Stackoverflow deprecates OpenID support, a drawback for federated logins

I just received (as you may, too) an email that the famous #StackOverflow Q&A community is dropping #OpenID support, making it impossible for me to use #GNUSocial as login provider. Now they ask for an email address and password to enter.

What sad development, dropping features of a website.
#StackOverflow #OpenID #GNUSocial deprecation openid stackoverflow
Or use #facebook or #Google to login? Why can they maintain such centralized and proprietary services but not open and decentralized?
Maybe to weak abstraction or missing patterns like facade or adapter?

Design changed to vier

I changed the design here on this #Friendica node to #Vier which looks like lesser complicated and more modern. I also have surpressed language meta informations to keep the WUI as simple as possible but still powerful (see #bbcode support).

Currently, only my wife @dianalace and me are here. I have not opened registration due to #spam accounts (which have signed up only #GNUSocial instance a lot until I closed registration there, too).
#Friendica #Vier #bbcode #spam #GNUSocial @dianalace friendica theme vier
Mönchengladbach, Germany
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