification of the numerical analysis.

What we need.
In “Inventing the future”, a very stimulating book by Srnicek and
Williams, the concept of «ecosystem of organizations» defines the
subject of social transformation expected by the authors, as by many.
Overtaking the idea that social transformation may be triggered by
only one organization (the XXI century party or union, as many recent
direct democracy movements, everything branded as “folk politics”),
the authors envisage that a plural and
checknon-organic aggregation of multiple subjects of the
transformation may form.

In my opinion, this aggregation could borrow the form of the
data-driven digital market as the most advanced form of social
reproduction and of value production, being the organizations in
competition each against the other, putting together the ecological
“niches” in a much broader one, with a network effect.
I mean with digital market all those IT infrastructures making demand
meets supply and vice versa, by the means of matching algorithms
guided by the analysis of users’ behaviours (Facebook, Amazon, Google,
Ebay, Youtube, and thousands of minor companies like Uber, Blabla Car,
AirBnB, Tripadvisor, Expedia, Booking...)

The human ecosystem.
Politics was born in the agora [a.ɡo.rǎː] and similarly it has
developed. It is said that democracy was born in classic Greece
precisely because Greeks were merchants, open to differences and used
to negotiate. Democracy is the political form based on pacts among
free actors, in ancient Greece as well as in the bourgeois modernity.
Also, and perhaps especially, due to the technological innovation and
to the social and anthropological trasformations to that connected,
this modernity is fading introducing the post-modernity as defined by
J.F.Lyotard. Information society gradually substitutes society based
on value.

At present, we cannot know if this evolution may lead to a
concentration of power and control, made possible by new technologies,
or if the same technologies could be instruments of diffusion of power
towards the bottom of the social pyramid. This will depend on forces
of social transformation and on the environment in which these will

The aim of this project is to develop an environment where the most
progressive - thus oriented to a broader diffusion of power - social
forces will develop, evolve and become established. Not one of the
subjects that will meet in the - telematic or geographic - agora, but
the agora itself with its characteristics of security and manifold
acceptance, is wanted to be built.

The characteristics of affinity to SN
To let an ecosystem (environment) be populated, that shall have some
characteristic that makes it attractive.

These characteristics shall respect the historically determined
hegemonic culture, it shall thus reflect the already-satisfied
expectations by existent environments, overtaking a few limits or
offering more possibilities.
The model is the agora, everything that once took place in the agora
and now it takes place in virtual agoras.
- The access shall be free and libre, private but not anonymous
  • The narcissism, the agonistic and «social» aspect. One comes in the
    agora to strut around, to seduce, to cultivate relations, which goal
    may be the oldest in the world (mating), or all sorts of material (as
    work) and abstract goals. We are interested in the political aspect,
    but we cannot abolish the other aspects.
Curiosity. It shall be possible to show photo galleries and user-made
contents that will build user’s «fame».
- The multiplicity. There shall be no elements of identity filter. One
comes in the agora to meet «also» different among their own kind. That
should not be a private or too much characterized agora (a bubble). It
could have a character of course, the goal why agora exists is to
spread the participation but it shall protect minorities and dissent.
Sociality - it shall permit the spontaneous formation of scope group
or interest group. Attribution of group administration functions a
participatory way (score, random draw, rotation, vote)
- Communication. Messenger function: e2e encrypted chat tool (also for
groups), files exchange, voice and video call (even group-wise).
Possibility to link chats to social groups.
- It could be based on Diaspora, which is already in operation for the
social aspect.

The characteristics of discontinuity with SN
This aspect could be fundamentally reduced to two properties: power
(property) and government (decision-making). Common property and
participation to decision-making (access to information, processed
data, decisions, knowledge, and produced value) by users.

Development as federated protocol, on free/libre software and GNU
licensing or similar. The servers can be maintained by diverse legal
entities: public bodies, associations, individuals.
It may also host the organized structures with institutional pages,
but it should not give excessive strategic advantage.

Impossibility to sponsor contents.
Informed consent for the use of data and for the operation of the algorithms.
Openness and explanation of implemented algorithms, with the
possibility to choose preferences.
Aspects of gamification with social value. Assessmnet by users
con cui si interagisce-collabora... CHI?[...] leading the matching algorithms.

Implementation of decisional tools (surveys, LQFB) associated to goal
groups or interest groups.
Tools of crowdfounding, petitions.
Implementation of market tools (paid personal shop, group shop)

Common property of produced big data and anonymous openness.

Possibility to import contents from other social profiles (e.g.
Facebook) to facilitate migration.

The function of aggregator
In my opinion, the software should provide different indices for each
member (public if the user wants so). One index is their position in a
left-right/authoritarian-libertarian bidimensional plot which is
standard in political surveys, based more on user’s choise than on
user’s statements.
It should also gather, by the means of frequent and brief surveys, as
well as by the analysis of behaviours, user’s preferences on diverse
political, civil, environment themes with the goal to suggest
contacts, collaborations and groups which agree on these preferences.

The possibility to search with options (as e-bay) contacts and groups
(distance, age, areas of interest, skills, availability).

The group membership may be a simple affinity meeting as well as the
constitution of an association, party or union with own statute.

As basic service a blog, a group chat and a LiquidFeedback shall be
automatically included and shared with all the group members.

Possibility to request a membership fee to groups offering certain
services (own server and database, LiquidFeedback with sections,
physical venues, activities linked to group goal as charity,
mutualistic services, communication services, magazines...).

Possibility for associations to act and affiliate people through the
subscription fee (membership, [...]) signing a transparency protocol.

Software shall daily propose contents, groups and initiatives that
best fit user’s profile via user-customizable (with user-determined
options) matching algorithms.

The goal is to let politcal demand meet with political supply.
Opportunity of participation with needing of participation. People
with people. Groups with groups. Ideas with consensus and energies to
implement them.

Public name can be a pseudonym (Nick).
Some groups may ask identity certification for the membership process.
Others may allow anonymity.

Reciprocity mechanism may be considered, so that others’ information
are known if one shares their own (e.g. if I do not state - with GPS
or document - my residence, I cannot access to others’)

Possibility to share diverse levels of information with different
contacts (closer circles of friends and looser circles of
acquaintances and strangers) also with respect to the published
contents (photo etc.)

The decision-making.
A private-law, non-profit, or non-governmental organization shall lead
and deal with the international co-ordination of the development teams
and of the fund raising. The diverse teams can self-organize as they
want, but to access the fundings they shall produce the software
according to technical specifications.
A developers’ and users’ meeting can take place every year to gather
feedbacks and design revisions and improvements

Data property.
Informed consent on type of extracted data and their possible use
shall hold. The access to (anonymous) data shall be free to ease the
development of studies on the political ecosystem and on its
It is important to begin with introducing the socializing of data
produced by users as a goal to extend to all the kind of
involved?operating companies. The companies that extract data shall
contribute to the costs of data storage even if use of data is not

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President Trump urges American companies to step up efforts to develop 5G technology


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President Trump urges American companies to step up efforts to develop 5G technology

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