Friendica directory not being updated due to to short default timeout

I have found out that for the default directory at
the timeout of one second is simply to short. I have raised it's minimum value now to 3 seconds.

Plus I replaced '\Friendica\Some\Foo' with \Friendica\Some\Foo::class so your used IDE/PHP editor can find it easier + it must really be there.

Pull-request is out:
I have force-pushed the revert of the timeout changes, so only the ::class changes are left.
@Adam@social.isurf.ca You can do it by editing your ./config/local.json file by adding following block to it (make sure above block ends with a },):
    "poller": {
        "server_poll_delay": 28800,
        "profile_poll_delay": 36000,
        "probe_timeout": 10

Good luck! :-)

S9 Antminer's root password "admin" - change immediately!!!

I now own a #S9 #Antminer from #Bitmain for some weeks (already). It runs really loud and I turn it only on when I'm out of house or want to have it running. It has a nice web interface and even #SSH with root (some #Linux embeded system). I setup quickly everthing and mining #Peercoins is working as expected (I run it in eco-mode). But what I later found out is that the SSH root password is simply "admin" which is a well-known password.

So here is my advice: If you intend to buy and run it (locally or on public Internet) please *do change* your SSH password! If you fail to do so, somebody might be able to change your pool login data and then he is receiving the coins you want to mine on your electricity bill! And I'm sure that he will then change root password to his own so you have to (somehow?) flush the memory to have factory-default settings (including password, I hope) back.

Here are some pictures of my miner, including screenshots which is just below my computer table (and it can be very noisy):

#TIL : Do not configure an S9 as an S5 miner. One board will fail (not take damage). After I finally noticed the difference and fixed it (no real password: n=miner1,i=s9_115) I got all 3 boards up and running.
The whole (!) public folder of 1.3 GB data has been downloaded in the past 10 times at a single day. That's 13 GB on a single day. If you multiply that with 30.5 you get 396.5 GB for an average single month.

I guess it was a single user doing that. If someone knows how to combat this problem of massive multiple downloads from a single IP address, please let me know. I feel sorry to have renamed the share.

Getting funny:
I have now released all screenshots from my #Quora days on my Nextcloud instance: I don't want to offend anyone but also don't apologize about the #heterosexuality I'm currently living and feeling fulfilled in.

All screenshots

Mein Kind kann da schon Linux, Vim und Datenbanken bedienen. Die Aufgabenstellung löst es kürzer und schneller als die anderen Kinder.

Es braucht nicht am Informatikunterricht teilzunehmen. Weil ich erreicht hab das Microsoft oder Apple wie Religionsunterricht betrachtet wird kann ich mein Kind davon befreien.

Oder ich melde es wie alle guten IT Fachkräfte bei der Waldorfschule an.

Das nenne ich mal eine saubere Erziehung. :-)

T-Shirt bought a few weeks ago

I have now decided to picture myself (and I currently still wear it) with a #t-shirt I have bough a few weeks ago from #spreadshirt shop:


#eatpussy #vegetarism
Hypolite Petovan friendica (via ActivityPub)
"polarizing", 'feminazi", "if you control language, you control thought", I feel like I'm talking with a centre-right propaganda video through you and I couldn't care less about these provocative and wrong talking points.

So I'm going to leave a few parting words before bowing out:
  • The specific idea developed in Georges Orwell's 1984 that controlling language is controlling thought is utterly wrong. Language is what people are making of it, and thought is otherwise influenced by a number of other things, like power dynamics, feelings and culture, language probably being pretty low on the list. We come up with words to describe novel thoughts all the time, so language hardly constraints thought.
  • Feminism is explicitly about "respect[ing] women, want[ing] to have oppression stopped and equality for them". Any additional meaning you tacked on that word shows your thoughts about feminism have been negatively influenced by something or someone else. Your denial of being a feminist sounds like someone saying "I eat meat but I'm not a carnivore because it's too polarizing".
  • Nobody is actually forcing you to use gender-neutral language, recognize foreplay as sexist, or not wear your provocative shirts. However if you feel bad because this kind of ideas are just floating around, then you probably have some internal reckoning to do.
  • Whatever you do with other people and with women specifically is fine and your own business as long as boundaries have been clearly set.
Feminazi is an alias for the more extreme/radical offshoot of feminism. I know very well that it (feminism) is about stopping oppression and wanting equality for women and men. I still don't want to be labeled or categorized as feminist only because of I respect women and want equality for all humans and oppression all together.

I don't want to have female oppression, I don't want to have male oppression, any one of not being heterosexual shall also not be oppressed. This is what I want and that goes far beyond only being against oppression of woman (which is good but still not enough). Let's end oppression all together!

Polarized thinking is like this: If you are not for (positive) feminism, you must be a woman-hater. This is thinking in two colors, binary states while life is never binary or black/white or red/green.

Yes, my T-Shirt may provoke some people, That is fine, at least they talk and think about the topic at hand: #Cunnilingus Which is is so important to nearly all women. I have been to a sexual consultant and she (not he) said it, that most women want it, they can relax, be themselves, enjoy the pleasure given to then. Exactly that is what I love so much about it.
Ha ha! Nice #tpzo females of course!
Hypolite Petovan friendica (via ActivityPub)
I know what "feminazi" stands for, I still thinks it's inappropriate to use that term.

I'll use my comparison with food diet again: you are saying you are an omnivore, and you don't like to be called a carnivore. But you eat meat, which constitutes being a carnivore. You don't eat only meat, granted, but "carnivore" is still more accurate to describe what you're doing than "not being a carnivore".

Being a feminist doesn't mean you aren't also anti-racist and LGBT-friendly. But explicitly "not being a feminist" has a special negative meaning that doesn't even approach what you are describing about being against all oppressions. Just take the label, it accurately describes a part of what you claim to stand for, and it will occur less confusion than rejecting it altogether.
I still don't want to be labeled or categorized. This is what social therapists warn about, that humans start to categorize other humans. Just be a human. And I'm ~80% #vegetarian and ~20% #vegan because I mostly eat vegetarian and very less vegan (still I like vegan a lot). But I stopped eating meat. I could eat it by just entering a Kebab shop and order myself one. But I don't want it. :-)
Hypolite Petovan friendica (via ActivityPub)
It's fine if you don't want to be labeled or categorized but you can't prevent other people from doing so. Categorization isn't inherently bad, it's what people do with it that can be bad. But then it isn't categorization anymore, it's discrimination.
Yes, true. And discrimination goes in both directions. I think I bring back the first T-Shirt and pullover at some point and let them criticize me as much as they want. Just as I said, at least they talk and think about it. :-) Mission accomplished!
Hypolite Petovan friendica (via ActivityPub)
Here you go!
Then how should we call a #feminazi instead? Real feminists are clearly against that those people are being called feminists, too. So 3rd-wave-feminists? Or man-hating-lesbians? Well, not all really hate men and not all are lesbians despite being both at the same time.

So how should we call them then? Okay, cellular entities. ;-)
Hypolite Petovan friendica (via ActivityPub)
Just don't call them anything. Please follow your own desire not to be labeled or categorized and extend this courtesy to other people.
And how is this related?

Psytrance festival in Dortmund, see you there!
Starts:  Friday July 26, 2019 @ 10:00 PM
Finishes:  Tuesday July 30, 2019 @ 8:00 AM
First attempts failed to setup this event, now it should work. :-) There is an upcoming #Psytrance festival in Dortmund, hope to see you there. :-)

Location:  Possible location: On OSM
Roland Häder attends.
Norz Tech might attend.

Umwelt-Bundesamt: Open-Source rulez!

BTW: Das #UmweltBundesamt empfielt aus ökologischen und ökonomischen Gründen #OpenSource und #GNU/Linux:
Wechseln Sie auf ein Open-Source-Betriebssystem: Das Nachrüsten eines Computers beschränkt sich nicht allein auf die Hardware. Im Internet stehen sparsame Linux-Betriebssysteme zum Download zur Verfügung. Der Vorteil gegenüber einem Neukauf: Mit nur wenigen Klicks ist der Computer ohne nur einen Cent Zusatzkosten wieder voll einsetzbar. Denn die kostenlosen Open-Source-Betriebssysteme wie Linux kommen gut mit älteren Geräten aus und stellen zugleich aktuelle Softwarepakete bereit.

cc an @FSFE

Stop bashing xyz!

I'm done with that nonsense of bashing this and that:

I'm really done with that. I saw it on #GirlsAskGuys again. I could continue on the list. Feel free to add more. :-)
Also, no #labia-shaming please. This often results in #labiaplasty which can cause damage to the female body and sex-life!

Fixed comment

And not to forget: #hetero-shaming and #monogamy-shaming as seen on social websites like #Quora and #GirlsAskGuys
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Baby's though: Hmm, what happens when I pull here?

My late-evening dinner: Tortelloni with self-made tomato cream!

This evening I have again one of my favorite meals on my desk:

#Tortelloni from a local supermarket which has spinach inside and a spicy tomato-cream, easily done: Tomato mark/paste, water, salt, black pepper spice, paprika spice, some red-chilli spice and basilica spice. Mix all together so it will become creamy!

Enjoy your meal! :-)

Lesbian shaming straight males of not knowing how to handle a woman but is envy of our penis?

I just found this 4:28 long video clip on #Youtube (I use a proxy here) where a lesbian was giving "great romantic advice" to heterosexual/straight men. When I finished watched it my first impression was being shamed by that lesbian. As she continues, she dated a "straight" woman (maybe bisexual?) who was easily impressible by some "common sense", like looking into a woman's eyes, asking her about her passions and "going down" (means giving correct #Cunnilingus )to her.

As I can only talk about myself, I was blocked with my emotions towards my now-ex-wife as she constantly blames me for expressing emotions by smiling at her or showing her a sad face. She was was always asking: "Why do you smile/look sad?" Well, isn't the answer obvious?

And about flowers, she was very picky about it: Blue roses only! Not red, as red could express love to her but no: blue! Blue is a cold and technical color, it doesn't express love at all. Okay, her "taste" (or blame on me?) I guess.

Then next #Cunnilingus. She said we don't know or go down on our women to less. I can easily say "No" to both! I know how to lick a woman, not on first try but after some attempts #multiple #orgasms come (not guaranteed, of course!). So if you want to know the "secret" 5 Top rules, here they are:

But first: A good minimum 40 minutes long foreplay, but don't let it become boring! When she wants you to lick her, go over there immediately. It can go like this: For the next 30 minutes kiss her from top to bottom, but avoid and only come dangerously close to the vulva. Then repeat it within 15 seconds. Breath hot air on her clitoris. Only slightly touch it with your tongue.

1) Gentleness and slowness. Start it slow and adapt to her personal desires/preferences.
2) Do as SHE likes, that includes positions, patterns, speed and intensity (pressure of tongue on licked area). There is NO universal licking pattern!
2.1) Positions: clitoris, outer/inner labia, vaginal entrance (is stimulative), vagina/pussy (requires pushing again the vaginal wall), dam (and Anilingus, if she likes it)
2.2) Patterns: Vertical (bottom to top), horizontal, cycle and
3) Non-verbal communication. Talks interrupt the Cunnilingus, non-verbal is easy: stroke his head (as a being licked woman) when you like it, release the head when not.
4) Variation in 2) during regular licks: find out what she else likes, only 35% can ONLY be stimulated at their clitoris.
5) When it comes to orgasm, keep all 4 in 2) constant (no variation is wanted here then)

This is basically it. So no blame here (even in a "stand-up comedy" show), but straight out neutral and general instructions on how to do it.

So when a lesbian thinks she licks better than straight men, then sorry sweetie, but you are selfish! You are a woman, too, not a man. Sure most men go down immediately to the clitoris and remain there (rule 4 is broken then). And that, of course, needs being corrected.

And oh, here is the said video clip:

Opposite video: A straight couple talks about the same (single issue) thing: https://invidio.us/watch?v=QSZXU3Bd_hQ
Or is she bisexual?
6) Smile during you lick and do it authentic. Don't fake the smile, just love what you do down there. :-)

Peertube.social blocked falsively my account roland77 because of "homophobic"

About 2 weeks ago I uploaded a video about my free opinion about the #LGBTQ community. I said it there clearly, in reference to a question on #girlsaskguys that I only support them as far as human rights goes. Surely I also mean local rights for everybody has.

So why should I support any further rights than already given (in Germany at least, where I live). I don't live in an other country where rights are restricted to only straight couples and I found that NOT right but again: Why should I support their rights while I'm straight?

Sure my video came out of a mood caused by the GaG community (there are a lot a hating people heating up discussions and I blocked there many of those, insulting me and my girlfriend (accusation of "old-man-fetish" to her and that I cannot satisfy my girlfriend sexually when I'm getting older or that I'm feminine when I show emotions to her).

I sent them (peertube.social team) a video message (they never downloaded it) and now I got this back:

Your ban is final, you can apologize, beg or call us snowflakes as much as you want, we will not change our decision. I will not read any more of your messages.


My email to them follows:
Dear PeerTube.social team,

I like to know which clip (of my last 2) have been found homophobic because I'm not hating any kind of genders. And I would like to address you to a series of videos where I'm stating it very clearly. If LGBTQ people cannot (especially LGT) cannot handle the truth, that their DNA will die with them, it says they are insecure about themselves and need to first familiarize with being a LGT. Sure, simply most don't care but I have a right to say my opinion about it, what it really means to be LGT (no own descendants together).

Or did you find it homophobic when I just add some fun (didn't notice me laughing?) in it by repeating what Al Bundy said his entrance door when a gay ringed the bell? Am I really not allowed to add some fun to it by quoting comedians? Did they feel butt-hurted when they watched it? This is generally a problem today, I guess, that "Political Correctness" is at least trying to establish itself as a norm. Sure we had PC before and fat/gender-shaming was also not right there but in comedy it is okay.

Sure, I'm not a comedian but still I am allowed to make some funny quotes such as those from the character Al Bundy.

If that is really a problem here, then sorry you are snowflakes and I have to move on and publish them somewhere else.

Best regards,
Roland Haeder

Sure, I respect it that they have storage limits and that it is their instance but at least hear me out! I'm not homophobic when I just don't support special rights for about 4.5-5% of whole population. It is their thing what they do in the bedroom and I said it there very clearly.

I guess people cannot accept other's opinions when it doesn't fit their agenda.
Mankind divided by sexuality? I found that wrong. We should have #SLGBTQ+ for S is straight.
Yes, true. Still we have different sexualities and some people take it to serious. Of course, I would not dare think of falling in love with a gay or bisexual. I'm only out for straight women only, who have been straight from the very first body cell.

Why and how a long-distant relationship may actually work

I'm for a 3rd time with a foreigner woman into a long-distant relationship. The first 2 ended both in a marriage and both ended in divorce due to interference/confluence from my parents and some friends (also one's religion caused interference). The first two were from #Philippines while the third is from #Kenya and I dated her on #OkCupid first.

There I noticed a few things. The first thing you might come across in such relationships is #trust , which is actually a key for any serious/close relationships and and second is #communication . The third one is maybe only typical for distant relationships which is patience. It might become an issue when trust is low because you simply cannot look there 24/7 what is happening there but sure the same with physical relationships, like having your love-partner next to you and when you go to work you need trust in him/her.

Patience plays a very important role with distant relationships because simply maybe of different time-zones (Germany/Philippines is 6-7 hours distant, while Kenya is 2 hours away from Germany, both in advance). So you need to wait/sleep longer until your distant partner is waking up again. But yet still you might not be able to talk to him/her.

For my Kenyan girlfriend, she lives a humble life in a village and needs to bring her smartphone to a charging station where then I have to wait for finishing loading. First it was not so easy and also because of Internet is very "broken" (disconnects very often) there. So it wasn't that easy to trust that she is not "ghosting" me, actually the network has disconnected her again due to weak connectivity.

I then found myself often wondering, why she is suddenly not replying and I become feeling worried about it. But I later learned that everything was okay and now it is no longer an issue to me.

Yet still we both have a (currently) separate life, like she needs to help her mother out with their farm while I (now) have a work that keeps me away from home for a longer time. In the evening we both find again some time together where I devote a lot time (highest priority) into chatting and talking with her over the Internet (#Linphone ). Also #Nextcloud comes very handy here because we can securely exchange pictures about many things.

So to summon up, my experiences are good into #LDR with foreigners from so-called "third-world or developing countries". Sure I need to be cautious due to gold-digging habits but so far she didn't gave me that kind of feeling and she keeps her relationship low-profile to her parents (as many questions may come, including financial) and so I keep her away from my parents as they may start interfering with our early relationship. We might trust each other but I currently have revoked #trust into my mother with my relationships as she has messed up my previous relationships with messages on #Whatsapp and #SMS to my previous wives (sent behind my back about myself in the out-dated view of my mother).

I won't repeat that mistake I made so now I talked openly to my girlfriend about the "problems" or "issues" I have with my parents (that they are complicated and #asexual and begged at me for my then-girlfriend's phone number). I cannot sleep well when I know my mother can send messages behind my back to my distant girlfriend and even when she is here. That trust to her (my mother) is currently fully revoked and may not be restored in the near future.

So that is what you have to watch out when it comes to relationships in distance: a lot trust, very good and open communication and a lot patience that he/she has a currently more important matter to attend to and that is his/her currently separated own life. And surely every outside influence may cause more trouble when you don't have built up much trust into each other! I still trust my mother generally, but not into my relationships. I want to let more time (years) pass until that will be restored. For now, I may allow a "proxified" communication between them (mother/girlfriend) so I can directly control and monitor which messages are going out and which not (to each other). Yet still I may not allow my mother directly communicating with my girlfriend so quickly again for the fear of loosing my relationship again.

Also remember to maintain some kind of distant intimacy with your love-partner like sharing pictures (again trust is needed to do that) as this gives you some kind of distant-feeling of being intimate with your partner.

My parents may have helped me financially out but that does never give them permission to influence and mix themselves into my relationship, never! And this is what you (being poor) have to make clear to your "helping" relatives as well, financial help is fine but interfering with your relationship (to your love-partner) is never fine.
Hypolite Petovan friendica (via ActivityPub)
Sorry about your parents' intrusion in your relationships.
@Hypolite Petovan To late for my relationship with my last wife. If she is happy with him, it is okay. Still I want to see my daughter for some time and that is currently not regulated.

Cunnilingus and Fellatio, a dying "specicies"?

According to a statistics done by German #Aerzteblatt only 51% of all German males are into giving oral sex (#Cunnilingus for straight and #Fellatio for gay/bisexual accumulated) while 56% are into receiving (#blowjob ) it. While for females it is even a little lesser, 48% are into receiving it while 45% are into giving it. As it seems, also lesbians are counted in here, but are a minor compared to straight females.

The actual graphs and tables can be found here:

So far I can tell that there is no "disgusting" or "unhealthy" thing on giving Cunnilingus (in English, licking #pussy ) simply because I have done it a lot on many different women and so far no tongue or throat #cancer has happened to me. :-p And yes, beside that, there is no "fish shop" down there for me. :-)

I like to ask the whole #Fediverse about this matter. Is that true with you? Disclaimer: Do not come up with some religious-nonsense or other hatred/disapproving/other nonsense here. I'm asking for a Yes or a No and if so, please more details (being passive/active).

My contributions to Friendica

See this figure:
$ git log | grep "Author: "|grep -i roland --count

Hypolite: 3569
Heleucht: 6145

Only to name two here in the fediverse. There are surely much more.
Hypolite Petovan friendica (via ActivityPub)
Here's the same page with graphs: https://github.com/friendica/friendica/graphs/contributors

But as usual with raw git figures, neither the commit number nor the line changed are meaningfully representing anything, and I'm not sure where you're going with this.
Thank you for the link.

The most beautiful way to get pregnant

I cannot put that feeling down so I have to write it down here.

I have met some #vegan people some months ago and started befriending with them, including females. I also met one female who was some attractive to me. She later told us that she likes to go to the gym to work-off on a 2-day scheme which is for me quite a lot.

Then on this Wednesday I met them again and we went to a vegan restaurant called #Unterwegs here in #Krefeld. So far all went nicely. I had a talk to her again as I took her outside the restaurant and told her that we are both not fitting because (she told it us, too) I'm no #sporty guy and I don't do #hiking or #camping but surely in a healthy (non-hurting way) which she agreed with. So we remain light friends with no relationship. She also told me that she had one for 3 years and doesn't want a new one for the next year(s) which I told her is not what I look after (I'm on full scale of looking/"flirting"). I also have an account at #okcupid , please try to find me there. :-)

Later we all had some discussion about not just vegan but also about others, like having on children. I think I brought that topic up because I have a little daughter on my own (biological daddy) and I showed some pictures to them (both girls). They later told me that they don't want own children but prefer to take adopted children instead which I cannot truly believe. They called it egoistic (?!) to have own children when you can adopt one. They asked me if I don't like children which I told them that I do but more I love my own.

We had a really (good) argue then later and she (other woman) asked me to name 5 reasons to have an own child over an adopted ...

I later explained to her the stages of being pregnant and what it means (in my view) to a pregnant woman to feel, like having a living body inside your own, feeling its heartbeat (later stage), movements (kicks against stomach must be awesome feelings!) and giving birth, feel the labor (contractions of #uterus , a very powerful muscle) , feel the turn around with head downwards and feel the body pass through the #vagina and seeing the first hairs (birth hairs) coming out and later let her boyfriend/husband cut the umbilical cord. Then (most best of it) the first initial screams (which are really required) of the newborn and late carry him/her in her arms and let him/her drink from breasts.

They still disagreed with me to have own children, even after this! Maybe they cannot image it? Well, maybe Mr. #Chaplin can explain it: "We think to much, we feel to little." Or don't you thin ... eh, feel? :-)

So that previously long explained was in real a bit shorter, but still truthful as I experienced it (first birth ever). So why do I have written "The most beautiful way to get pregnant" in title? The simple reason is that I want to have a change of heart in people and I want to explain here my way of #seduction when it comes to #impregnation of my love partner (still none, keep all your thumbs pressed!). So as I'm a #Libra my dominant planet is #Venus which is also known to be very hot and as #ThePlanetOfLove .

So how would I do it? Sure there are a lot different approaches, starting (worst) from unwanted over unexpected (to early but wanted) to fully wanted (best) and places to get #pregnant by your boyfriend/husband (in view of the woman), like #romantic #sunset at the #beach (hide very well!), #holiday house with a romantic #fireplace but if it happens in the #kitchen while she is washing the dishes, then well ... it happened. ;-)

Well, my way is much more different here. In advance (of her very last day of #menstruation ) I would inform her best friend about my plans (she is then fully adept/privy!) as she plays a supporter role (no main role, of course ... ;-)). On her (girlfriend) pre-last day of menstruation I would kindly ask her to visit her friend or something other creative to have her left the apartment for some time.

Then I would go to two stores: #florist and #grocery .

At the grocery I would buy tea candles, the florist would be requested to collect as many as possible red rose leafs (you can guess it by now!) and at home I would hide both somewhere. I know, women are good in finding things when they shouldn't but my goal is always worth the risk. :-) Then comes the "magic" day when it should happen, that she becomes pregnant. At that day her best friend will "suddenly" ask her to go with her to grocery/shopping/walking or whatever is nice but has nothing to do with #pregnancy .

Meanwhile, I'm doing the "magic" at home: throw the rose leafs all over the ground (and some over furniture) so it looks really lovely. Then distribute (with good care) the tea candles and also lighten up some smell candles (just to have a nicer/romantic smell in our rooms). Then I would quickly make the already existing baby bed (I still have it!), means make it look nicely and put some leafs in as well and a small and short love-letter to her (prewritten). Next I will get undressed quickly and go to bed and wait there for her on my side (also some leafs on bed).

When she returns back, her girlfriend will tell her (before entering the apartment alone) that she should open the door carefully and slowly (so the leafs will not move). When she comes in and sees the lightened candles and leafs, I guess her heart is already melting a lot so maybe she asks "Darling, where are you?" and I would reply "In bedroom, my darling." The next then she will see is maybe the baby bed or me naked first. If not the bed, I would kindly ask her to look over there ... Having no feelings here is impossible, unless she is #lesbian or #emotionless . And I guess she would already "know" (better sense) what is going to happen next.

Next might be one of the following things, but always a really good (30 minutes minimum) #foreplay . Then maybe a really excellent #Cunnilingus or #sex or #Fellatio as the main act. But when it comes where to impregnate her then there is only one position left: she bends over the baby bed, sees it being empty and knows the baby that will sleep there in 9 months is currently being "made". So she moves maybe the right leg up (so her pussy widens and lips open). I then have to hold it so I can really good #fuck her.

Yes, you read right: fuck not "make love"! Sexual therapists keep saying it: After a good foreplay, don't make love, fuck! Simply because "making love" means "school-girl sex" and that means no/very less stimulation. How boring, huh? Yeah, go and fuck her! ;-) And that is never without #love !

Okay, I may print this and bring it next time to the vegan activism meetup ... Wish me luck in convincing them (not impregnated by me, of course!!!) to change their hearts.
Yeah, maybe it was a wild #fantasy after all. :-) Just to give you some background information, my then girlfriend, no separated wife got pregnant at the first day she arrived here in Germany and that was before (!) we got married (a few days later). So the "perfect window" for impregnation was 100% matched. That thing with 12-14 days after first menstruation day or at her very last menstruation came from different sources. First was from a woman I met occasionally. the second from my memories, I guess I read it somewhere. The lay down roses and candles was an idea "stolen" from a Youtuber "Sascha LKW Fahrnuenftig" who is a long-distance truck driver and his girlfriend prepared in such way their home before he came home one day.

So I put everything up here in one big idea. You can call this #fantasy which I already tagged this post with. Thank you for clarifying it to me that I made a nice fantasy.

OT: Today I was at my first #silent #disco, nice! I listened to #Downtempo a lot.
Hypolite Petovan friendica (via ActivityPub)
It certainly is a nice fantasy for you, but it probably won’t convince anyone to change their beliefs.
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