Saint ... er ... George Floy's autopsy report

The #autopsy report of Saint ... er, I mean George Floyd is finally out:
Autopsy report of George Floyd reports no body injuries but high level of toxic liquids being found, coincidence?
Didn't #BLM claim that the arresting police officer used physical violence on GF? Instead the officer had reported that GF tried to evade arrest and pretended to be claustrophobic to not being sat into a police car. BTW: GF was convicted several (6 or 7 times, I'm not 100% sure) for drug dealing and consume.

Gays against woke groomers

A new post because the previous one about #woke #trans gets to long for Friendica to be able to render in good performance. So here is the first video:

#GaysAgainstGroomers speaks out clearly against "transitioning" (read: mutilating) children:
Gays Against Groomers Speaks Out Against Medically Transitioning Kids in Florida
We (straight and gay people) can agree on lots of things, except where the best place is for an erection.
#pride summer is coming for you, hilarious and dangerously grooming for your children:
Its here: Pride forever.
So you are proud of that you enjoy sex with a same-sex person, e.g. fucking an other dude's ass ... #woke lunatics only do that. "Normal" gays just want to live their lives peacefully together and I can accept that. But this constant #gaystapo propaganda is annoying to see. Nobody care you you consensual enjoy #sex with.
#GaysAgainstGroomers 's #Twitter account was blocked, guess why: #JeffreyMarsh
We were SUSPENDED from Twitter! Our founder responds
Remember him? Schools are warning parents about him, that they should block all his accounts for their children because he is grooming and abusing children with his "I want to talk to the kids!", "Hi kids!" and other groomer red-flags like isolating the victim and turning them away from their protective parents with his creepy "No contact" stuff or "I'm your family!" messages.

Block recommendation

I rarely make a block recommendation of a whole instance, individuals are almost never recommended to others to block. So here is my #fediblock recommendation:
For being a single-user #troll instance, just check their block list. Each entry has penis as block reason.
Maybe the instances are already dead, yet still worth a block (lesser dead records in your database):

#Pedophilia is NOT "Minor-Attracted People", it is disgusting.
Found another spam domain: *

Fedi Block API improved

I have improved the #python script "Fedi Block API" a lot by encapsulating some repeated queries in and also by making all SQL keywords upper-case. Plus I added unique keys to instances.domain and instances.hash as because of some people obfuscate their block list with *. It still will throw tons of errors on you and CONTINUES (sick!) with them. I will later put some try blocks around the SQL execution so at least it will abort there then (sys.exit()).

If you like, you can use it and change the message I put in bottom of but that's also subject to be changed (into configuration file).

How Feminist Ideas Make Everyone Weak

How #feminist ideas make everyone (feel) weak. Cheesy lines doesn't make you a better player:

How Feminist Ideas Make Everyone Weak

#Woke is a #cult, no matter what branch you take, #BLM #FatAcceptanceMovement (which is the only movement who has no movement!), #HealthyAtAnySize (sub-branch of previous one) or anything these people want from you: Change your life-style to the bad, so they can live better and you have to donate all of you to them. Simply don't do it:
This Is A Cult
These people will call you a *phobe or *ist (e.g. transphobe) to make you silent.

Secretly blocked?!

Just check this post out:And then head to the outside souce:

Next check their /about page:

Yes, an empty list. So where is my post? #Mastodon instances NEED to publish their blocking lists. This #shadow-banning/blocking nonsense is abusive and leads to more abuse. #fediblock

@Rubicon #2FA should ALWAYS be free of charge and without any mobile number. I refuse to enter it e.g. for #TwitchTV because I know they want to collect our mobile numbers with this. I don't like it how my credit card provider has implemented it that way. #TOTP is the most secure one, you can use any program/app for this. I have written a small wrapper Shell script for #oathtool to make it easier: friendica instead of oathtool --base32 --totp <secret-key>. If you want to review it:

Wer links-gruene Frauen wie Frau Baeckbock kritisiert = Sexist

Es geht wieder (oder weiterhin) eine heftige #Doppelmoral im Lande um, vermutlich auch weltweit:
Sensation! ZDF-Moderator grillt Baerbock!
Und zack, bist du ein #Nazi, #Sexist, #Rassist oder was auch gerade passt. #NeverForgetNiki wird auch weiterhin beschimpft, wie es unter links-gruenen Aktivisten so normal ist. Aber Sahra #Wagenknecht und Frau Seidel koennen problemlos beleidigt werden, weil sie ja nicht links-gruen sind, das ist dann kein #Sexismus ?

Time to send YT (Google at large) a clear message: We don't want your moronic censoring anymore! Bye!

It is really time to say #Goodbye to #Youtube and #Google at large:
Deleting All MY Videos Was Like Breaking Up with a Crazy GF and other thoughts.
If a #relationship is toxic (uploader + hosting company is a relationship, too) and no chance to restore it (even when you tried all), it is time to separate. In this case, delete all your videos from Youtube (or #Censortube ) so they cannot make any more more with it. If you keep them there, they might still make money with it. But with deleting them all, their income drops. That will pay them a lesson, if more larger uploaders (he had nearly a half million subscribers there)!
#Obese woman says #obesity is not real:
Obesity is Not Real
They are being lied to and they push that shit down on us, this fat woman is obese and she thinks #science isn't right about. But science was right about it, when we should take the #covid-19 "vaccine". #TrustTheScience !

Elon Musk destroys BBC reporter in debate "hateful" and "harmful" content on Twitter

A #BBC reported tried to gas-light #ElonMusk with "hateful & harmful (name it: sexist, transphobic, homophobic) content" but cannot give a single example and tries to always avoid the question Elon Musk pushes on him:
Elon Destroys BBC Reporter on Twitter Hate Speech - this is hilarious. The reporter is completely unprepared. worse than a kid lying at 8 about not doing homework.
This is what you have to do, persist on demanding just one example if such claims come up, e.g. there had been claims even here on the #Feviderse that #trans or #homosexual people are getting killed ... No example, no location, nothing given. Only the pure statement, but they cannot bring up just one recent example and call you #transphobic, #Nazi or whatever they please.

You cannot change radical people's mind easily, no matter if left-wing or right-wing. But they are the minority, the majority can do something against these radicals by telling them #STFU and that we are done listing to their gas-lightning.

I remember this

Do you remember this warning about #climate-change? A new ice age:
I remember this
#70s #climate #IceAge

Accounts that I'm in control of

Here is a (maybe incomplete) list of accounts I'm in control of:

So in case you find somewhere else (as anybody can download and re-upload my avatar or any other fedizen's avatar and write anything they want over there - as an #imposter ) better ask me here first, if that is an account of mine.

I might edit this post when I remembered another account here.
@Bara gives me:
Hmm. We’re having trouble finding that site.

Misogyny + old 3d shooter = TERFenstein 3D

#Misogyny in form of a computer game? You get TERFenstein 3D (#Wolfenstein3D ) as the result. It is an insult to the actual shooter Wolfenstein 3D and it is disgusting. I guess these losers MGTOW will love to play it. This isn't the kind of games you should play if you love women! I'm not linking it here because I don't want to directly drive traffic there, if you like to research, please do so and be prepared for being disgusted and disturbed.

I sincerely still hope they did it as a joke!

#TERF #woke #LGBTQ+
For my German IP address I get:
This item is currently unavailable in your region

So it is geo-blocked and only available in some country. Well, not my problem.

Why "woke" (mentally ill) people are creeps

Check out this Youtube channel top see why # people are creeps. Then you also know why I won't teach my daughter that there are more than 2 genders/sexes out there.
#woke #trans activists meltdown over #Florida legislation:
“It's Literally a FASCI$T G*N0CIDE”: WOKE Activists MELTDOWN Over Florida Legislation
Just look how much their mental illness is visible and how #narcissistic these people are.

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Wenn man sich in 2021 entschuldigen will Meme
Wie man sich #2021 und aufwaerts entschuldigen muss #meme #de #Deutsch