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Cunnilingus and Fellatio, a dying "specicies"?

According to a statistics done by German # only 51% of all German males are into giving oral sex (# for straight and # for gay/bisexual accumulated) while 56% are into receiving (# ) it. While for females it is even a little lesser, 48% are into receiving it while 45% are into giving it. As it seems, also lesbians are counted in here, but are a minor compared to straight females.

The actual graphs and tables can be found here: So far I can tell that there is no "disgusting" or "unhealthy" thing on giving Cunnilingus (in English, licking # ) simply because I have done it a lot on many different women and so far no tongue or throat # has happened to me. :-p And yes, beside that, there is no "fish shop" down there for me. :-)

I like to ask the whole # about this matter. Is that true with you? Disclaimer: Do not come up with some religious-nonsense or other hatred/disapproving/other nonsense here. I'm asking for a Yes or a No and if so, please more details (being passive/active).

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Any listening group/forum out there?

I wonder if there is any !listening group/forum out there? Because the old one seems to be closed down. Please re-share if you don't know!

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Gettings these warnings a lot:

Warning: mysqli::close(): Couldn't fetch mysqli in /var/www/../htdocs/include/dba.php on line 100

Call Stack:
0.0005 346776 1. {main}() /var/www/../htdocs/include/cron_sync.php:0
0.0149 486640 2. run_pulling_job() /var/www/../htdocs/include/cron_sync.php:93
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0.0927 578144 5. mysqli->close() /var/www/../htdocs/include/dba.php:100

Anyone knows what is wrong? And I had to fix .htaccess file for Apache 2.4 (Require all denied is the correct one).
Accounts that have censored=1 activated (blocked?) should not be touched by cron_sync.php as this would unlock them again.
Also I noticed that these accounts flooded the tags table with their "SEO keywords".
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