Finally committing and developing again

Finally I found some time to continue developing (at least a bit) on my upcoming FLOSS Java projects (do I have to add the class path exception here?) with entities (JPA), Enterprise Java Beans and JSF applications.

And I listen to #Psy-Trance . :-)

I have to commit a lot as I have not done that for several months. Now I review my changes and found here and there some bad things, like having "complex" methods in entity classes (you should better write an utility class for these methods and declare them static).

Really a lot stuff to do here. :-) I have many small projects as suggested by my trainer. Have small reusable "components" and not one big "core" that all have to include.
#Psy-Trance developing floss free-time
You have a trainer?
I was trained by a person that was talking and showing to me over a virtual class room. It were actually 3 professionals or "trainer" or "coaches", one for #Java basics and advanced course (still #JavaSE ) and one for #JavaEE basic and advance course and the third was last introduced to me for project management and I got best remarks everywhere. :-) Sure I don't know everything at a glance, in Java with 3 editions, this is next to impossible.

Maybe coach is the better word here?
This is pretty cool!
Good old classics again: #DNA - Illusions (The Music).
"We'd been hit by an electromagnetic pulse." :-)
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