Latest develop fails to run SQL update

@Friendica Developers I have an error while the db update was running, Friendica was sending me an email about it.
The friendica developers released update 1274 recently,
but when I tried to install it, something went terribly wrong.
This needs to be fixed soon and I can't do it alone. Please contact a
friendica developer if you can not help me on your own. My database might be invalid.
The error message is
Errors encountered performing database changes: ALTER IGNORE TABLE `item` DROP INDEX `contactid_allowcid_allowpid_denycid_denygid`, DROP INDEX `uid_authorlink`, ...

On console I get this error:
Error 1296 occurred during database update:
Got error 64 'Temp file write failure' from InnoDB

I'm now back at my old commit so the instance can work again.
@Friendica Developers bug develop friendica update
Okay, fixed here. The flooded `/tmp/` has caused this, to less sleep to figure this out by myself ... :-/ Thank you both again! @Hyp??li????e Pet????van (he/him) @Rebeka Catalina
Quick notice: Notice: Undefined index: url in /home/quix0r/NetBeansProjects/friendica/src/Object/Post.php on line 359. Maybe it does not exist at all in item table? @Hyp??li????e Pet????van (he/him) @Michael Vogel or maybe #tpyo ? uri does exist.
Yupp, no url there.
Now, after an update my right-side pane is gone. I found out that a style.css with display:none hid it.
Found a E_NOTICE here: Notice: Undefined index: title in /var/www/../src/Content/Text/BBCode.php on line 565
And another one: Notice: Undefined index: term in /var/www/../mod/filer.php on line 18
And 4 more:
Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$type in /var/www/../src/Content/OEmbed.php on line 329
Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$html in /var/www/../src/Content/OEmbed.php on line 169
Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$type in /var/www/../src/Content/OEmbed.php on line 170
Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$type in /var/www/../src/Content/OEmbed.php on line 171
Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$type in /var/www/../src/Content/OEmbed.php on line 205
@Hyp??li????e Pet????van (he/him) Do you have any ideas of fixing them? I would try property_exists() where needed.
empty() or isset() work as well.
I find mine more clear ... ;-)
And I think I remember that it is lesser recommended for properties of stdClass objects.

And yet another E_NOTICE here: Notice: Undefined index: verb in /var/www/../src/Core/NotificationsManager.php on line 281. It origins from the system notification list view (/notifications/system.
@Hyp??li????e Pet????van (he/him) So, how to address this? Normally, I would check if the array element exists and if not, throw an exception. But that seems to be not wanted, it would however make it traceable where the error origins from (xdebug needs to be properly configured).
You really are a Java developer. :-D

I mostly just see if it is critical if a value isn't as expected. And I prefer failing silently - or at least without the danger of data loss.


:-) #Java teaches you to take really good care of your type-hints. But this will now lead away from the original scope of this thread, I guess.
#Java java paradigm php7 strong-types type-hints weak-types
And 2 more E_NOTICE:

Notice: Undefined index: emailcc in /var/www/../mod/item.php on line 192
Notice: Undefined variable: postopts in /var/www/../mod/item.php on line 632
Branch is ready, going to make a PR.
:D I should also fix the 2nd one ...
PR updated (and rebased ... ;) ).
And one more in addons: Notice: Undefined index: allow_api in /var/www/../addon/xmpp/xmpp.php on line 98
And even more while connecting to a #diaspora account:
Notice: Undefined index: cancel in /var/www/../mod/follow.php on line 22
Notice: Undefined index: addr in /var/www/../src/Protocol/Diaspora.php on line 2921
Notice: Undefined index: uprvkey in /var/www/../src/Protocol/Diaspora.php on line 3172
Notice: Undefined index: addr in /var/www/../src/Protocol/Diaspora.php on line 2921
PR #5404 is out to address these.
#xdebug let suppressed warnings/errors scream:
SCREAM:  Error suppression ignored for
Warning: file_get_contents(/../phptmp/friendica/daemon.pid): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /../friendica/bin/daemon.php on line 67

This whole thing can be done otherwise:
- remove the @ from it
- use file_exists() or is_readable() to check if file exists
- if so, read it, otherwise skip further parts

This leads to better code. In addition to that, maybe this particular thing can be encapsulated away in a class?
So, I think I rewrite this part a bit.
Some more (still there?) while requesting to follow an OStatus account:
Notice: Undefined index: body in /var/www/../src/Protocol/OStatus.php on line 1163
Notice: Undefined index: title in /var/www/../src/Protocol/OStatus.php on line 1916
Notice: Undefined index: guid in /var/www/../src/Protocol/OStatus.php on line 1925
Notice: Undefined index: tag in /var/www/../src/Model/Item.php on line 2787
Notice: Undefined index: tag in /var/www/../src/Model/Item.php on line 2796
Notice: Undefined index: attach in /var/www/../src/Protocol/OStatus.php on line 1372

And one from when the daemon is running:
Notice: Undefined offset: 0 in /../src/Model/GContact.php on line 970
Gee, getting more: ( ! ) Notice: Undefined index: marital in /../mod/profiles.php on line 250 and also later for line 314.
Interesting, that $item has really no element 'body':Image/Photo cc !Friendica Developers
:-( Comments are not getting to mentioned forums ... Makes sense, of course. :-) Because the main post is not propagated. cc @Hyp☀️li🌷e Pet🌸van (he/him) @Michael Vogel
Editing a photo causes E_NOTICEs:

Notice: Undefined index: group_allow in /var/www/../mod/photos.php on line 356
Notice: Undefined index: contact_allow in /var/www/../mod/photos.php on line 357
Notice: Undefined index: group_deny in /var/www/../mod/photos.php on line 358
Notice: Undefined index: contact_deny in /var/www/../mod/photos.php on line 359
Another one when I view notifications:
Notice: Undefined index: verb in /var/www/../src/Core/NotificationsManager.php on line 276
Here, $it misses that element.

E_NOTICE in .htconfig.php ?

Hi @Friendica Developers I'm getting this error on my instance (this):

PHP Notice:  Use of undefined constant REGISTER_CLOSED - assumed 'REGISTER_CLOSED' in /var/www/../.htconfig.php on line 38
PHP Stack trace:
PHP   1. {main}() /var/www/../bin/daemon.php:0
PHP   2. include() /var/www/../bin/daemon.php:41

I get this every time I start or stop the daemon (as you can see in backtrace).
@Friendica Developers develop friendica update
Okay, it always starts and stops, just a bit annoying.

Update of develop branch

Dear @Friendica Developers I have now updated to latest develop code and rebased my branch. There have always been a scripts/dbstructure.php around. How do I now update? The offline documentation does not provide any information about this.
@Friendica Developers develop friendica update
And I got this on ./bin/console dbstructure update:

ALTER IGNORE TABLE `gserver` MODIFY `register_policy` tinyint NOT NULL DEFAULT 0 COMMENT '', MODIFY `registered-users` int unsigned NOT NULL DEFAULT 0 COMMENT '', MODIFY `network` char(4) NOT NULL DEFAULT '' COMMENT '', ADD `relay-subscribe` boolean NOT NULL DEFAULT '0' COMMENT 'Has the server subscribed to the relay system', ADD `relay-scope` varchar(10) NOT NULL DEFAULT '' COMMENT 'The scope of messages that the server wants to get', COMMENT = 'Global servers';

Error 1060 occurred during database update:
Duplicate column name 'relay-subscribe'

You may want to split this combined SQL statement into single statements then at least all the other parts will work.
This SQL query was automatically generated by the DBStructure::update process that compares your current database schema with the target Friendica current schema. Basically, the script concluded that your gserver table was missing a column and tried to add it back again. I'm not sure why it doesn't see the current column though. This would be a question for @Michael Vogel, he created the DB update routine.
Have done it here. I have also updated my instance again because of the #bug with user accounts.

NetBeans 8.2 adds Oracle copyright header to ant-deploy.xml

I have updated my NetBeans IDE to 8.2. I have found out that ant-deploy.xml has been changed. When I checked it (with diff view) a copyright header by Oracle has been added.

I don't like this much what companys writing free software slams their (huge!) copyright notices somewhere "hidden" and with the next version update in.

I have now manually prevent them from entering my projects. But for the future, I hope Oracle is not repeating this and removes such stuff.
copyright netbeans8.2 oracle update
Sorry for the silly question, but what does ant-deploy.xml do?
It seems to be part of the deployment on internal Glassfish instance. I just wanted to let other #JavaEE developers know that NetBeans 8.2 slips in an Oracle copyright notice because they may not like it, too finding it out later.
I have now uninstalled #NetBeans 8.2 and installed 8.1 again. Now the CDDL/GPL2 header is no longer "secretly" added to my files.
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