Friendica on a widescreen

THis is how the #vier (I guess?) theme looks like on a wide-screen: A lot empty, unused space ...
#vier 16x9 friendica theme widescreen
That's cool, you can't comfortably scan more than about 600-700 pixels of text width at a regular 72 px/inch resolution anyway.
Tobias friendica
You should add ads :-)
Ha ha ha ... ;-)
Okay, so this is clearly intended then.
It was not really intended but it is hard to change because vier does have many fixed width values in the css. I tried to fix it 2 years ago but after some months of work I came to the conclusion that fixing this issue would mean to rewrite more than half of vier. So it was a lot easier to start a new theme from scratch.
This was the beginning of Frio
Ah, yeah. Thank you for explaining it in detail. Now I can understand it better, I would properly do the same. Maybe one day, someone can do a #vier-fullsize theme ...
I'm not unhappy, don't worry. ;-)
I'm not sure what do you expect, multiple columns or a single unreadable line of text per post? ????
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