Flightgear data repository downloadable via bittorrent

For those with a slow Internet connection, it can be a pain to download #fgdata for #FlightGear through GIT as GIT does not support resume and the connection may get lost and then they have to download the whole pack all over again.

For this, I have donated my #bittorrent tracker to the community, alongside other "small" stuff like #Haiku (BeOS) and others. You can find the tracker at ... There you find the main bundle fgdata_new.bundle and currently 2 update files. You can now download them with bittorrent. Then you have to clone from them as usual:
$ git clone fgdata_new.bundle fgdata
$ cd fgdata
$ git remote add update1 ../fgdata_new-update-001.bundle
$ git remote add update2 ../fgdata_new-update-002.bundle
$ git fetch --all
$ git merge update1/master
$ git merge update2/master

Then you have almost latest changes. There is currently a 22 Megs large bundle for update 3. But I'm not going to release it as I only bundle every each ~ 100 Megs. So you may want to remove update1/2 and re-wire origin to the main repository:
$ git remote rm update1
$ git remote rm update1
$ git remote set-url origin https://git.code.sf.net/p/flightgear/fgdata
$ git fetch
$ git merge origin/master

Now you should be up-to-date. I have not tested this, please feel free to try out! :-)
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You can also try to do this over mosh - mobile shell.
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