Welcome back to Factorio! New videos are up

I have finished uploading two more episodes of playing #Factorio of my map "Main bus with enemies (peaceful)". I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. Maybe there will be some live-streaming soon. As you might now, I have to do that spontanous because else some agencies [sic!] will call me a TV studio broadcaster which is definitely not the case (to regular streams = "TV studio"). Crazy German government agencies ...

So, well. Here they are, spontaneous as usual.

Here are the torrent links for the Full-HD (1080p) version:
- 20210620 - Welcome back to Factorio - 001 - 1920x1080.mkv
- 20210620 - Welcome back to Factorio - 002 - 1920x1080.mkv

If there will be a live-stream, and there will come one, then the XMPP MUC server is conference.f.haeder.net and the room is stream-chat@conference.f.haeder.net