S9 Antminer's root password "admin" - change immediately!!!

I now own a #S9 #Antminer from #Bitmain for some weeks (already). It runs really loud and I turn it only on when I'm out of house or want to have it running. It has a nice web interface and even #SSH with root (some #Linux embeded system). I setup quickly everthing and mining #Peercoins is working as expected (I run it in eco-mode). But what I later found out is that the SSH root password is simply "admin" which is a well-known password.

So here is my advice: If you intend to buy and run it (locally or on public Internet) please *do change* your SSH password! If you fail to do so, somebody might be able to change your pool login data and then he is receiving the coins you want to mine on your electricity bill! And I'm sure that he will then change root password to his own so you have to (somehow?) flush the memory to have factory-default settings (including password, I hope) back.

Here are some pictures of my miner, including screenshots which is just below my computer table (and it can be very noisy):

#TIL : Do not configure an S9 as an S5 miner. One board will fail (not take damage). After I finally noticed the difference and fixed it (no real password: n=miner1,i=s9_115) I got all 3 boards up and running.
The whole (!) public folder of 1.3 GB data has been downloaded in the past 10 times at a single day. That's 13 GB on a single day. If you multiply that with 30.5 you get 396.5 GB for an average single month.

I guess it was a single user doing that. If someone knows how to combat this problem of massive multiple downloads from a single IP address, please let me know. I feel sorry to have renamed the share.