XMPP plugin not working ???

I currently try to setup the XMPP plugin (jappixmini is not enabled). I have so far changed my ejabberd.cfg and made http-bind working (Apache2 config entry, really easy to setup).

Now I hang around with BOSH host (which address:port to enter?) and that the XMPP chat is not showing up. Any other things I need to change?
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Ah, URL is the full http-bind URL, e.g. https://f.haeder.net/http-bind for my server.
I mean BOSH host is same as http-bind URL. See resulting HTML output, which the JavaScript client will have to use.
Ist it now working with https://f.haeder.net/http-bind? It really should.
Yes, chat is working now. :-)
Oh, resizing windows causes text being marked. :-( #bug
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