Sooo, I'm thinking of giving up on this whole GNU Social/Mastodon thing.

The result has been me spending more effort to create more "content", but now in two places, to have it even more ignored in this place.

Seems the whole idea of replacing twitter as a one-way established news publishing platform for major for-profit media which already has dominance with instead focus on direct reports where available and distributed in by federation model was something I wanted, but not so many others.

Not certain, but right now feels likely.

Nobody ignores you, you are just not followed enough, maybe. ;-)

Title, address, salutation, gender?

What is right for "Mr." and "Mrs."? Gender surely could mean the sex, so also I then need to add trans-genders, gay, lesbian to my #Java enumeration.

But I really more mean "Mr." and "Mrs." here, which the German language has Anrede for. The dictionary gives me basically (a few more, but I can really rule them out) these 3 words:

1) title
2) address
3) saluation

So how should I rename my Java package and enumeration? Currently I call it "Gender".
#java lingual english-language english
Note: address could also mean a combined word for street, house number and city (the address where you live). Title, okay, there is "academic title" for it. And salutation sounds a bit military to me. ;-)
commel GNU Social
@roland the salutation is not a gender, it's a salutation and might also contain titles, honorary titles and so on.
53.0758099 8.8071700

Friendica on a widescreen

THis is how the #vier (I guess?) theme looks like on a wide-screen:

Nextcloud - a safe home for all your data

Public is publicly shared
A lot empty, unused space ...
#vier friendica widescreen 16x9 theme
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That's cool, you can't comfortably scan more than about 600-700 pixels of text width at a regular 72 px/inch resolution anyway.
Tobias Friendica
You should add ads :-)
Ha ha ha ... ;-)
Okay, so this is clearly intended then.
It was not really intended but it is hard to change because vier does have many fixed width values in the css. I tried to fix it 2 years ago but after some months of work I came to the conclusion that fixing this issue would mean to rewrite more than half of vier. So it was a lot easier to start a new theme from scratch.
This was the beginning of Frio
Ah, yeah. Thank you for explaining it in detail. Now I can understand it better, I would properly do the same. Maybe one day, someone can do a #vier-fullsize theme ...
I'm not unhappy, don't worry. ;-)
I'm not sure what do you expect, multiple columns or a single unreadable line of text per post? 🤔

Rewrite of "core" framework basically done!

The huge rewrite is finally done. The application "tests" runs again without errors. I have rewritten the launch part of an application by rewriting many pre-deprecated sections and loosing about 5-7 include files (which is good for performance). "Detection" of the application's name (parameter: app) was very badly written, e.g. $_GET was checked again, even when there was already a Requestable instance around.

This is now finally done and I'm going to rewrite my application "hub" towards these changes. The #GIT repository is here:

git.mxchange.org Git - core.git/summary

git.mxchange.org Git - core.git/summary
#git core framework floss php7 rewrite
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And remove discouraged ?> end-tag. ;-)
Turning 04:00 a.m. here, turning myself in.
Lot's of code moved and tons of "imported FooBar" and "created namespace" done, still a lot (of same) to do. Plus I need to rewrite socket-container stuff ... And more!
More stuff rewritten, like the socket container, now more methods are working, still a lot ahead.
Had been out to my wife's friend's family this day. Yesterday and this morning I continued to rewrote from direct socket resource (no type-hint possible in #PHP ) to socket container class, including interface (as usual for my programming).
Next hard nut to crack: #UDP sockets "listening" on incoming "connections" (yes, I know, UDP is connection-less).

Wildbienen kann geholfen werden

Insektenhotels und Nisthilfen - Wildbienenschreiner

Willkommen beim Wildbienenschreiner. Wir leifern Ihnen professionell gefertigte Insektenhotels und Nisthilfen aus dem Schwarzwald.
wildbienen bienenhotel aussterben

Coding convention rewrites 2-5-2 of 2-14-2

PR request 3469 is out which contains changes towards a Friendica-wide coding-convention. As requested earlier, I have splitted my 119 (!) files large PR into several small to make it easier for the reviewers (not to review tons of changes but small chunks then).

So as you (dear users) can see, #Friendica is being rewritten in many directions. No new stuff but more clear code where I hope to have later an even more clear code (better understandable by humans, a computer can read any badly formatted code as long as it is valid).

@Friendica Developers

Edit: Here is the link to the PR: https://github.com/friendica/friendica/pull/3469
#friendica @friendica developers coding-convention friendica code php
PR 3473 is up: https://github.com/friendica/friendica/pull/3473 split 6 of 14 of 2nd wave.
Added some changes to include/text.php, in the start of the PR I just rebased the branch towards upstream/develop.
3588 is out and waits for a CR (with fixes).
I ran php util/typo.php again and it failed 😅
:D I hope we can also solve that issue with ./vendor/ directory then. Because looked globally (PHP community) most projects using composer install will ignore it because it is considered as "build" (locally recreated) directory.
What is the issue with vendor?
It should be ignored entirely and not committed as it will be rebuild by composer install. If that is to hard/impossible for some users, then they should download pre-built "binary" packages (including vendor).
This is the end goal, however it is a gradual process. For now I believe we don't have a good enough routine to offer a pre-built archive of the latest version of Friendica, also not all the people using the dev branch are aware about the extra steps required to build the dependencies. I'm voluntarily not in the loop anymore so I couldn't give you a timetable, but I believe it is on track to remove vendor from version control eventually.

Thumb up for fixing this reposting-loop bug. :-)

New reborn space station in Starmade

I'm currently playing #Starmade which you can run on your own Windows/Linux/MacOS box and as an own server instance (also LAN-only is possible).

Here are some screenshots from my work (in-progress):

Nextcloud - a safe home for all your data

Public is publicly shared
#starmade #nextcloud starmade space-station reborn games wip nextcloud
The thing was, with an update of the game, the station was no longer loaded and I saw error messages in the server.log file. So I decided to remove "server-database" entirely.
In that large shipyard, even the #Rockwell can dock and being repaired or constructed. I have added enough cargo space for it being able to be constructed quick enough.

Why I don't like WLAN in my LAN network

Did I mention that I don't like #WLAN? Here I have an #IBM #Thinkpad #R51 which has a lot disconnects from WLAN. The #Android of my wife @Rechelle Diana Haeder is working but as you may know, it is not #GNU.

But I prefer GNU software as it is peer-reviewed and back-doors don't have a long lifetime in it. So I can easier trust NICs (cable-bound) than those WLAN stuff (the WLAN network module requires a proprietary binary blob to be loaded).

And WLAN suffers from interference of different types, mostly by neighboring networks. Now I replace it with an "old-fashioned" twisted-ait CAT5e cable ...

Oh, no. #Hannika is here ... :-)
#wlan #ibm #thinkpad #r51 #android #gnu #hannika @rechelle diana haeder wlan linux proprietary binary-blob
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(that was she)

GTA04A5 is being delivered to me ... :-D

I can count myself lucky that I'm one of the 8 lucky receivers of a brand-new #GTA04A5 device!


You can find their main page here:

GTA04 - Master page for the next generation Openmoko motherboard

Your Personal Mobile Tool: OpenPhoenux GTA04 Upgrade your Openmoko with UMTS and a fast and modern CPU! Runs Debian, SHR, QtMoko and whatever free and open distribution you like. No locks in bootloader or kernel. No locks by undocumented hardware. You are the owner. fits into existing Openmoko GTA01 or GTA02 case well documented! Finger Friendly: Q...
Wonder why it is so (relative) expensive compared to other main-stream phones? Because you directly invest into the very production of the device (hardware only). So you become an investor here (something like that I think) and not a regular consumer/customer.
#gta04a5 gta04 gta04a5 openmoko free-runner
Na, not really an investor (you don't get profits back) but you pay the production of a non-mainstream device.
The phone is now (longer time ago) here and there a "demo OS" on it that has the only purpose of demonstrating that the device actually works. Good, it does here. So now I need to wait for a finger-friendly OS that runs on the hardware (other CPU and so on).

MySQL killed by OOM

Today the database server behind this and many other services died (or was killed) due to low-memory problems. When I SSH-ed in, it shows me this memory usage:
total used free shared buffers cached
Mem: 7939312 3764024 4175288 0 203592 1434224
-/+ buffers/cache: 2126208 5813104
Swap: 12485748 11742532 743216

Looks like a zombie were around? All other processes are consuming lesser memory. Now I run a swapoff -av && swapon -av to cleanup swap space.
linux server kernel oom memory-limited
A few days later it looks like this:
swapoff: /dev/mapper/swap2: swapoff failed: Cannot allocate memory
$ free
total used free shared buffers cached
Mem: 7939312 7649604 289708 0 228648 810520
-/+ buffers/cache: 6610436 1328876
Swap: 12485748 10485736 2000012

And again the database is filling up, htop reports 3493M for "RES" column. Biggest databases are Friendica and GNUSocial.
You can use mysqltuner to check the current and the max memory usage of MySQL/MariaDB. Then you can optimize your /etc/mysql/my.cnf accordingly.
Looks like I have to reduce memory consumption by MySQLd (wheezy doesn't have #PHP7 and #MariaDB). Okay, for now I can live with it. I prefer a more bit older distribution but which is more stable (better for servers).
Currently runs just fine. :-) Sure more RAM would do a much better job here + #PHP7 for #Wheezy, but hey ...
My hoster would install more RAM but only for +10,- EUR per month (!) (not once). I don't accepted that and stated that installing RAM is a one-time job.

Unsichtbare Hände: Sklaverei im 21. Jahrhundert | 3Sat 2015 HD Doku

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_QEoFjhUJ9M !syndikalismus

YouTube: Unsichtbare Hände: Sklaverei im 21. Jahrhundert | 3Sat 2015 HD Doku (Terra Iguana)

Mehr zum Thema, Dokus und Informationen auch auf meinem Kanal zu finden !; - http://www.youtube.com/user/terraiguana - "Unsichtbare Hände: Sklaverei im 21. J...

Den Film #SchmutzigeSchokolade habe ich nur in 360p auf #Youtube gefunden. Aber ist wirklich Verlass auf #Fairtrade?

Sleeping daughter on my arm

My 9 months old daughter has fallen asleep on my arm while I was showing #Pingus to her. Maybe the music pingus-8.it was so nice and smooth that she felt easily asleep? Wow, really adorable and nice feeling ... :-) #daddy

Btw, here is the music:

You need, e.g. #modplug, #opencubicplayer or any other #MOD player to play them.
#pingus #daddy #modplug #opencubicplayer #mod daughter adoreable sleep baby snorting pingus

Notepad++ - v 7.3.3 - Fix CIA Hacking Notepad++ Issue.

Notepad++ Fix CIA Hacking Issue

Notepad++ Fix CIA Hacking Issue

#CIA #Hacking

@http://spraci.info/profile/psytrance Astral Projection - Visions of Nasca (Another World). Old good classics ...

Zwischen #moenchebgladbach, #venlo und #krefeld gibt es im nahverkehr keine zuege, sondern ersatz mit bussen. Hat heute unerwartet begonnen und dauert bis naechsten samstag. Im aushang stand aber was von montag beginn... Chaos halt, leute sind unzufrieden. Kann ich verstehen.

Friendica + WebDAV/$API = Nextcloud-Ready?

What do you think?, especially those @Friendica Developers ? Is it possible to rewrite #Friendica to have some "wrapper class" for storing pictures/movies locally (default) or remotely on a #WebDAV share like with Nextcloud?

Or does #Nextcloud have an other API for file storage/retrieval than WebDAV? Would be cool to not have pictures stored on so many places. Sure you need then a "WebDAV browser" where you can easily select your files you want to link here (including music files and videos, of course).
#friendica #webdav #nextcloud @friendica developers friendica webdav api nextcloud
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Hi Roland,
I have made a Windows Phone app which auto-uploads photos to any webdav capable server (i.e. for owncloud). Recently I tested the app with Nextcloud, too. As it worked as expected, I can tell you that nextcloud is using the same webdav api calls as other webdav clients.

I understand your idea of having one central repository for your photos etc., but I see an issue with the setup of Friendica having the photo data in the database . Probably it is not a big issue to create an addon providing a webdav explorer integrated within the Friendica website. But this is not your intended benefit, as Friendica core don't yet know your webdav files in this case, you need to do a manual step for uploading a photo from webdav server into Friendica database, when you want to use it here. So, no big difference to current situation in my opinion.
Still the file itself is not stored on Friendica but on Nextcloud. Then also the database needs to be changed a bit to allow "external" storage.
We have to check if all calls to the photo table are encapsulated inside the photo class. If this is the case we only have to change the class so that it allows to store and fetch data from external resources.

This shouldn't be that complicated.

But this would only cover Nextcloud as file storage for Friendica. Question is if we can do more.
Yes, by having "storage engine" classes which can be configured which one to use.
This - of course - could include not only WebDAV, but also (S)FTP, SCP, ...
Abstracting storing files, like:

- LocaStorage (stores files on local directory
- WebDavStorage (stores files on any WebDAV, let's make a simple WUI here for NextCloud/OwnCloud configuration to encourage people using it)
- SftpStorage (stores files over an SFTP link)
- FooStorage (stores files the foo-way)

And many more. So how to procede?
If one has a path for storage, you can let the OS figure out what it is.

eg, Friendica looks in a directory called /storage

This can literally be a directory called /storage...or you can add an fstab entry to add an arbitrary type of remote file system mounted at /storage.
Besides using Nextcloud as WebDAV storage the question is if we could use this "Federated Cloud" thing as well in some way.
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