Reocities - GeoCities reborn!

I have found #reocities, an attempt to reborn GeoCities:

Reocities Archive, rising from the ashes - RIP Geocities...

If this is your first visit here, please sign the petition Here lies what we could salvage from the ashes of GeoCities. Yahoo! has done an amazing thing by keeping GeoCities alive for as long as they did, but we feel that it is a waste to leave the Internet with a hole of this magnitude. At a minimum, Yahoo! could have simply left GeoCities as a mo...
Currently I'm crawling it with my personal #YaCy cluster.
#reocities #yacy geocities old-times-internet flashback

Quiet and calm office room at work ...

Today I have one of the very rare opportunities to have a relatively quiet and calm office room for myself, my workmate is ill and others are not in. Only sometimes the CEO comes in.

Will use that moment to program and focus more.
atwork office collegs ceo

Fixed NPE in PrimeFaces!

I have just pushed a pull request for #PrimeFaces on #GitHub. Let's hope, they accept it.

Here is the link:

Fixed NPE and other improvements by Quix0r · Pull Request #3011 · primefaces/primefaces

What I have fixed so far:

fixed NPE in InFilterConstraint when value is NULL
added missing @Override annotation in all filter constraint classes
Code such as for (Iterator<? extends Object> it = c...
#primefaces #github jsf primefaces npe
fix primefaces repeatable-example
Just deploy it (here with #Payara, maybe Micro works?) and unselect all, then select "None selected".

LiMux is dead, maybe one time it lives again?

LiMux – Ende eines Vorzeigeprojekts https://linuxnews.de/2017/11/09/limux-ende-vorzeigeprojekt/

Wenn #Unkenntnis von Nicht-ITlern zum Ende des Vorzeigeprojektes #LiMux wird, hat der Verstand versagt. Einfach peinlich, was da abgeht ... Und dann sich beschweren, dass Linux eingeschränkt ist?! Hackt es? Ja, die #NSA-Software namens #Skype kann nicht unbeobachtet installiert werden, oh wie schade aber auch ...
#unkenntnis #limux #nsa-software #skype limux munich münchen linux windows

Scammer zurück scammen

Das könnte was für @goebelmasse sein

Ein lustiger Chat-Bot nervt die Verfasser von Betrugsmails

Re:Scam aus Neuseeland bindet Zeit und Ressourcen von E-Mail-Betrügern.

#ReScam "redet" sogar mit einem ...
#rescam @goebelmasse rescam
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I disapprove this initiative. $12 billion aren’t *lost* each year, they are redistributed from credule people to liars. Interestingly enough, when the scammer is richer than their mark, they’re called politicians. When the scammer is poorer than the marks, some idiots work on a chat-bot.
#TIL : Credule comes from credulity.
Richard Friendica
Bin schon aktiv dabei...

German "Pfand" on bottles in English?

I'm currently looking for a proper translation for the German word Pfand. Here in Germany we have 25 EUR cents on some plastic bottles (not all) like soft drinks or even caned drinks (not all cans).

When we bring that empty bottle/can back to the supermarket and put it there in a machine for one-way-bottles/cans, then we can that 25 EUR cents back for each bottle (that has a proper symbol on it's cover printed).

dict.cc gives me a lot words for this: pawn, collateral, mortgage, pledge, deposit, forfeit, earnest, security, gage. I can rule out 2,3 and 5, 6 sounds strange. Any ideas which might be the right one?
lingual english-language english
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#TIL Thank you to all repliers. So deposit is the best choice then. :-)
I'm looking for this because I write my #FLOSS program ( #Affero #GPLv3 ) where you can later control your personal financial with. And surely you want to include deposit on bottles and cans in it.

How Twitter Secretly Benefits From Bots And Fake Accounts https://theintercept.com/?p=155916

How Twitter Secretly Benefits From Bots And Fake Accounts

There's reason to believe that Twitter's user growth team chose not to delete fake accounts because it wanted to preserve higher user numbers for investors.

Air Berlin ist so pleite, dass sie wahrscheinlich den #Überbrückungskredit der #Bundesregierung nicht zurückzahlen können.Kann mir mal jemand erzählen, wieso da niemand wegen #Insolvenzverschleppung im Gefängnis sitzt, wenn das so ist? - http://blog.fefe.de/?ts=a705fc74

Fefes Blog

Fefes Blog

"The Savitech USB audio driver installation package will install a root CA certificate into the Windows trusted root certificate store, in an incident that's reminiscent of the Superfish and eDellRoot episodes from 2015 and 2016, respectively."



Popular USB Audio Driver Ships With Root Certificate, Big Security No-No

The Savitech USB audio driver installation package will install a root CA certificate into the Windows trusted root certificate store, in an incident that's reminiscent of the Superfish and eDellRoot episodes from 2015 and 2016, respectively.

Don't trust what you buy, take a look "under the hood" what is really going on. If not possible, due to closed-source or other reasons, don't buy it. Period.

Hacking friendica code with trailing/leading white-spaces

When editing #Friendica code, I use a local commit hook, finding leading and trailing white-spaces. The hook itself is GIT's default pre-commit hook plus a few extra lines:

# Find bad scripts

# PHPUnit
if [ -x ./vendor/bin/phpunit ]
./vendor/bin/phpunit || exit 255

So, please don't wonder when I touch "the whole file". Then I have just changed DOS -> Uni* line-break (CRLF to LF) as it was being detected as trailing white-space characters.
#friendica friendica code white-space
js/country.js is indented with space and tabs, I fix that to tabs now. Plus I have fixed some JS warnings due to missing semicolon.
I would also recommend to start with #cache-busting which means, adding version numbers to JS/CSS files (and URLs).

Roland Häder has an updated public profile, changing Religion and Political Views.

NGO-Experte über Nobel-Stiftung: Geld bei Waffenfirmen angelegt -

NGO-Experte über Nobel-Stiftung: Geld bei Waffenfirmen angelegt

Die Nobel-Stiftung soll Geld so angelegt haben, dass es auch bei Rüstungsfirmen landet. Das zeigen Recherchen des gemeinnützigen Vereins „Facing Finance“.

Wieso fällt mir auf Anhieb #BarakObama ein ... Genau, weil er mit Drohnen Menschen tötet.

Fatal error: Call to a member function escape() on null

@Friendica Developers I get the following error after I updated to latest develop code:

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function escape() on null in /../friendica/include/dba.php on line 1104
Error: Call to a member function escape() on null in /../friendica/include/dba.php on line 1104

Call Stack:
0.0036 371800 1. {main}() /../friendica/include/dbstructure.php:0
0.0533 938728 2. dbstructure_run(array(2), long) /../friendica/include/dbstructure.php:1827
0.0651 1037352 3. update_structure(true, true, ???, ???) /../friendica/include/dbstructure.php:1783
0.0654 1038120 4. Friendica\Core\Config::set(string(6), string(11), long) /../friendica/include/dbstructure.php:207
0.0655 1040408 5. dba::update(string(6), array(1), array(2), true) /../friendica/src/Core/Config.php:167

Variables in local scope (#5):
$array_element = *uninitialized*
$array_key = *uninitialized*
$condition = array ('cat' => 'system', 'k' => 'maintenance')
$condition_string = *uninitialized*
$content = *uninitialized*
$do_insert = *uninitialized*
$do_update = *uninitialized*
$fieldname = *uninitialized*
$fields = array ('v' => '1')
$old_fields = TRUE
$params = *uninitialized*
$params1 = *uninitialized*
$params2 = *uninitialized*
$sql = *uninitialized*
$table = 'config'
$values = *uninitialized*

Any idea how to fix this? Did I miss something to update on my .htconfig.php file?
@friendica developers friendica code fatal-error
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I cannot reproduce, but have created some possible workaround: https://github.com/friendica/friendica/pull/3776
That error seem to be fixed but now only CREATE statements are being processed, nothing else. I have fixed all my parser errors which were caused by missing curly braces.
Added a late code-review pointing out some stuff that should be rewritten:

"dba" is now static by annando · Pull Request #3778 · friendica/friendica

Sorry, no progress here. Maybe next weekend, as I have 3 additional more days no work! #atwork
Re-tested it. And seems to be fixed. Need more testing at home before I update this instance.
hoergen GNU Social
@roland @heluecht btw danke für den Screenshot vom Psytrance Forum ;)

Acme-Challenge on Apache 2.4 fails on some virtual hosts, but some not

I just posted this on #StackExchange:

Acme-Challange not requestable by all sub-domains?

I have Apache 2.4 and the following site-config for acme challenges:

<IfModule mod_alias.c>
Alias /.well-known/acme-challenge /var/www/letsencrypt/challenges/

<Directory "/var/www/
If you know the answer, please help me. :-) I need to update certificates for https://git.mxchange.org and https://searx.mxchange.org (which is some-why returning 403 on any requests).
#stackexchange acme-challenge apache2.4 letsencrypt
Fixed, please refer to my own answer.

GMX und Web.de Server

Aktuell erreichen mich von den beiden Servern folgende Mails:

<foo-bar@gmx.net>: host mx00.emig.gmx.net[] refused to talk to me:
554-gmx.net (mxgmx014) Nemesis ESMTP Service not available 554-No SMTP
service 554-Bad DNS PTR resource record. 554 For explanation visit

Das foo-bar und .invalid habe ich eingefuegt, um Links untuechtig zu machen bzw. die Mail-Adresse zu anonymisieren.

Weiss wer, das hier lost ist? Hat die United-Internet AG Mist gebaut oder ist bei mir (mail.mxchange.org) wirklich was nicht okay? Und wenn bei mir, wie kann ich es fixen?

Mit anderen Anbietern habe ich das nicht.

Off-Topic: Diesen Text habe ich ausserhalb von Friendica's Formular eingeben muessen, da sonst bei jedem tag das Browser-Fenster fuer ein paar Sekunden einfriert. Hier sollte mal das JavaScript ueberarbeitet werden.
gmx webde united-internet-ag mailer-daemon

@steffen k9 birthday greetings
Vielen Dank!
Auch wenn es schon eine Woche her ist, alles gut ueberstanden?
Ach ja. Man wird halt älter. Das lässt sich nicht vermeiden. Die Gratulationstour habe ich überstanden. :-)
Hier auch. Haufenweise Mails, die mir am gratulieren sind.
Na dann. Herzlichen Glückwunsch! 😁🎂
Nachträglich, bitte. :-) 26.09. ist meine nächste Runde soweit. Dieses Jahr wurde ich 40 ...

Roland Häder changed Romantic Partner to “dianalace@f.haeder.net”

- Visit Roland Häder's public profile

Spender zur Rettung der zentralen GNUsocial-Domain gesucht.




In case of you downloaded #payara 173 full and you get an ezception and payara doesn't start, you have delete 3 jars starting with microprofile*.
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