LiMux is dead, maybe one time it lives again?

LiMux – Ende eines Vorzeigeprojekts

Wenn #Unkenntnis von Nicht-ITlern zum Ende des Vorzeigeprojektes #LiMux wird, hat der Verstand versagt. Einfach peinlich, was da abgeht ... Und dann sich beschweren, dass Linux eingeschränkt ist?! Hackt es? Ja, die #NSA-Software namens #Skype kann nicht unbeobachtet installiert werden, oh wie schade aber auch ...
#Unkenntnis #LiMux #NSA-Software #Skype limux linux münchen munich windows

Why I don't like WLAN in my LAN network

Did I mention that I don't like #WLAN? Here I have an #IBM #Thinkpad #R51 which has a lot disconnects from WLAN. The #Android of my wife @Rechelle Diana Haeder is working but as you may know, it is not #GNU.

But I prefer GNU software as it is peer-reviewed and back-doors don't have a long lifetime in it. So I can easier trust NICs (cable-bound) than those WLAN stuff (the WLAN network module requires a proprietary binary blob to be loaded).

And WLAN suffers from interference of different types, mostly by neighboring networks. Now I replace it with an "old-fashioned" twisted-ait CAT5e cable ...

Oh, no. #Hannika is here ... :-)
#WLAN #IBM #Thinkpad #R51 #Android #GNU #Hannika @Rechelle Diana Haeder binary-blob linux proprietary wlan
sdc hn i5tsssssssc123mjn qwuiF vvvvvvbfsxzx 8ik m,gtcf5tolr .uhjn jjjjmz<v ./.... kzxb hncbmnnnnngvvb xd yyyyhsaQ:>....... hhhhhhh,nu .uj,nnnn jkm,lxcv vhgxc Z79u 089sdmzxz l0-kpppmbc <<<<<`AC ZXVdhbed kl,.' ////666yh km ssssx n.

(that was she)

MySQL killed by OOM

Today the database server behind this and many other services died (or was killed) due to low-memory problems. When I SSH-ed in, it shows me this memory usage:
total used free shared buffers cached
Mem: 7939312 3764024 4175288 0 203592 1434224
-/+ buffers/cache: 2126208 5813104
Swap: 12485748 11742532 743216

Looks like a zombie were around? All other processes are consuming lesser memory. Now I run a swapoff -av && swapon -av to cleanup swap space.
kernel linux memory-limited oom server
My hoster would install more RAM but only for +10,- EUR per month (!) (not once). I don't accepted that and stated that installing RAM is a one-time job.
I have switched to #Devuan Linux which is a #systemd-free Debian-based OS. And it has #PHP7 ... Cool. :-)

Why is Linux not using more RAM for caching?

I have this on my server:
___________total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached
Mem:       7939312    6490588    1448724          0      66760     192064
-/+ buffers/cache:    6231764    1707548
Swap:     12485748     189256   12296492

So there is a 1 GB RAM (not much, I know) left but #Linux is not using it for caching which would greatly improve performance (it really does). vm.swappiness is 20 here.

Here are all cache settings:
# sysctl -a|grep cache
kernel.sched_domain.cpu0.domain0.cache_nice_tries = 1
kernel.sched_domain.cpu1.domain0.cache_nice_tries = 1
kernel.sched_domain.cpu2.domain0.cache_nice_tries = 1
kernel.sched_domain.cpu3.domain0.cache_nice_tries = 1
vm.drop_caches = 0
vm.vfs_cache_pressure = 100
fs.quota.cache_hits = 0
net.ipv4.rt_cache_rebuild_count = 4
fscache.object_max_active = 4
fscache.operation_max_active = 2

Which do I need to change (except adding more RAM but that costs me monthly more).
#Linux linux optimizing sysadmin
I have a Quad-Core server running this instance and some pages more. What would you recommend when it comes to process priorities? More prio on database or on webserver?

Panikmache bei heise.de ? "Lücke" MySQL und Oracle fixt nicht schnell

Ich glaube, der Poster im Forum hat recht: nur Panikmache bei Heise.de. Ich habe mal fix die besagte Dabei geprüft und root besitzt sie:
-rw-r----- 1 root root 4602 Jul 26 00:37 my.cnf

Also alles ruhig bleiben und nur kurz prüfen ...
#panikmache #root linux mariadb mysql oracle panic-making security
Allerdings hat die Datei bei mir nur die Rechte, weil ich für "Andere" sie entfernt habe.

How to restore e.g. MP3 files from a FAT32-formatted hard drive with Linux

I'm currently rescuing files from a partly broken hard drive where the very early sectors are unreadable. It is a USB hard-drive ("mobile") from a DJ. So I will find it "easy" to search for #MP3 files (he doesn't use OGG).

First I tried to normally mount it, which fails due to the broken sectors 0-9 (which holds the required data). Also a fsck.vfat didn't work. So I had to install #myresuce and and #magicrescue.

I did it better in screens so I can leave them unattended:
screen -dmS myrescue myrescue /dev/sdb1 sdb1.bin

I had to wait ~ 10 minutes to start the next one:
screen -dmS magicrescue magicrescue -d sdb1/ -r mp3-id3v2 sdb1.bin

/dev/sdb1 is the USB drive and of course I needed to create ~/sdb1/ to have found files being written there.

Now there are a lot MP3 files but all 40 MB large. I will forward them to the DJ so he has to cut them to the right size.

I just thought you might be interested in before going to a "professional" #disk #rescue company.
#MP3 #myresuce #magicrescue #disk #rescue fat32 harddrive linux rescue
I think it can be any file system that is not encrypted as they are being read sectory-by-sector and not file-by-file.
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