Asynchronous loading of JavaScript and CSS files in Friendica?

@Friendica Developers what do you think? It mostly involves adding the attribute async="" to the tags.

Finally committing and developing again

Finally I found some time to continue developing (at least a bit) on my upcoming FLOSS Java projects (do I have to add the class path exception here?) with entities (JPA), Enterprise Java Beans and JSF applications.

And I listen to #Psy-Trance . :-)

I have to commit a lot as I have not done that for several months. Now I review my changes and found here and there some bad things, like having "complex" methods in entity classes (you should better write an utility class for these methods and declare them static).

Really a lot stuff to do here. :-) I have many small projects as suggested by my trainer. Have small reusable "components" and not one big "core" that all have to include.

Fragebogen zu FOSS

Ich habe heute mal den Fragebogen zum Thema #FOSS der #FSFE komplett ausgefuellt. Hat nicht lange gedauert. Schoen auch, dass er bei der FSFE gehostet ist, was die Domain vermuten laesst.

FOSS4SMEs: Fragebogen

Achtung: Javascript ist in Ihrem Browser deaktiviert. Es kann sein, dass sie daher die Umfrage nicht abschließen werden können. Bitte überprüfen Sie ihre Browser-Einstellungen. wir führen eine Umfrage durch, um mehr über die Wissenslücken in KMU (kleine und mittlere Unternehmen) bezüglich der Nutzung Freier und Open Source Software (FOSS) i...
Bitte weiter sharen!

JPA causes tons of SQL queries

I'm currently developing (free time project) a Java Server Faces application which uses the #JPA (very common to do so) over EJBs (Enterprise Java Beans). When I turned on logging of SQL queries, I thought I didn't see it right. For each entity ("row" in database table) a distinct query has been issued. Means, when I have 1,000 rows, the same amount of queries are being issued.

This can become a nightmare when "only" 100 users are on the server. Does someone know how to reconfigure the JPA (I use #Payara ) to issue only one SQL query per table?

Surely I have used JPQL (Java Persistence Query Language) and no WHERE was used there. So normally the whole table should be fetched. But this is not the case for linked tables (e.g. with @OneToOne) where each such referenced entity is being fetched distinctly.

So is there a way to prevent this from happening? RAM is not a issue here. 16 GB are installed and data will not grow so much.

Friendica verwechselbar mit FB?

Ich wurde hier #aufarbeit angesprochen, ob ich [bold]hier[/bold] auf #Facebook unterwegs sei ... Ja, ist verwechselbar, wenn man sehr ungenau hinsieht. Vielleicht hat er sich an dem Favicon festgeklammert?

Naja, nicht als Kritik oder FB-Bashing verstehen, was damit auch nicht beabsichtigt ist, ich weis sehr wohl, dass Friendica != Facebook ist, da es eine freie Alternative ist.

Ich finde es halt etwas bedenklich. Ich musste nachkorrigieren und sagen, dass es nicht FB, sondern Friendica ist. Mal schauen, vielleicht wechsel ich das Theme? Sieht es wirklich so verwandt mit FB aus? Finde nicht, hier ist vieles weiss und grau, bei FB weiss und blau.
Empörung über schwarzen Jungen mit rassistischen H&M-Pulli -

Empörung über schwarzen Jungen mit rassistischen H&M-Pulli (neues deutschland)

Mit der Bezeichnung »Affe« werden schwarze Menschen oft rassistisch beledigt. Da scheint der Modekette H&M offenbar egal zu sein. Sie zeigt einen schwarzen Jungen mit einem Pullover, auf dem steht: »Coolster Affe im Urwald«.

#Rassismus #HundM #HM

Stuck together glass in porcelain

I currently have a glass stuck in a porcelain. I have already setup cold water in top glass and hot (boiling, I'm careful) around lower but still they remain stuck. Plus I added salt in upper (cold) glass. I got this (last) idea from a #youtube video with ID #HOglOnne3As which seems quite straight-forward but still no success here.

Any ideas? I cannot currently upload images, size limit of 780k exceeded but I set $a->config['system']['maximagesize'] = 2*1024*1024; which should be enough, right?

Strange #bug in #Friendica ... So you have to live with a link to my #nextcloud instance: https://cloud.mxchange.org/s/rnFtrpbQqAXx8O1

Searx instance is working again

I have managed to bring back my #searx instance at


searx - a privacy-respecting, hackable metasearch engine
back working again. I had updated my Apache installation to 2.4 and forgot to change the settings to Require all granted.

Feel free to use it (on your own risk, careful: adult content is possible to find).

XMPP addon does no longer connect to ejabberd

@Friendica Support I had always a working XMPP instance on my friendica instance. Now it doesn't connect. I have enabled debug log in .htaconfig file but nothing is written there.

With pstree I can only see beam.smp with 18 beam.smp threads but no ejabberd_auth.php sub process which did happen before. strace tells me that it tries to read from 0 (stdin) so it seems to wait for input. Access rights and correct user/group are set (0700, ejabberd.ejabberd according to documentation). Yet still it isn't starting.

Any ideas what might cause this?

Reocities - GeoCities reborn!

I have found #reocities, an attempt to reborn GeoCities:

Reocities Archive, rising from the ashes - RIP Geocities...

If this is your first visit here, please sign the petition Here lies what we could salvage from the ashes of GeoCities. Yahoo! has done an amazing thing by keeping GeoCities alive for as long as they did, but we feel that it is a waste to leave the Internet with a hole of this magnitude. At a minimum, Yahoo! could have simply left GeoCities as a mo...
Currently I'm crawling it with my personal #YaCy cluster.

Quiet and calm office room at work ...

Today I have one of the very rare opportunities to have a relatively quiet and calm office room for myself, my workmate is ill and others are not in. Only sometimes the CEO comes in.

Will use that moment to program and focus more.

Fixed NPE in PrimeFaces!

I have just pushed a pull request for #PrimeFaces on #GitHub. Let's hope, they accept it.

Here is the link:

Fixed NPE and other improvements by Quix0r · Pull Request #3011 · primefaces/primefaces

What I have fixed so far:

fixed NPE in InFilterConstraint when value is NULL
added missing @Override annotation in all filter constraint classes
Code such as for (Iterator<? extends Object> it = c...

LiMux is dead, maybe one time it lives again?

LiMux – Ende eines Vorzeigeprojekts https://linuxnews.de/2017/11/09/limux-ende-vorzeigeprojekt/

Wenn #Unkenntnis von Nicht-ITlern zum Ende des Vorzeigeprojektes #LiMux wird, hat der Verstand versagt. Einfach peinlich, was da abgeht ... Und dann sich beschweren, dass Linux eingeschränkt ist?! Hackt es? Ja, die #NSA-Software namens #Skype kann nicht unbeobachtet installiert werden, oh wie schade aber auch ...

Scammer zurück scammen

Das könnte was für @goebelmasse sein

Ein lustiger Chat-Bot nervt die Verfasser von Betrugsmails

Re:Scam aus Neuseeland bindet Zeit und Ressourcen von E-Mail-Betrügern.

#ReScam "redet" sogar mit einem ...

German "Pfand" on bottles in English?

I'm currently looking for a proper translation for the German word Pfand. Here in Germany we have 25 EUR cents on some plastic bottles (not all) like soft drinks or even caned drinks (not all cans).

When we bring that empty bottle/can back to the supermarket and put it there in a machine for one-way-bottles/cans, then we can that 25 EUR cents back for each bottle (that has a proper symbol on it's cover printed).

dict.cc gives me a lot words for this: pawn, collateral, mortgage, pledge, deposit, forfeit, earnest, security, gage. I can rule out 2,3 and 5, 6 sounds strange. Any ideas which might be the right one?
How Twitter Secretly Benefits From Bots And Fake Accounts https://theintercept.com/?p=155916

How Twitter Secretly Benefits From Bots And Fake Accounts

There's reason to believe that Twitter's user growth team chose not to delete fake accounts because it wanted to preserve higher user numbers for investors.
Air Berlin ist so pleite, dass sie wahrscheinlich den #Überbrückungskredit der #Bundesregierung nicht zurückzahlen können.Kann mir mal jemand erzählen, wieso da niemand wegen #Insolvenzverschleppung im Gefängnis sitzt, wenn das so ist? - http://blog.fefe.de/?ts=a705fc74

Fefes Blog

Fefes Blog
"The Savitech USB audio driver installation package will install a root CA certificate into the Windows trusted root certificate store, in an incident that's reminiscent of the Superfish and eDellRoot episodes from 2015 and 2016, respectively."



Popular USB Audio Driver Ships With Root Certificate, Big Security No-No

The Savitech USB audio driver installation package will install a root CA certificate into the Windows trusted root certificate store, in an incident that's reminiscent of the Superfish and eDellRoot episodes from 2015 and 2016, respectively.

Don't trust what you buy, take a look "under the hood" what is really going on. If not possible, due to closed-source or other reasons, don't buy it. Period.

Hacking friendica code with trailing/leading white-spaces

When editing #Friendica code, I use a local commit hook, finding leading and trailing white-spaces. The hook itself is GIT's default pre-commit hook plus a few extra lines:

# Find bad scripts

# PHPUnit
if [ -x ./vendor/bin/phpunit ]
./vendor/bin/phpunit || exit 255

So, please don't wonder when I touch "the whole file". Then I have just changed DOS -> Uni* line-break (CRLF to LF) as it was being detected as trailing white-space characters.
Roland Häder has an updated public profile, changing Religion and Political Views.
NGO-Experte über Nobel-Stiftung: Geld bei Waffenfirmen angelegt -

NGO-Experte über Nobel-Stiftung: Geld bei Waffenfirmen angelegt

Die Nobel-Stiftung soll Geld so angelegt haben, dass es auch bei Rüstungsfirmen landet. Das zeigen Recherchen des gemeinnützigen Vereins „Facing Finance“.

Wieso fällt mir auf Anhieb #BarakObama ein ... Genau, weil er mit Drohnen Menschen tötet.

Fatal error: Call to a member function escape() on null

@Friendica Developers I get the following error after I updated to latest develop code:

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function escape() on null in /../friendica/include/dba.php on line 1104
Error: Call to a member function escape() on null in /../friendica/include/dba.php on line 1104

Call Stack:
0.0036 371800 1. {main}() /../friendica/include/dbstructure.php:0
0.0533 938728 2. dbstructure_run(array(2), long) /../friendica/include/dbstructure.php:1827
0.0651 1037352 3. update_structure(true, true, ???, ???) /../friendica/include/dbstructure.php:1783
0.0654 1038120 4. Friendica\Core\Config::set(string(6), string(11), long) /../friendica/include/dbstructure.php:207
0.0655 1040408 5. dba::update(string(6), array(1), array(2), true) /../friendica/src/Core/Config.php:167

Variables in local scope (#5):
$array_element = *uninitialized*
$array_key = *uninitialized*
$condition = array ('cat' => 'system', 'k' => 'maintenance')
$condition_string = *uninitialized*
$content = *uninitialized*
$do_insert = *uninitialized*
$do_update = *uninitialized*
$fieldname = *uninitialized*
$fields = array ('v' => '1')
$old_fields = TRUE
$params = *uninitialized*
$params1 = *uninitialized*
$params2 = *uninitialized*
$sql = *uninitialized*
$table = 'config'
$values = *uninitialized*

Any idea how to fix this? Did I miss something to update on my .htconfig.php file?

Acme-Challenge on Apache 2.4 fails on some virtual hosts, but some not

I just posted this on #StackExchange:

Acme-Challange not requestable by all sub-domains?

I have Apache 2.4 and the following site-config for acme challenges:

<IfModule mod_alias.c>
Alias /.well-known/acme-challenge /var/www/letsencrypt/challenges/

<Directory "/var/www/
If you know the answer, please help me. :-) I need to update certificates for https://git.mxchange.org and https://searx.mxchange.org (which is some-why returning 403 on any requests).

GMX und Web.de Server

Aktuell erreichen mich von den beiden Servern folgende Mails:

<foo-bar@gmx.net>: host mx00.emig.gmx.net[] refused to talk to me:
554-gmx.net (mxgmx014) Nemesis ESMTP Service not available 554-No SMTP
service 554-Bad DNS PTR resource record. 554 For explanation visit

Das foo-bar und .invalid habe ich eingefuegt, um Links untuechtig zu machen bzw. die Mail-Adresse zu anonymisieren.

Weiss wer, das hier lost ist? Hat die United-Internet AG Mist gebaut oder ist bei mir (mail.mxchange.org) wirklich was nicht okay? Und wenn bei mir, wie kann ich es fixen?

Mit anderen Anbietern habe ich das nicht.

Off-Topic: Diesen Text habe ich ausserhalb von Friendica's Formular eingeben muessen, da sonst bei jedem tag das Browser-Fenster fuer ein paar Sekunden einfriert. Hier sollte mal das JavaScript ueberarbeitet werden.
Roland Häder changed Romantic Partner to “dianalace@f.haeder.net”

- Visit Roland Häder's public profile
Spender zur Rettung der zentralen GNUsocial-Domain gesucht.



Happy birthday Roland!
In case of you downloaded #payara 173 full and you get an ezception and payara doesn't start, you have delete 3 jars starting with microprofile*.
.@SOITsk is now a signing organisation. Welcome! Support our campaign for more #PublicCode here: https://publiccode.eu/#action http://l.fsfe.org/Bn2wPO #fsfe

Public Money, Public Code

Public Money, Public Code - A campaign for releasing publicly financed software as Free Software

Playing daughter!

Today my daughter #Hannika has started playing with a colored form-set, putting forms out of the (by me opened) box and then putting them on top of the box. Still wrong slots, like putting a cube in a star slot but hey!

She is playing for the first time with it. :-) I helped her a bit putting some forms into the right slots and she was laughing about it. Really cute moment when she is laughing ...
Sooo, I'm thinking of giving up on this whole GNU Social/Mastodon thing.

The result has been me spending more effort to create more "content", but now in two places, to have it even more ignored in this place.

Seems the whole idea of replacing twitter as a one-way established news publishing platform for major for-profit media which already has dominance with instead focus on direct reports where available and distributed in by federation model was something I wanted, but not so many others.

Not certain, but right now feels likely.

Nobody ignores you, you are just not followed enough, maybe. ;-)

Title, address, salutation, gender?

What is right for "Mr." and "Mrs."? Gender surely could mean the sex, so also I then need to add trans-genders, gay, lesbian to my #Java enumeration.

But I really more mean "Mr." and "Mrs." here, which the German language has Anrede for. The dictionary gives me basically (a few more, but I can really rule them out) these 3 words:

1) title
2) address
3) saluation

So how should I rename my Java package and enumeration? Currently I call it "Gender".

Friendica on a widescreen

THis is how the #vier (I guess?) theme looks like on a wide-screen:

Nextcloud - a safe home for all your data

Public is publicly shared
A lot empty, unused space ...

Rewrite of "core" framework basically done!

The huge rewrite is finally done. The application "tests" runs again without errors. I have rewritten the launch part of an application by rewriting many pre-deprecated sections and loosing about 5-7 include files (which is good for performance). "Detection" of the application's name (parameter: app) was very badly written, e.g. $_GET was checked again, even when there was already a Requestable instance around.

This is now finally done and I'm going to rewrite my application "hub" towards these changes. The #GIT repository is here:

git.mxchange.org Git - core.git/summary

git.mxchange.org Git - core.git/summary

Wildbienen kann geholfen werden

Insektenhotels und Nisthilfen - Wildbienenschreiner

Willkommen beim Wildbienenschreiner. Wir leifern Ihnen professionell gefertigte Insektenhotels und Nisthilfen aus dem Schwarzwald.

Coding convention rewrites 2-5-2 of 2-14-2

PR request 3469 is out which contains changes towards a Friendica-wide coding-convention. As requested earlier, I have splitted my 119 (!) files large PR into several small to make it easier for the reviewers (not to review tons of changes but small chunks then).

So as you (dear users) can see, #Friendica is being rewritten in many directions. No new stuff but more clear code where I hope to have later an even more clear code (better understandable by humans, a computer can read any badly formatted code as long as it is valid).

@Friendica Developers

Edit: Here is the link to the PR: https://github.com/friendica/friendica/pull/3469

New reborn space station in Starmade

I'm currently playing #Starmade which you can run on your own Windows/Linux/MacOS box and as an own server instance (also LAN-only is possible).

Here are some screenshots from my work (in-progress):

Nextcloud - a safe home for all your data

Public is publicly shared

Why I don't like WLAN in my LAN network

Did I mention that I don't like #WLAN? Here I have an #IBM #Thinkpad #R51 which has a lot disconnects from WLAN. The #Android of my wife @Rechelle Diana Haeder is working but as you may know, it is not #GNU.

But I prefer GNU software as it is peer-reviewed and back-doors don't have a long lifetime in it. So I can easier trust NICs (cable-bound) than those WLAN stuff (the WLAN network module requires a proprietary binary blob to be loaded).

And WLAN suffers from interference of different types, mostly by neighboring networks. Now I replace it with an "old-fashioned" twisted-ait CAT5e cable ...

Oh, no. #Hannika is here ... :-)

GTA04A5 is being delivered to me ... :-D

I can count myself lucky that I'm one of the 8 lucky receivers of a brand-new #GTA04A5 device!


You can find their main page here:

GTA04 - Master page for the next generation Openmoko motherboard

Your Personal Mobile Tool: OpenPhoenux GTA04 Upgrade your Openmoko with UMTS and a fast and modern CPU! Runs Debian, SHR, QtMoko and whatever free and open distribution you like. No locks in bootloader or kernel. No locks by undocumented hardware. You are the owner. fits into existing Openmoko GTA01 or GTA02 case well documented! Finger Friendly: Q...
Wonder why it is so (relative) expensive compared to other main-stream phones? Because you directly invest into the very production of the device (hardware only). So you become an investor here (something like that I think) and not a regular consumer/customer.

MySQL killed by OOM

Today the database server behind this and many other services died (or was killed) due to low-memory problems. When I SSH-ed in, it shows me this memory usage:
total used free shared buffers cached
Mem: 7939312 3764024 4175288 0 203592 1434224
-/+ buffers/cache: 2126208 5813104
Swap: 12485748 11742532 743216

Looks like a zombie were around? All other processes are consuming lesser memory. Now I run a swapoff -av && swapon -av to cleanup swap space.
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