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Japan’s most senior cancer doctor: COVID shots are ‘essentially murder’

I suspect the helicopter was hit by a missile because I see a pulverized helicopter look difference with this photo’s of the crashed >>> helicopters <<<

Source: >>> The first photos of the helicopter wreckage with rescue crews combing through the debris <<<<

It’s worse than you think


Don’t blame the younger generations. They weren’t pumping up the money supply with all their home loans, second mortgages, and third car loans. Which, by the way, is the way to pin down those #Boomers who try to blame everyone but themselves for their actions.

Because they are responsible for the post-1980 inflation. They borrowed and spent the money. Inflation isn’t printing money, it’s borrowing money. That’s how the money is created. And the private economy is still, to this day, considerably larger than the public one.

When Your Rulers Ignore Voters But Are Terrified Of Protesters, That Tells You Something

Elections to the European Parliament: a costly masquerade, by Thierry Meyssan

General Assembly supports Palestine's full membership in the United Nations

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Bit by bit nations are finally saying "you've gone too far' to Israel. I hope its a trend. Im conservative as conservative gets, but the GOP Zionists (including Mike Johnson) are supporting the synagogue of Satan.

Way Too Little, Way Too Late

The #Biden Adminstration puts #tariffs on Chinese imports:

The #US rolled out steep tariffs on Chinese products on Tuesday, quadrupling duties on #electric-vehicles (EVs) to over 100% and imposing new levies on #computer #chips, #solar-cells and #lithium-ion-batteries. The #WhiteHouse says the new measures are intended to “protect American workers and businesses.”

The tariffs will affect $18 billion of Chinese imported goods, including #steel and #aluminum, #semiconductors, #batteries, critical #minerals, #solar cells and #cranes.

Biden administration officials claim the measures have come in response to years of “unfair trade practices” by #China, including forced technology transfers, intellectual property violations, and cyberhacking of American businesses.

The time for tariffs is when a country still has #industrial #capacity, not after it has #transitioned to a so-called “service economy”. Service economies don’t win wars, they #service the #soldiers of the #victors.

And it’s not like this is going to help US electric vehicle #manufacturers. No one wants to buy their products whether a Chinese alternative is available or not.

China urges admitting Palestine as full UN member state

#Germany: 35yo Soccer Player dies from Heart Attack during Match


Fatih Sarach is dead: heart attack at the age of 35 - footballer died completely unexpectedly

Big shock at a district league game in Wangen im Allgäu. Footballer Fatih Sarach suffered a heart attack in the middle of the game and died at the age of just 35.

Quelle: (German)

#Suddenly #Unexpected #HeartAttack #MostDefinitelyNotTheVaccine #ThisHasAlwaysHappened #DontQuestionTheGovernmentPleb

#ESC, #Fußball, #Israel,... Ach was das #Fediverse nicht alles hasst. Wenn Mensch sich das Leben nicht selber schwer machen kann, dann ist dieser nicht "glücklich". Kann man verstehen muss man aber nicht. 🤷‍♂️ 🤦‍♂️ #ESC