Misogyny + old 3d shooter = TERFenstein 3D

#Misogyny in form of a computer game? You get TERFenstein 3D (#Wolfenstein3D ) as the result. It is an insult to the actual shooter Wolfenstein 3D and it is disgusting. I guess these losers MGTOW will love to play it. This isn't the kind of games you should play if you love women! I'm not linking it here because I don't want to directly drive traffic there, if you like to research, please do so and be prepared for being disgusted and disturbed.

I sincerely still hope they did it as a joke!

#TERF #woke #LGBTQ+
For my German IP address I get:
This item is currently unavailable in your region

So it is geo-blocked and only available in some country. Well, not my problem.

Gays against woke groomers

A new post because the previous one about #woke #trans gets to long for Friendica to be able to render in good performance. So here is the first video:

#GaysAgainstGroomers speaks out clearly against "transitioning" (read: mutilating) children:
Gays Against Groomers Speaks Out Against Medically Transitioning Kids in Florida
We (straight and gay people) can agree on lots of things, except where the best place is for an erection.
#woke #leftist wishes that more #Republicans have lost their lives during #Nashville shooting:
This is what we are up against - These types of comments are very common among leftists.
Radical #trans activist, calls for rogue-like arms, having a stage "weapon" in his hand:
Trans Terrorist Call to Arms Is Happening
I know sane people will say that this individual only pretends and plays a game (maybe to much on computer and not in real life) but the #woke lunatics will listen to this. At the same time the #Antifa demands #DefundThePolice so we have no protection against these lunatics.

Block recommendation

I rarely make a block recommendation of a whole instance, individuals are almost never recommended to others to block. So here is my #fediblock recommendation:
For being a single-user #troll instance, just check their block list. Each entry has penis as block reason.
Next #fediblock recommendation:
The instance's administrator wants "consent of age dropped", which means #sex with children, which is pedophilia. Proof: https://web.archive.org/web/20230314035945/https://ghetti.monster/Preymonition
Maybe the instances are already dead, yet still worth a block (lesser dead records in your database):

#Pedophilia is NOT "Minor-Attracted People", it is disgusting.

Why "woke" (mentally ill) people are creeps

Check out this Youtube channel top see why # people are creeps. Then you also know why I won't teach my daughter that there are more than 2 genders/sexes out there.
#woke #trans activists meltdown over #Florida legislation:
“It's Literally a FASCI$T G*N0CIDE”: WOKE Activists MELTDOWN Over Florida Legislation
Just look how much their mental illness is visible and how #narcissistic these people are.

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Wenn man sich in 2021 entschuldigen will Meme
Wie man sich #2021 und aufwaerts entschuldigen muss #meme #de #Deutsch

"People of Color Need TikTok Without 👨🏻‍🦳Whites"

First of, I don't like #POC at all, because since when is my skin color not a fucking color? And how about Chinese people, from the Northern areas, they have a very bright skin color. And how about Russian people, a lot have "white" skin color there, too. I found POC very racist.

But okay, if these #self-righteous #woke want to have #TikTok for their own, so be it. Let's all quit TikTok (I'm my myself have no account there).

So here is the video, that #OdinsMen has analyzed:
"People of Color Need TikTok Without 👨🏻‍🦳Whites"