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Meine Top 10 Chefkochrezepte

Ich habe über 200 Rezepte von Chefkoch.de ausprobiert und mal meine Top 10 zusammengestellt. Es gibt natürlich noch viel mehr sehr gute Rezepte die ich mag :-)

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How a #Billion #Cockroaches Are #Helping #China #Process #Food #Waste
We’ve written before about reducing food waste in creative ways, and it’s hard to imagine something more outside-the-box than what’s happening in China right now.

The world's most important cold storage facility safeguards the future of food

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Agriculture 4.0: How digital farming is revolutionizing the future of food

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My friends know I rarely eat #meat. If I do, it must be of high quality. Bacause I‘d prefer my meat raw. I would die for a good Steak #Tatar. Usually I‘ll get the flesh from regional bio-certified or Demeter-farms.

Would I eat a labor-grown #steak? Of course I will give it a try. Because I am curious. And if it‘ll really be the future of #food, the earlier I get use to it the better. Non?

The Cube Rule of Food Identification

HN Discussion: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=18658684
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Article content:

The Cube Rule

of Food Identification

first, we asked:

are hot dogs sandwiches?

[1]Classic Sandwiches

New York said yes.

[2]This bulletin explains what is a sandwich [3]hot dogs and sausages on buns, rolls, etc.


[4]pop tarts are a kind of ravioli.

the wars began

[5]excuse me, ravioli are a kind of pop-tart

The Sandwich
Alignment Chart

tried to bring order

[6]The Sandwich Alignment Chart

but only chaos ensued

[7]my wife left me because I think a burrito is a sandwich

then spake

the holy prophet


[8]are you unsatisfied with current debates regarding what is or is not a sandwich?

blessing us with

the grand unified theory

of food identification

The Cube Rule

[9]The Cube Rule of Food for identifying dishes based on starch locations

① Toast

[10]cube with bottom face solid

① Toast [11]cube with bottom face solid

popular examples

[12]a pizza


[13]a piece of nigiri sushi

nigiri sushi

[14]a slice of pumpkin pie

pumpkin pie slice

② Sandwich

[15]cube with bottom and top face solid

② Sandwich [16]cube with bottom and top face solid

popular examples

[17]a piece of lasagna



[18]a toast sandwich


(made and photographed
by me, Ryan. it was okay)

[19]pieces of a quesadilla made from two whole tortillas



③ Taco

[20]cube with bottom and two sides solid

③ Taco [21]cube with bottom and two sides solid

popular examples

[22]a hot dog

hot dog

[23]a sub-style sandwich

sub sandwich


[24]a slice of cherry pie

slice of pie

(taco on its side)

④ Sushi

[25]cube with bottom, top, and two sides solid

④ Sushi [26]cube with bottom, top, and two sides solid

popular examples

[27]a falafel wrap

falafel wrap

[28]two pigs in blankets

pigs in a blanket

[29]an enchilada


⑤ Quiche

[30]cube with bottom and all four sides solid

⑤ Quiche [31]cube with bottom and all four sides solid

popular examples

[32]a hot dog


[33]a sub-style sandwich


(in a bread bowl)

[34]a slice of cherry pie

falafel pita

⑤ Quiche [35]cube with bottom and all four sides solid

bonus round

[36]a hot dog

deep-dish pizza

[37]a sub-style sandwich


(in a bread bowl)

[38]a slice of cherry pie

key lime pie

⑥ Calzone

[39]cube with all six sides solid

⑥ Calzone [40]cube with all six sides solid

popular examples

[41]a hot dog


[42]a sub-style sandwich

corn dog

[43]a slice of cherry pie



⑥ Calzone [44]cube with all six sides solid

bonus round

[45]dim sum dumplings


[46]a frosted strawberry pop-tart


[47]a smuckers uncrustable, with one bite taken out



Additional Cube Rulings

⓪ Salad

[48]cube with all six sides empty

⓪ Salad [49]cube with all six sides empty

popular examples

[50]a grilled steak


[51]mashed potatoes

mashed potatoes

[52]fried rice

fried rice

⓪ Salad [53]cube with all six sides empty

bonus round

[54]a bowl of spaghetti with tomato sauce


[55]a dish of poutine


[56]a bowl of tomato soup


(a wet salad)


or other blocks of starch

are type ①, toast

(in raw, unsliced form)


You are free to interpret the
nature of rice however you wish.

Vanilla Soy Latte

[57]A three-bean soup.

Thank you.


made with 💖 by [58]@indirect



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Congress drafts compromise Farm Bill, eliminates SNAP work requirements


#bill #compromise #congress #drafts #eliminates #farm #farm bill #food stamps #house speaker paul ryan #oan newsroom #requirements #snap #work
Congress drafts compromise Farm Bill, eliminates SNAP work requirements
Protecting Your Family From Fluoride....When fluoride was first added to water in the 1940s,in an experiment to prevent tooth decay,not a single dental product contained fluoride:no fluoride toothpastes, no fluoride mouth rinses,no fluoride varnishes,and no fluoride gels.In the past 60 years,as more communities began fluoridation and one fluoride product after another entered the market,exposure to fluoride increased considerably,particularly among children.
Exposure from other sources has increased as well,such as:infant formula,processed foods,soups,soda and beer made with fluoridated water,food grown with fluoride-containing pesticides and fumigated in warehouses with sulfuryl fluoride (buy organic!),iced tea,raisins,fruit juices,wine,mechanically deboned chicken,and some pharmaceuticals (e.g. cipro) and fluorinated anesthetics that metabolize to yield a free fluoride ion.Taken together,the glut of fluoride sources in the modern diet and at the tap has created a toxic cocktail,one that has caused a dramatic increase in dental fluorosis (a tooth defect caused by excess fluoride intake) over the past 60 years.The problem with fluoride,therefore, is not that we are receiving too little,but that we are receiving too much.

#Fluoride #CHILDREN #ADULT #WATER #MEDICINE #HEALTH CONSPIRACY #food #pesticide #fumigate #sulfuryl fluoride #tea #raisin #fruit #juice #wine #chicken #pharmaceutical #anesthetic #dental #fluorosis
Protecting Your Family From Fluoride
Can one woman's mission to revive ancient heirloom seeds inspire a celebration of traditional Palestinian food? #OccupiedWestBank #Palestine #Farming #Food #Agriculture #Arts&Culture
A 100% Organic World Is Possible. The Indian State of Sikkim Shows Us How

#environment #food #food-growing #organic #agriculture #India #OrganicConsumersAssociation

The Game Changers

Directed by Louie Psihoyos and executive produced by James Cameron, The Game Changers tells the story of James Wilks — elite special forces trainer and winner of The Ultimate Fighter — as he travels the world on a quest for the truth behind the world’s most dangerous myth: that meat is necessary for protein, strength and optimal health. Meeting elite athletes, special ops soldiers, visionary scientists, cultural icons, and everyday heroes, what James discovers permanently changes his relationship with food and his definition of true strength.

#TheGameChangers #documentary #film #food #health #meat #protein #JamesWilks #LouiePsihoyos #docu-films


Soufra follows the inspirational story of intrepid social entrepreneur, Mariam Shaar – a refugee who has spent her entire life in the 69-year-old Burl El Barajneh refugee camp south of Beirut, Lebanon. The film follows Mariam and a diverse team of fellow refugee women who share the camp as their home as they set out to change their fate by launching a catering company, “Soufra,” and then expanding its reach outside the camp with a food truck business. Together, they heal the wounds of war through the unifying power of food while taking their future into their own hands.

#Soufra #documentary #film #refugee #refugees #food #entrepreneurship #MariamShaar #BurlEl-Barajneh #Lebanon #inspiration #ThomasMorgan #RebelhouseStudios #docu-films
Chemicals on our food: When “safe” may not really be safe
Though many consumers might not be aware of it, every year, government scientists document how hundreds of chemicals used by farmers on their fields and crops leave residues in widely consumed foods.
#food #health #safety #EnvironmentalHealthNews
Andere Länder, andere Sitten. #food #culture #africa #party
I think the first time I've ever been to a Nepalese-style restaurant. The food I got was called Instant Noodle Soup with Egg and Sausage. Though I think this is just like local Hong Kong food. Part 2. #nepalese #nepalesefood #food #foodies #instantnoodles #hk #hongkong #kowloon
I think the first time I've ever been to a Nepalese-style restaurant. The food I got was called Instant Noodle Soup with Egg and Sausage. Though I think this is just like local Hong Kong food. Part 1. #nepalese #nepalesefood #food #foodies #instantnoodles #hk #hongkong #kowloon

A very short list of reasons why Unilever is evil

UNILEVER - Profits: 5,5 billion USD (2014)
Unilever - biggest owner of #coffee #plantations in #Africa with a turnover of 40 billion USD in 1990. Unilever turnover exceeds the gross national product (GNP) of all countries in the so-called third world and less developed countries. Unilever is one of the world’s top makers of packaged consumer goods and moves countless products like deodorants, fragrances, soap, margarine, tea and frozen foods all over the world. #Childlabor, #unsustainable terms of trade, and #corporateinfluence are among the most troubling offenses carried out by the company. The #corporation sells products in over 150 countries and has annual sales of approximately 46 billion USD. Unilever is one of the world’s top three food firms together with Nestlé and Kraft, and the world’s second largest packaged consumer goods company – behind Procter & Gamble. Unilever was formed in 1930 when the Dutch margarine company Margarine Unie merged with British soapmaker Lever Brothers. Since they 1984 take over the tea company Brocken Bond including its plantations in Kenia, Malawi and Tansania, Unilever became the biggest owner of tea plantations in Africa. Workers (mainly women) on tea plantations in general get extremely #lowwages and their #livingconditions are appalling. Meanwhile companies, like Unilever, which do the blending, packaging and marketing of the tea (in the consumer countries) cream off 30-50% of the retail price. Unilever's last big #corporate acquisitions were Best Foods and Ben & Jerry's (2000), and Alberto-Culver (2010). In 2015, under leadership of Paul Polman, the company gradually shifted its focus toward health and beauty brands and away from #food brands showing slow growth.

Unilever and #Kodaikanal scandal

In March 2001, residents of Kodaikanal, a pretty hill retreat in Southern India, caught the Anglo-Dutch multinational Unilever red-handed when they uncovered a #dumpsite with #toxic mercury-laced #waste from a thermometer factory run by Unilever's Indian subsidiary Hindustan Lever (HUL). The 7.4 tons of crushed #mercury-containing glass was found in torn sacks, spilling onto the ground in a busy scrap yard located near a school. Despite the visible evidence, Mr. Subramaniam, HUL's export marketing manager, dismissed charges of indiscriminate #dumping. "No #hazardous wastes have left the factory site," he said. The expose, which led to a march to the factory gates by more than 400 residents from the area, joined by Greenpeace India, marked the beginning of an ongoing saga of #dishonesty and botched cover-up efforts by Unilever. Mercury, the substance that Unilever is accused of handling without taking #environmental or #workersafety precautions, is a toxic metal that converts to deadlier forms such as methyl mercury when released into the #environment. Mercury accumulates in the liver, kidneys, brain and blood and can cause birth defects and serious disorders of the nervous system and kidneys. In 2015, Indian rapper Sofia Ashraf released the music video "Kodaikanal Won't," to criticize Unilever for allegedly dumping mercury into waste ground at Kodaikanal. According to Unilever's statement, the factory had sold mercury-contaminated scrap glass to a local dealer, prompting HUL to immediately close the factory, plan the clean-up of the affected sites and monitor the health of its workers. Unilever is waiting since 2010 for the local government Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board to give it permission for the clean-up. HUL signed a settlement on #humanitarian grounds with former workers on March 4, 2016.

Unilever and #GMO labeling

In the U.S. virtually all products containing derivatives of crops like corn, soy, canola and sugar from sugar beets will need GMO labels, as most of those crops in the United States are grown from #geneticallymodified seeds. The labeling issue has generated heavy and frantic #lobbying by the Grocery Manufacturers Association and the trade groups representing major commodity producers of crops like soy and corn, who have wanted a federal law that would prevent mandatory labels. One of them is Unilever, who spent 467,100 USD against ballot measure Proposition 37, the referendum to mandate GMO labeling in California that failed in 2012. Unilever says state labeling laws are costly and complex, echoing food-industry lobbyists who call GMO labeling a fad that violates free speech. The ice-cream maker Ben & Jerry's supported the GMO labeling law of Vermont against the world's biggest food companies, including its own corporate parent - Unilever. Ben & Jerry's has never shied away from speaking out on social issues, and Unilever, since acquiring the company in 2000, has not interfered. Since 1985, Ben & Jerry's has donated a portion of its profits to community projects across the U.S. That's why Ben & Jerry's is not included in our Unilever boycott product list.

Unilever and #rainforest destruction

Expansion of #palmoil plantations is the leading cause of #rainforestdestruction in #Indonesia. Unilever, as the world’s biggest consumer of #palm oil, is driving this expansion and as a result is fuelling rainforest destruction. For every 20 litres of palm oil produced in Indonesia, one litre ends up in Unilever’s hands. The main problem is that Unilever continues to buy palm oil from suppliers (Sinar Mas, ADM-Kuok-Wilmar and IOI) who burn rainforest and drain peatlands that are protected under Indonesian law to clear space for more plantations. Having lost their homes, #orangutans are forced to look elsewhere for #food and often #palmplantations are the nearest source. It’s estimated that over 1600 orangutans were killed on palm oil plantations in 2006 alone.

Unilever and #animaltests

According to the British Union for the Abolition of #Vivisection (BUAV) animals including rabbits, rats, mice and piglets suffered as a result of the growing fascination with so-called "superfoods". Examples given by the BUAV include a Unilever experiment in which piglets were given an extract of Lipton's tea to see if it could counter diarrhoea caused by the #Ecoli stomach bug. Eight of the month-old animals died, with severe diarrhoea to blame in at least seven of the cases. Unilever is also named by the BUAV for experiments involving Hoodia gordonii (CORR), a spiny cactus used by tribesmen of the Kalahari desert to stave off hunger pangs and seen as a potential appetite suppressant in the weight-conscious western world. Unilever said it does not test tea or tea-based products on animals. If tests are required by law for safety reasons, they are kept to a minimum and carried out by third parties.

Unilever and #forced #childlabor

According to ActionAid, in 2003-4 over 80,000 children were employed in cotton seed production in southern India. According to the organization, children as young as nine years old are working 12-14 hours a day on the cotton seed farms. They are paid only 30p a day and are exposed to #dangerous #pesticides. They are supplying multinationals such as Unilever, Monsanto and Syngenta with cotton seed.

UNILEVER is basically an "Armada of brand names". The multinational owns many subsidiaries all over the world. Unilever’s famous brands include Dove, Knorr, Lipton, Magnum, Omo, Cif, Slim-Fast, Birds Eye, Becel, Blue Band, Unox, Calve, Conimex and Lever2000.


FINDUS frozen food, only in Italy owned by Unilever
SLIM-FAST: Slim-Fast sells shakes (milk- or soy-based), drink powders, and snack bars through retailers in the US and Europe under the Slim-Fast and Ultra Slim-Fast names. As these names suggest, Slim-Fast capitalises on the needs of weight-conscious consumers. On 3 August 2000, Slim-Fast (voluntarily) recalled more than two million milk-based shakes, saying they may present a low risk of temporary gastrointestinal sickness and should not be consumed. The shakes were being pulled off supermarket shelves due to a "manufacturing problem".
ADES (soy-based drinks)
soups - sauces
LIPTON soups and sauces
RAGU pasta sauce
margarine - vegetable oil - butter - spreads
COLMAN'S (mustard)
HELLMANN's (mayonnaise)
BLUE BONNET BLUE BAND (sauces and soups)
LÄTTA (margarine)
Rama is world's most known brand of maragarine.
BEST FOODS (mayonnaise)
STORK (margarine)
CREME BONJOUR (Sweden, Finland)
SKIPPY peanut butter
ice cream
The Heartbrand companies (ice cream): ALGIDA (Greece/Hungary/Italy/Poland/Turkey) ESKIMO (Austria/Czech Republic) FRIGO (Spain) FRISKO (Denmark) GB GLACE (Sweden/Finland) GOOD HUMOR (USA) HB (Ireland) LAGNESE (Germany) LUSSO (Switzerland) MIKO (France) OLA (Belgium/Netherlands/Portugal/South Africa) WALL'S (Great Britain and parts of Asia)
MAGNUM (ice-cream)
LIPTON TEA Lipton, world's biggest tea brand.
home care
OMO (Persil): Unilever’s international-brand washing powder. Omo is a blue detergent powder launched in 1954, and became the Unilever spearhead in the synthetic detergent market. New Blue Star Omo was introduced at the end of March 1963. Today, Unilever is aggressively promoting Omo all over Asia and Africa, packaged in quantities down to 35 gram. Other washing powder brands of UNILEVER are: Persil, Skip, Sunlight, Sun, Vim and Surf.
skin care - deodorants
FAIR & LOVELY: Unilever’s subsidiary based in India, Hindustan Lever Limited (HLL) markets Fair & Lovely Skin Cream and Lotion, the largest selling Skin Care Product in India; a brand developed in India, and now exported to over 30 countries. Fair & Lovely is being promoted as a "fairness face cream" that will lighten your dark skin. Through their advertisements, Hindustan Lever spreads the message that a light skin is better than a dark skin. This type of advertisement promotes #racism. It sends out the message that dark-skinned people are inferior.

#unilever #boycottunilever #vegan #animalrights #humanrights #childtrafficking #humantrafficking #slavery #childlabor #forcedchildlabor #animaltesting #corporatism #cronyism #corruption
Elites antidote against #Chemtrails, cancer, aging. Healing Device exposed Emery Smith tells all

Elites antidote against Chemtrails, cancer, aging. #HealingDevice exposed Emery Smith tells all

Suppressed technology and knowledge of healing device that the elities are using. What to know why they can spray the skies with poison and make GMO #food, put toxins into #water? Because they can detox's and heal themselves awhile we get weak and die
Dinner tonight for my birthday :) . It was from a Sri Lankan / South Indian restaurant in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong. It consisted of daal, chickpeas, potatoes, mixed vegetables, and rice. Part 2. #birthdayfood #food #foodies #srilankanfood #hk #hongkong
Dinner tonight for my birthday :) . It was from a Sri Lankan / South Indian restaurant in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong. It consisted of daal, chickpeas, potatoes, mixed vegetables, and rice. Part 1. #birthdayfood #food #foodies #srilankanfood #hk #hongkong

Do NOT consume palm oil. Palm oil plantations KILL helpless orangutans on purpose. When you eat processed food products with palm oil, THIS is what you are buying.

Palm Oil Investigations

Palm oil and species extinction
​Quote Taken from COP (Centre For Orangutan Protection)
"Orangutans’ #poaching is done deliberately as a policy made by #palmoil #corporations. Therefore they hire local people as pest busters, who serve the #corporation with #killing any #wild #animals, including #orangutans, which spoil #palm oil trees within the #plantations. The pest busters will bring up a cut-off hand of an #orangutan they have killed and hand it to the corporation as a proof. When they find an adult female orangutan with her baby, they will usually kill the ‘mother‘ and take away the baby for pet or sale".

It is estimated that over 50 Orangutan are killed every week due to #deforestation. #Forest homes are cleared by either heavy machinery or fire. Orangutans are left starved with no #food source and often trapped in pockets of isolated areas with no way out and often wander onto plantations searching for food. The orangutan are considered a pest by many of the oil palm companies as they often destroy young palm plants in the hope of finding food.​ They are run over by excavation equipment, doused in petrol and burnt alive, captured, tortured, beaten, shot with air guns or slaughtered. As forest home is destroyed they become vulnerable to poachers. Infant orangutans have monetary value and are often kept as pets or illegally smuggled, the only way a mother will let go of her infant is if she has been killed.
#animalrights #wildlife #habitat #vegan #veganism
My dinner tonight in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong. It was Punjabi food. Specifically it was chickpeas, daal, rice, and garlic naan. And it was delicious! #food #foodies #indianfood #hk #hongkong #kowloon
Dude. I am so ripped. I just had like... 12lbs of food.

#BrandonHighThoughts #weed #food #munchies


Usually I stay away from the food court at any mall, but yesterday I was too hungry to ignore it. Ate a bowl of Teriyaki with Ramen and carrots. Not sure whether the sauce was really teriyaki or not (never eaten it before). The whole thing cost me ₹79 so it was alright price-wise. Taste-wise, though, it wasn't. Not going to order it ever again.

View from the food court-floor.

Teriyaki with ramen and carrots.

\#india #food #ramen
Ich koche gern. Am liebsten mit dem, was da ist. Und ich liebe Märchen. Deshalb gibt es heute "Verliebter Schweinehirt in Italien" mit Hackfleisch und Kartoffeln vom Bio-Nachbarhof. #iloveit #wirkochengut #resteverwertung #food #nowaste
- #Old #coal #mines can be #perfect #underground #food #farms

Abandoned coal mines across the UK could be brought back to life as huge underground farms, according to academics.
Making a #vegan #chili today for a Monday night dinner! It basically follows a recipe I developed years ago.

#food #foodporn

Selbst gebackener Sonntagszopf! Frisch vom Ofen... lecker!

Self baked Sunday Zopf! Fresh from the oven... Yummi!

#bakingbread #baking #bread #brot #zopf #diy #cooking #food #cuisine #pain #photo

Where Dunkin' Went Wrong in India

The last time I had a donut was. . . 5 or 6 years ago? Can't say I'm missing it. And according to this report, my fellow citizens aren't, either.
America’s doughnut chain has had to embrace a hard truth in India: Many consumers there just don’t like doughnuts, and even the ones that like them are unlikely to buy them by the dozen. Despite efforts to cater the menu to Indian tastebuds, the franchisee, Jubilant FoodWorks, has now closed more than half of Dunkin' stores in less than two years.

\#india #us #dunkin #donuts #food

Perfect Orange Peel achieved!

I just accidentally did a perfect orange peel.

See this arXiv paper for a mathematical explanation:


#geometry #math #fruit #science #food
My early dinner today in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. It was at Hungry Korean, my favourite Korean restaurant in Hong Kong. The meal was beef bibimbap. It was delicious. It feels good to be back in Hong Kong. #hk #hongkong #foodies #food #korean #koreanfood



#food #firstnations #health
Forty-six million children in India are stunted because of malnutrition and 25 million more defined as 'wasted'. #India #Health #Food #Asia #HumanRights
This is a special #holiday #menu at one of the #restaurants round #Pittsburgh. The restaurant is very tasty. At $85 a place (plus tax and service!) this is way out of our price range, but it certainly sounds worth it for what you get!

#food #decadence
Hey everyone, I’m #newhere. I’m interested in #food.

Perfected my #Icecream #Sandwich (♥u♥)

What have you been doing with your life? =P
#myWork #food #snack #sweet #sweets #candy #sugar #treat #happy
Made this semi-hard caramel stick while #experimenting with ways to remelt hard caramel...

It's quite fun to suck on, it has a nice salty-sweet buttery taste.
#cooking #food #sweet #sweets #candy #experiment
#organic #pesticide #pesticides #agriculture #food #farms #farming #health #publicpolicy
Check out this food blogger! She shares authentic Iranian cuisine, much of which is vegetarian or can easily be adapted.

Here is one of her recent dishes:
Save her blog to favorites or follow her feed :)

#food #grapes #recipe #recipes #iran #iranian #persian #culture #cuisine #kitchen
Sugared Grapes
Pictures today of a small hawker centre in Tiong Bahru, Singapore #singaporefood #food #singapore #hawkercentres #tiongbahru
very clever but does it have Winslow and Benson Arizona?
This Map Is Made From Over 1,000 Song Titles That Cleverly Reference Each Location
#map #mapart #mapoftheunitedstates #songtitles #songtitlemap #songs #music #famoussongs #america #lyrics #mapdesign #poster #posterdesign #unitedstates #art #design #photography #architecture #science #technology #history #environment #nature #diy #food #funny #travel #entertainment #animals #inspiringstories
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