App to modify Instagram-/Youtube-URLs?

Hello !Friendica Admins ,

do you know a plugin/"app" which modifies not just the newly arriving but also existing URLs from #Instagram to a configurable #Bibliogram instance? Also it should be able to do the same with #Youtube to #invidious .

Then also I look for a similar one for removing #click-tracking from URLs, #UTM and many more.

Any hints are much appreciated!
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jeroen 🇧🇪 pleroma (via ActivityPub)
The android @Fedilab Apps has this feature and there is also untrackme from the same makers... Could give some pointers on how to proceed I think.
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bkil friendica (via ActivityPub)
@Roland Häder That would be cool. We just had a discussion about a related feature where all emoji would be stripped from incoming messages for a workplace-compatible communication platform. Would it be a proper solution to implement an addon on your home instance?

It might be achieved in multiple ways:
  • alter incoming federation traffic
  • alter the messages when generating rendering HTML templates or serving the API
  • inject JavaScript that works fully client-side, allowing for perhaps flipping a button to choose between the various Bibliogram/Invidious instances or even the original link.