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since #hooktube is dead... long live #invidio :D


her is also a javascript booklet that you can save, that turns the youtube site that you have opened into a invidio site..

#youtube #youtubealternative #frontend #hack #privacy #usability #tip
#FreeTube ne fonctionne pas :(
A force de chercher, je vais bien trouver la #perle :)
Donc en ce moment : Alternate Tube Redirector ( #Firefox ) qui redirige soit sur #invidio ou #hooktube !
Bah, #hooktube is dying, thank you #google ! You (G) don't deserve that I disable my adblocker for your selfish website.
I also have one addon in mind: auto-replace #youtube links with #hooktube links. And if wanted (clicked on a button by admin), replace existing post's links. Is this possible to do without messing around with item-content table's data?
Ich wuerde es an der #Zerstoerungskraft und der #Pressewirksamkeit festmachen ... ;-) Eine Windhose ist keine Nachricht wert, das kannst du auf #youtube bzw. #hooktube dir mehrfach ansehen (#Windteufel ).
Maybe use #hooktube instead? Same URL except replace "you" with "hook".
Re YouTube: do you actually need a Google account to use it? Check out #HookTube too - all the YouTube content without using YouTube. A Firefox extension is available to replace all YouTube links and embeds with the equivalent HookTube one.

And +1 for Nextcloud calendars. It allows read-only and read-write sharing options, multiple calendars, multiple devices, and a pretty good web interface. On Android, #DAVdroid is the best option to sync your calendars (and contacts) - there's an option in the Nextcloud app settings to help you set it up too. I'm sure there'll be something similar for Apple devices.
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