Friendica directory not being updated due to to short default timeout

I have found out that for the default directory at
the timeout of one second is simply to short. I have raised it's minimum value now to 3 seconds.

Plus I replaced '\Friendica\Some\Foo' with \Friendica\Some\Foo::class so your used IDE/PHP editor can find it easier + it must really be there.

Pull-request is out:
I also noticed that for every Server::computeHealthScore() invocation, VERSION is being fetched from github which might slow-down the whole process?

Cannot we store that into the Server class?
Adam friendica (AP)
@Hypolite Petovan In your comment in the PR, you mention that probe_timeout is configurable - I went hunting for a file or reference to all the configuration options, and I'm coming up blank presently... Doing a grep for probe_timeout across the code base seems to just have a few results in src/

So is there presently a reference or a full sample config file for the directory that would show all configurables?
@Adam@social.isurf.ca You can do it by editing your ./config/local.json file by adding following block to it (make sure above block ends with a },):
    "poller": {
        "server_poll_delay": 28800,
        "profile_poll_delay": 36000,
        "probe_timeout": 10

Good luck! :-)
I have force-pushed the revert of the timeout changes, so only the ::class changes are left.