Finnally done and newer regreted! Bare food shoes bought

Yesterday I bought myself #Leguano bare-food shoes, finally! I was inspired here on the #Fediverse by someone, I forgot the name for (sorry!). Now I sit with no socks on here on my computer, tomorrow I will again wear them as walking with them is such a great experience.

I already walked with it for several hours (for participating in #OpenStreetMap ) and I don't want to miss them.
#Leguano #Fediverse #OpenStreetMap bare-food food health leguano

Needed to change item.body - domain parker found again

Today I ran this SQL on my #friendica database:
MariaDB [xxx]> UPDATE `item` SET `body`=REPLACE(`body`,'oracle.skilledtests.com','invalid-domain') WHERE `body` LIKE '%skilledtests.com%s';
Query OK, 94 rows affected (1 min 1.45 sec)
Rows matched: 94  Changed: 94  Warnings: 0

MariaDB [xxx]>

Normally I try to avoid such "hacky" things as they may hurt the application. But here I made an exception. Sadly, #ErkanYilmaz stepped down and left #question bot and the famous #fediverse grou left to death. Now it seems also the domain is gone. His decision but as you can see here, a "domain-shark" (someone hunting with automated scripts for left and popular domains) took it over and parked it.

I ask you not to always stay with us, your decision and I respect it. But please consider to ask someone here to take over the domain and delink it from all other nodes or else, "thanks" to the #page-ranking by #googlle it still has an attractive rank and sure such people will give everything to grab it and put it on sale with for-money generated "content" (#fake-content ) on it.

So, the other administrators, please repeat above query for any parked (given up) domain you can find.
#friendica #ErkanYilmaz #question #fediverse #page-ranking #googlle #fake-content friendica old-owner-leaving skilledtests.com sql
#mindblown some shady registrar tries to get .invalid in their TLD list ...

Und auf einmal ist Ruhe ...

... und das schon seit 2 Stunden, seltsam. Sonst ist hier auf der #fediverse doch fast rund um die Uhr wer was am schreiben? Oder alle zu Bett?

Silent fediverse for 2 hours already, strange.
#fediverse fediverse silence
Fabio Friendica
Koennte sein ...
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