Germany tells parents to destroy toy doll - because it can spy on their kids http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-39002142?ocid=socialflow_twitter

German parents told to destroy Cayla dolls over hacking fears - BBC News

Researchers say hackers can use an insecure bluetooth device to listen and talk to a child.

Internet of #insecurity and lost of #privacy ...

friendica-addons need fixing CHMOD

@Friendica Developers please fix chmod in wppost/*.* this has not-needed execute flag. cc @Michael Vogel
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Edit - nevermind, half remembering something, and remembering it incorrectly.
Why should this have the right to be executable? These are no shell scripts.

Authentication with Friendica Jabber account?

I have tried to connect to my XMPP account I have with this #Friendica instance, it is the same as my web-finger, as I understand it. But what is the current password so I can connect? It is not the one I used to login.

cc @Friendica Support @Michael Vogel
#friendica #xmpp #chat #solved @friendica support @michael vogel friendica jabber authentication password
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If everything is set up correctly the password should be identical.
Yes, it is. I also (seem to) use the same account with NextCloud. It seems like only the left part of the xmpp address is being used. I'm using same username there. Still on both sides, browser-based chat is working.
Are you on stable or develop? On develop it respects the hostname as well.
I use develop on Friendica and stable on NextCloud.
Strange, now it works. I restarted ejabberd + updated my develop to latest upstream commits.

NetBeans 8.2 adds Oracle copyright header to ant-deploy.xml

I have updated my NetBeans IDE to 8.2. I have found out that ant-deploy.xml has been changed. When I checked it (with diff view) a copyright header by Oracle has been added.

I don't like this much what companys writing free software slams their (huge!) copyright notices somewhere "hidden" and with the next version update in.

I have now manually prevent them from entering my projects. But for the future, I hope Oracle is not repeating this and removes such stuff.
netbeans8.2 update copyright oracle
Sorry for the silly question, but what does ant-deploy.xml do?
It seems to be part of the deployment on internal Glassfish instance. I just wanted to let other #JavaEE developers know that NetBeans 8.2 slips in an Oracle copyright notice because they may not like it, too finding it out later.

Roland Häder changed Interests to “Programming PHP/Java SE/EE, playing computer games”

- Visit Roland Häder's public profile

More coding convention stuff is coming

@Friendica Developers I have more stuff in the pipline regarding coding-convention: https://github.com/friendica/friendica/pull/3103#issuecomment-275389122 Hope you don't mind to review some much ...

Many thanks to @Michael Vogel und @Hypolite on Friendica and one other I don't know here on #Friendica for their continued patience of reviewing such changes.

Most of these changes includes added spaces, converted intending (space -> tab), added curly spaces and usage of dbm::is_result() which is a wrapper for checking if a valid result has been returned from q().
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"Infinite" scroll need overworking

When the small "addon" is enabled, more content is being loaded when users scroll down. So far so good. But if they scroll more down, more is being added to the DOM document which results in a growing browser procress and a slow-down due to the device has to handle more content.

I would prefer that the content in opposite scroll direction is being removed to allow smooth usage of the device (desktop PCs with low RAM will suffer greatly). If the user changes scroll direction, again content on the opposite direction is being removed.
friendica bug slow-down browser infinite-scroll
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Maybe there is somewhere a #jquery #plugin around? Then we don't need to re-invent the wheel ...
Yesterday I had a look at the jquery plugins you mentioned. https://github.com/pixelcog/parallax.js is not about infinite scrolling. It is about to have a prallax effect. And https://github.com/fredwu/jquery-endless-scroll doesn't do that much more than our implementation already do (OK it can load previous pages).

The problem isn't to load next or previous pages through ajax. That would be very simple.

The problems we would have to deal with are:

  • which posts belong e.g. to page 1 (which should be removed from the screen when we scroll e.g from page 2 to page 3)
  • how do we deal with the situation when new posts arrive (e.g. the user would be on page 3 - a new post does arrive, and he/she scrolls to page 4 - I guess in this situation the first post of page 4 would be missing)
  • how do we deal with comments on posts (wich would move the post on top of the first place

The whole topic is very complex. I think this is not something which is easy to implement. I don't want to say that it is unsolvable, I just want to highlight that this "extended" infinite scrolling is more than just adding and removing content
Just using a request parameter, like "page" is not helpful, then you will may see duplicate posts as "page=2" will change when new posts are being added. #GNUSocial uses here something like "lastPostId" which is the id number of the last post that has been loaded and so displayed.

Maybe I better make an example on how I think how it can be done:

1) Load page and embed "last post id" directly into page
2) Send request out: "POST /ajax/network/?lastPostId=12345&page=current"
3) This returns the posts (lastPostId - postsPerPage) that just be displayed right away including a new lastPostId
4) The user scrolls up, send another request out: "POST /ajax/network/?lastPostId=12335&page=up" (I assumed 10 posts per page and again a new lastPostId is included)
5) On any of those requests, check that more can be loaded, if not, the new lastPostId should be empty, indicating that no more can beloaded
6) Similar when the user scrolls down, then &page=down is given

Maybe not perfect but newly added posts can be found out the same way:
"POST /ajax/network/?lastPostId=12345&page=up (as newer posts are added on top)

The JavaScript then needs to handle empty lastPostId (when < postsPerPage has been found) and removing/adding content.

Martin Schulz ein super Typ? #SPD Mal sehen, wofür er steht ... http://www.nachdenkseiten.de/?p=36756 !hnpa

Der zweifache Schock: Schulz soll Kanzlerkandidat und obendrein Parteivorsitzender werden.

Die gestern bekannt gewordenen Entscheidungen der SPD-Führung wurden in Medien und von den meisten interviewten Sozialdemokratinnen und Sozialdemokraten begrüßt. In meinem Umfeld war man eher schockiert. Es folgen Fragen und Ergebnisse des Nachdenkens über diesen Vorgang. Das vorläufige Fazit: Martin Schulz wird uns leider keine Alternative zu Frau Merkel bringen. Albrecht Müller.

Wofür ...

Von wem wurden wir verraten?

Design changed to vier

I changed the design here on this #Friendica node to #Vier which looks like lesser complicated and more modern. I also have surpressed language meta informations to keep the WUI as simple as possible but still powerful (see #bbcode support).

Currently, only my wife @dianalace and me are here. I have not opened registration due to #spam accounts (which have signed up only #GNUSocial instance a lot until I closed registration there, too).
#friendica #vier #bbcode #spam #gnusocial @dianalace friendica theme vier
Mönchengladbach, Germany

New SSL CSR doesn't want to validate with local CA file

I have created a new certificate for another sub domain. But now it got stuck with a typcial error message:
The Subject's Distinguished Name is as follows
countryName :PRINTABLE:'DE'
stateOrProvinceName :ASN.1 12:'Northrhine-Westphalia'
organizationName :ASN.1 12:'Roland Haeder'
organizationalUnitName:ASN.1 12:'private'
commonName :ASN.1 12:'some.bla.domain'
emailAddress :IA5STRING:'webmaster@shipsimu.de'
The stateOrProvinceName field needed to be the same in the
CA certificate (Northrhine-Westphalia) and the request (Northrhine-Westphalia)

Well, it looks like the same, right? But it is not, use openssl asn1parse </etc/ssl/your/certs/ca.pem to examine your CA file. Then do the same with the CSR file. And you might see the difference: UTF8STRING and PRINTABLESTRING was here the case.

Well, here you have it. Now go to your openssl-ca.cnf file and fix string_mask to utf8only (or otherwise your certificate's configuration file). I'm currently testing UTF-8 in SSL certificates with my server.
#bug-fix openssl csr certficate ssl

Fritz!Fon C4 stays white or flickers

I have here a Fritz!Fon C4 (a softphone) with updated firmware. If I know insert batteries, the screen sometimes turn white or flickers but the phone seems to start and connect but remains unusable.

Any ideas besides removing battery and re-inserting it? I already filled a ticker with #AVM.
#avm c4 avm softphone bug problem

Pre-christmas gift: Goldelico has received test GTA04A5s!

I'm the owner of an #OpenMoko #FreeRunner which I have sent to #Goldelico some weeks ago. Now I received an email from gta04-owner that Mr. Schaller was able to run some tests on the first prototype boards.

You can watch the video here on #Youtube:

YouTube: Latest GTA04A5 production test successful! (goldelico)

I'm happy to see that there is progress. :-)
#openmoko #freerunner #goldelico #youtube #production_test gta04 gta04a5 openmoko free-runner

Ausweise ich höre euch trapsen

"Und wieder hat man Ausweise gefunden.", war der Kommentar eines Kollegen, eben. Ja, wieder mal, wie auch beim 11. September und in Paris. Seltsam, nicht? :-)
911 paris frankreich berlin terrorismus

EuGH kippt die Vorratsdatenspeicherung -

EuGH kippt die Vorratsdatenspeicherung (neues deutschland)

Der EuGH hat die anlasslose Vorratsdatenspeicherung in der EU gekippt. Damit dürfte auch die deutsche Regelung hinfällig sein. Den Luxemburger Richtern zufolge verstößt solch ein Gesetz gegen die Achtung des Privatlebens.

Ein #Anschlag und die Sicherheitsfanatiker schreien wieder nach #VDS, wie es in #Frankreich bzw. #Paris der Fall war. Die haben dort die VDS seit 2006, übrigens ... Aber das interessiert ja niemanden, wenn ein #LKW in #Berlin in einen #Weihnachsmarkt rast. Die Hauptsache, man kann wieder vom #Terrorismus reden und das ganz laut und ganz oft in den #Mainstream-Medien rausposaunen.

Ich könnte kotzen, aber ich kann so viel nicht essen! Dafür zahle ich 17,50 pro Monat!

Facebook-Wahnsinn: 45 deiner Freunde sind in Sicherheit -

Facebook-Wahnsinn: 45 deiner Freunde sind in Sicherheit (neues deutschland)

Nur wenige Minuten nach dem Anschlag auf den Berliner Weihnachtsmarkt hat Facebook seinen Safety-Check aktiviert: User*innen können ihre Freund*innen informieren, ob es ihnen gut geht. Das macht komische Dinge mit uns.

Im letzten Satz "Das" mit #Facebook austauschen ...
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Das klappt dank #Paywall nicht mehr. :-( Wir sollten mal regelmäßig die Seiten als PDF runterspeichern - ohne Werbung versteht sich, damit die Artikel länger erhalten bleiben.

#sqlinjection #xkcd sqlinjection security xkcd reshare