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Given that my comments there are being deleted, i’m duplicating the information on the promotion of neo-nazism here:

Here he is, the hero this account promotes, as part of this military neo-nazi unit against a background of their flags:
enter image description here
Protasievich served in the neonazi regiment “Azov”: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Azov_Battalion#Neo-Nazism
Here Protasevich is on the cover of the 15th issue of the neo-nazi magazine “Schwarze Sonne”:
enter image description here
More about this nazi symbol: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Sun_(symbol)
Here you can check this issue of neonazi magazine: https://vk.com/doc-86003658_406256029 - if you are intertested in a eastern european neonazi propaganda.
Here, Protasevich’s father says that his son took part in hostilities: https://twitter.com/Vityzeva/status/1397200275300102150

@anonymiss try to promote this neonazi fighter with a trick like “if you love Assange you must love this neonazi too”

I hope you will not use censorship to hide this information and support the promotion of neo-nazism. Unless, of course, you are a supporter of neo-nazism like the owners of this propaganda “girl hacktivist” account who are trying to hide their methods of disinformation:

In any case, if you sympathise with neonazis and participate in the promotion of neonazis and wish to conceal it from the public - please use censorship to hide the exposure of this information. Please confirm your sympathies for neo-nazism with an act of censorship to conceal this information, remove this disclosure in the tradition of traditional nazism in this case.

Also, please remember that @anonymiss is virtual “girl” account from a paid botfarm who promotes different agendas for money. Another “girl hacktivist” accounts of the same botfarm who promote democratic and neonazi agendas in fediverse for money:
enter image description here
@anonymiss, @RⒶmonⒶ ⁽⁽⁽i⁾⁾⁾, @Laura Stern, @Simonalein ⁽⁽⁽i⁾⁾⁾
https://diasp.eu/posts/10913405#262d0ee0686d01386951268acd52edbf - http://archive.is/TCKip
https://diasp.eu/posts/10514060#a99ecd90686d01384290543d7eeced27 - http://archive.is/4l5tH