Why I keep ignoring follow requests

Thank you all for following me and send me follow requests. You may have noticed that I'm not accepting all of them or sometimes revoke them or only let you follow me but I don't follow you back.

This has some reasons I like to explain. First of, why I'm not accepting all requests is that some profiles are obviously adult-related (means sex, porn, prostitution or "escort" service-related) which I don't accept. But maybe lesser obvious but still understandable (as I hope) is that these profiles sometimes contains only a name, not even an image or any information about the person/bot behind it.

Second why I may not follow you back is, that my timeline is simply to full and I look more on quality than on quantity of posts. It takes me a lot of time already to follow up (backlog of new posts over the night/work day) and I start thinking of un-following more accounts (sorry!).

I'm not an A.I. here that can shift through tons of information, I'm human and I have other hobbies than just reading here. And I already donate a lot of time for digitally socializing. So please understand that I may not follow you back.

Well, still have fun here, find good "friends" (do you know all of your "friends" in person?) or whatever you do here.
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