T-Shirt bought a few weeks ago

I have now decided to picture myself (and I currently still wear it) with a # I have bough a few weeks ago from # shop:


# #
I forgot to mention that I wear this when I do #OpenStreetMap :-) So yes, I take that on street. I was already asked to take selfie with me by 2 young girls, on first day. But most people seem to "ignore" or just not notice it?
Jason Robinson 🐍🍻 socialhome (AP) (via diaspora*)
Ha ha ha, awesome!
Got my first very good critics (explained) about it and I take it down ("offline") because the replacement may display the woman's gender as low-ordered. I can deeply understand that in my heart, so it will wait in cabinet.
I met her (with her boyfriend) at a #GoaTrance party in #Dortmund called #Nibirii and it was my 2nd time I went there. There she talk to me openly that of course the female gender shall be very beautiful and never low-ordered to me which I fully agree with. When I meet her again, I will tell her that. :-) And that I wish all good luck and love for her relationship.

And maybe I get feminists against me ...
I still don't understand the relationship between this shirt and low-ordering the female gender.
It is because of the replacement (of the word vegan/vegetarian) as I remember her word correctly. BTW: I have now a sweatshirt ALT+F4 now what identifies me (I feel fine with it) much better.
My personal contention with the shirt is that vulva isn’t as accessible as meat, for very good reasons, so you couldn’t replace one with the other even with the best intentions towards animals, even past the provocative nature of the described sex act.
Exactly that is why I took it "offline". :-) I love the vulva (including vagina) and fully respect it. Still I got smiles from women, I was asked about vegetarianism/veganism (I transit there ATM) and got a selfie with 2 young girls.
I have now a better one: ALT+F4, no sexy thing that might be misjudged. And I can identify myself with it much better. BTW: It is embroidered for just ~50$ including a black sweatshirt.